Poetry Pimple…



My thanks must go to Gillian of Paper Puff for the idea for the name of what is becoming a regular ‘spot’ on my blog… if you pardon the pun!



The black night of my soul is drawing in,
As thick as blood and bitter as sin.

Bones are aching, teeth are grinding,
Passion dead, hatred binding.

Lost am I: lost in the pit
How can I be when I do not fit?

Torn to pieces, shredded and bare
How can I live when I do not care?

Reaching out, I touch your fur,
Feel your paw, hear your purr.

How could I forget that you were there?
My little cat, full of love and care.



33 thoughts on “Poetry Pimple…

      1. I’ve recently learned of an Elder Siamese who has lost his lady. My circle of cat friends has been trying to find somewhere for this love to go…..it’s so hard when the cat is in his late teens. I wish I could have taken this venerable gentleman, but my early-teenage calico would not like to give up her only cat status. I must investigate what avenues are out there for helping people plan for their pets care! I smell an article…. 😉
        Much love, ~ V

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      2. Oh the poor love-I do hope he’s found somewhere..I always swear if I won the Lottery then I would establish a home specifically for the older pet. I definitely think an investigation post would be in order 🙂 xxx


    1. LOL..it was one of those indirect word association things that I never properly finished off…I think it was in a reply to you where I mentioned that I sometimes get these poetical outbursts..my son was complaining about his outbreak of spots (sorry Alex) and thus the “Poetry Pimple” was born…with graphic illustration…DEFINITELY need to lay off the chocolate biscuits…

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