Ametrine and Angry Cats


Ametrine is actually a favourite crystal of my son’s, and I personally don’t have any experience of it, other than to be intrigued by its combination of colours and personalities…it’s a mix of Amethyst and Citrine, brought about by exposure to heat, hence the colour change from purple to burnt orange.

As a combination stone, it has twice the effectiveness and it can give you insight into the cause of long-standing illness, to help heal and mend. Ametrine can give you the vision to connect to higher things, clearing stress and tension to bring calm and peace.

It’s a wonderful crystal to use in meditation as it helps to direct focus, in addition to which it can help to unite the male and female energies, bringing balance and acceptance, showing that we are all linked in some way in the world’s great energy web.


As part of the Universal Whole, it draws on this energy to instil clarity on its owner and promote creativity. Ametrine can help pinpoint the cause of anger, upset, dis-harmony and help you take the right steps to release it, as it is a powerful cleanser… a little exercise for you…

Sit yourself down, somewhere peaceful for a minute. All crystals carry good intentions but some are more suited for certain purposes… Ametrine, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, these will help relieve tension and promote serenity. Make sure you’re comfortable and put your chosen crystal in front of you. Think about what made you angry and say why you feel this way, either in your head or out loud. Then pick up your crystal and simply say: “I release you”. Use your crystal as a funnel to channel the anger away from yourself. Visualise your anger draining away like bathwater, spiralling back towards Mother Earth who will accept this negative energy and transform it into positive energy that you can use to move on. Try it… and remember to cleanse your crystal afterwards.


So there you are. Ametrine is basically psychic Pepto-Bismol, soothing bubbling dis-ease, stimulating positive thought and restoring balance.

My cats are positive beacons of calm and hope… definitely no anger issues… well sometimes anyway. Sometimes it’s like living in a house with four teenage girls.

No, Tooty, you can’t sit on that part of the bed, that’s where Charlie sits and you’ll annoy her…” desperately trying to shovel Tooty up and to another spot – she’s quite a large girl and has a habit of oozing out of your hands and “Hnhghh”-ing in annoyance.


Ting is definitely the sunniest tempered of all four, the Pollyanna of the family, and as such, her unrelenting cheerfulness has earned her a few whacks from the other girls…


Charlie is a real diva, in petulant princess mode:

NO! You SHAN’T pick me up!!”


She will administer slaps with darling soft little paws and “Fuff” with irritation. You know where you are with Charlie…

Lily, as the smallest cat, is the most unpredictable… she is the owner of a truly terrifying snake demon hiss that has me yelling for my son to come and move her, yet at the same time, she has the sweetest meow and can be all:

Oh how wonderful! You’re picking me up for a cuddle… here, I’ll purr for you…”

Other times…

_MG_3746“F*@K OFF!!!!!!!!”

Please note, this reaction was captured on film as result of my polite request to leave the bed so I could change it…!

77 thoughts on “Ametrine and Angry Cats

  1. Oh dear, I’m guessing she was comfortable where she was, judging by her reaction to being moved! I didn’t know crystals took away anger, do you need especially large ones for the terrible days or are they one size fits all? x

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    1. I think it’s intention rather than size that matters (lol) as the purpose of clearing anger remains the same if you use a tumblestone or a massive rock..
      And I asked Lily to move politely, several times, I could tell from the look on her face she was working up to a snake demon hiss, so I called my son to stand ready with his camera and – inspiration for this week’s Sunday post! 🙂 x

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  2. I really love that radiant purple colour! I’ve seen an amethyst and a citrine but this is the first time I hear about ametrine, so thanks for this post and also for sharing your cat antics! Well, cats, sometimes I think they’re real boss at home. 😹

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    1. I bet they do…I went in a bead shop the other day looking for a nose (Mum’s pup had chewed the nose off her vintage wolf toy) and they had some beautiful lapis, tiger’s eye and landscape jasper beads. I might go back and have a look, actually, because crystal jewellery is useful..

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      1. Thank you, thank you:) Finally found a crystal shop here…very interesting people. They did not provide me with much info on the crystal I bought. They just sort of stared at me like “are you sure you want that one?” So far, so good though. I will have to investigate more. It is a titanium plated quartz. Looks like a frog to me. An interesting one!

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      2. Hmm that sounds like aura quartz, either flame or angel..that is supposed be a very good one for energy and motivation and can help lift sadness and depression…it’s also a very powerful healer, good for the brain and nervous system. You were obviously drawn to it for a reason and that can only be good 🙂 xx

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      3. Thank you!!!! It definitely looks like a flame aura quartz. I put it under my pillow the other night and wowweeeee!!! The otherworldly dreams I had–my my!! Thank you for helping me!!!!!!! 🙂

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    1. Actually, providing it’s not a water soluble crystal then a cycle through the dishwasher won’t hurt…a few of mine have been through the washing machine as well!
      However…traditional methods are holding the crystal under running water, leaving in sunlight or moonlight overnight to recharge, placing on a geode or leaving with crystals like carnelian that don’t need cleansing.
      And Lily…was quite…annoyed…

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      1. I might raid my sister’s stash of crystals next time I visit her. There is also a lovely old crystal shop near where she lives. I never took much interest when she wad drooling over the contents but I might go take a peek. What have you done to me?!

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      2. LOL..basically fulfilled the premise of this blog…when I started, I wanted to give people a little taste of crystals and their uses in a nice, everyday way…Gotcha!
        However, turn and turn about as I am looking at craft things and card making which has really helped me through the needing something to do with my hands when I stopped smoking 🙂 x

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  3. Oh how funny.. what a great shot of Lily – Yay – I think I’m going to take a leaf out of Lily’s book.. She clearly gets what she wants with that determined little snarl! xx

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      1. How would you feel if someone told you to get off the bed (warm, soft, comfy bed) when you were taking a well-deserved nap? Shame on you Samantha! Some people…

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  4. Made me smile! We have exactly the same problem with our Queen…Queen as in we are treated as the staff lol. She rules the roost and has the highest jumping capability of any cat I have ever been owned by…she has been known to jump up on a curtain rail 😀

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    1. Bengals are such powerful cats 🙂
      Luckily Charlie hasn’t discovered ours, although she is a great one for jumping on shoulders. I’ve answered the door a few times and had funny looks, stripy tail plastered across my forehead…:) x

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