Earth Sandwich Anyone?


I had to have it…

What’s that…?” I asked, pointing.

Raw Tiger’s Eye”, my son’s lovely crystal lady replied…

Can I-”

She passed it to me to hold, and at once a wealth of images played through my head, rich golden honey, the dark, earthy scent of rye bread and cliffs… golden, soaring cliffs with a luminescent sheen…


I’ve written about Tiger’s Eye before, but this was the first time I’d seen it in the raw, so to speak. My son and I have quite a few pieces of Tiger’s Eye between us, and although I don’t generally use it, I am drawn to the richness of its colouring which is echoed in my cat Charlie’s fur…


Tiger’s Eye is possibly one of the most popular crystals as it is easily recognisable and people are drawn to its glossy beauty shaped and polished into tumblestones and… cats…


However, this raw piece called to me on a more visceral level. Tiger’s Eye is a member of the Quartz family and a metamorphic rock. This means that it is formed as the result of another process; generally, the original rock is subjected to very high heat, for example, and the chemical structure is altered… possibly enough science there, but I just wanted to mention that these altered formations are rod-shaped, all aligned in the same direction, which gives Tiger’s Eye its particular sheen, or “chatoyancy”… lovely word, the French word for cat, “chat” is in there, quite appropriate.


This raw Tiger’s Eye reminds me irresistibly of a honey sandwich, a crust of Mother Earth’s goodness broken off and presented to us. Tiger’s Eye is a good crystal for grounding, and is very protective, traditionally carried to ward off ill-wishers and curses. It’s a very good crystal for making decisions, in that it will help you to realise what you really need as to what you really want… bills before biscuits, that sort of thing.


Although these raw pieces are not ideal “pocket rocks” there is a pull to them, a draw… a different quality of energy just waiting to be harnessed…


45 thoughts on “Earth Sandwich Anyone?

      1. Hi again!
        I was replying to one of your comments to me on my Aliens plant post – and somehow the whole comment was deleted. I have looked for it to retrieve, but cannot find it.
        So I’m very sorry – but that’s why I’ve not replied.

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  1. I can’t find the words I’m looking for but this particular post made me “feel” the crystals and why you are captivated by them. It was written from a true connoisseur. It’s amazing how an inanimate object can be described in terms that draw the reader in. I know that it’s because you love them but your descriptive wording was amazing. Suffice it to say if you were a lawyer arguing a case I’d vote for it.

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    1. Ha ha! That’s a lovely compliment, thank you 🙂 – I’m not a lawyer…but I do love words and using them to really convey ideas and emotions. So pleased you enjoyed the post and thank you again for the compliment 🙂 xx


      1. HaHaHa! I see what you did there! But actually, I do really hate those…alongside custard creams, jammy dodgers and wagon wheels…Oh and those pink wafer abominations…also rich tea…and tunnocks tea cakes…caramel wafers…garibaldi thingies…fig rolls…all horrid!!

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      2. Don’t care for a jaffa cake either! But YES, they are definitely a biccy, not a cake, no matter what the government may have decreed. I think I am a tough crowd for biscuit makers. They probably need my help with research…

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      3. Lol!! What about cookies? The Maryland ones that are proper biscuits and the larger soggy-ish ones that you get 5 for a pound..raspberry cheesecake and flavours like that. I was disappointed by the concept of red velvet though…

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      4. Agreed. Red velvet promised much, looks like something died a bloody death and tastes like millet…don’t ask how I know…

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  2. That’s a really pretty stone, like seaside cliffs in the form of an ice cream sandwich! Yum, I think I want an ice cream sandwich now. 😆

    Your cat has a really interesting pattern, like a leopard + tiger pattern, and I’d like that tiny cat ornament to join the rest of my ornaments on the shelf. 😸

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