Mookaite and Model Cats


Mookaite is part of the Jasper family, which I am gradually getting to know better… Jasper is also known as the “Supreme Nurturer” and is a wonderful stone to have about you in times of stress, as it lends emotional strength and support.

It’s a good stone for anyone who works in healing and it’s a charitable psychic nudge, just to remind people to help one another.


In addition to the qualities of Jasper, Mookaite, also known as Australian Jasper, is useful in that it provides stability and balance, both mentally and physically. It can help support the immune system, promote healing and purify the blood.


Mookaite is a good directional stone as it will lay out the paths open to you and help you to choose the right one. It encourages versatility, the desire for new experiences and the confidence with which to face them.


Lily, our smallest black cat, is currently undergoing a new experience… All my cats carry themselves with the grace and elegance of a top supermodel… (watch out “London Look” girl..) but Lily is actually doing a spot of modelling.


Gary – Fiction Is Food – happened to mention that his friend Marje of Kyrosmagica was in need of a black cat… not for any nefarious purposes, I hasten to add, but to aid with promotion. Marje has written a wonderful YA book and it just so happens that a black cat is featured. Lily was only too happy to oblige and hopefully the book will be published this summer. Please do go and have a look at Marje’s blog…


Photographing black cats has its own particular difficulties, so my son informs me. The lighting has to be just right and preferably they have to have their eyes open, as Lady Joyful mentioned, otherwise you just have kind of a … furry blob. Some cats just don’t care to have their picture taken or can be a little over-enthusiastic… Ting loves to get up close and personal with the camera…


Charlie, of course, as befits a princess, is physically incapable of being anything other than beautiful on camera… think the gamine sweetness of Hepburn, the shy charm of early Diana


or the sheer “Look at me! You know I’m irresistible!” beauty of Elizabeth Taylor…


Ultimately, though, despite the fact that my little cat draws on a parade of historic beauties, she is still my little cat…

Every cat is really the most beautiful woman in the room.”



36 thoughts on “Mookaite and Model Cats

  1. How exciting to have a model cat! Do you think people need to know about crystals to make them work? I know a few people who could do with a nudge in the right direction when it comes to helping others rather than hindering them… wondering if planting one in the staffroom might help! (Hope this doesn’t sound too flippant, I know they are powerful things.) x

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    1. Do you know what…that’s a good idea, you could casually plant one in the staffroom because they just quite happily work away in the background, emitting positive vibes 🙂 Obviously it helps if people are aware, but not entirely necessary. Try it…let me know…:) x


  2. Great photos! Maybe your son could offer a pet pawtraits service alongside his studies! I hope Lily doesn’t let stardom go to her head. She might do a reverse Mariah Carey and start demanding a selection of humans to play with between shoots….

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      1. Allegedly she asked for kittens or puppies I think, as a ‘rider’. I am not convinced that she might want to run the risk of an accidental dousing with pee, but I guess you never know. I am not a fan… But seriously, your son takes great shots, so why not?

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  3. Adore your Jasper stones. Lily is a beauty and we’re so happy she has a gig to show her beauty to more peeps. Ting is Shoko’s favourite kitty of yours. I don’t know why but Shoko is happily licking the screen. hehe Well, we’ve had Charlie here and she is so outstanding both physically and mentally. You must be very wise to have such a clever and beautiful furry family.

    Shoko and Kali

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    1. Yes, the Jaspers are a lovely family, as varied and beautiful as their benefits. Hopefully we will get some decent weather soon so Lily can show off her model skills outside as well – everything is rather wet and muddy at the moment… pleased Shoko likes Ting, they’re very like each other 🙂 and of course Charlie sends best wishes and love, hoping that Elfin John is staying out of trouble.:) xxx

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  4. Wonderful post Samantha. You’re cats are all so gorgeous and I love the colour and shape if your crystals this week. Thanks so much for the mention. Lily is quite a hit on instagram. Please tell your son that he is talented, great photography, and Lily is such a stunning model. 🙂

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  5. Reblogged this on K Y R O S M A G I C A and commented:
    If you love cats and crystals like I do you will love this post from Samantha Murdoch. Her lovely black cat Lily is doing some modelling for me as I needed a black cat to play the feline in my book The Curse of Time which I hope to release this summer. Lily is a natural and judging by Samantha’s other cats they all pass the supermodel test too ! Lol.

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  6. The comparison with the actresses is marvellous, Samantha. They all got the looks 😀 I have a black sister, who lives with my mom. Grandpaw has made a few pictures when she sat on Granny’s lap, but you can’t hardly see her…well, you see something like a black ball, but that’s all 😀 She’s very sweet though. Granny has a few Jaspers and a Mookaite too. That red one is really beautiful. Pawkisses for a Happy Day 🙂 ❤

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  7. Oh had fab – fame and fortune for Lily.. I suspect she’s going to be quite ‘the diva’… Smiling for the camera with a sneaky ‘f**k off when the camera is turned off!! x

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