Tears and Tabbies


Apache Tear is the name given to a form of black Obsidian. It doesn’t have the hard black gloss to it like its cousin, but instead, a softer, more tactile feel and so it is correspondingly more gentle in its metaphysical uses.

Rather than the “LOOK AT THIS AND CHANGE” message you get from Obsidian, Apache Tear still shows you the negative energy or thought pattern that needs altering, but in a way that doesn’t shock or scare you, gently introducing you to the idea of change so you can process the knowledge and put it into effect.


Apache Tear will help you put thought into action and remove the boundaries you put on yourself, the “I can’t possibly do that” attitude… whilst lending a gentle cloak of protection to the aura and grounding and cleansing the earth chakra.

Apache Tear is wonderful for mopping up grief – it is believed to shed actual tears during times of extreme sadness, hence the name – showing you the source of distress and giving you the emotional strength to deal with this and carry on… think spiritual handkerchief…


I cry a lot. At a lot of stuff… certain pieces of music, the John Lewis Christmas adverts, books, films (NEVER watching “Hachi” again) I also do that thing where you yawn, and your eyes water, then they’re mistaken for random tears for no apparent reason…

But I also cry with laughter – literally. This has got me into some sticky situations, I can tell you …

I cried when I brought Charlie home from the vet after she had been neutered. She had damp rings around her eyes that I convinced myself were from crying because she’d been scared and frightened, even though logically I knew it was from the pads the vet placed over her eyes to keep them moistened … but … still… I felt so awful.


Charlie has kept that handy trick of being able to produce tears of any variety at the flick of a tail, with an unexpected bite or unlooked for cuddle, when she nestles sweetly against me and purrs melodically…

However, she is a wonderful comfort-cat, tender and pretty when I am stressed or down.


My old tabby, Walter, was another kind and empathetic cat, possessed of a definite sense of humour… my partner was having the sort of conversation you do with a toddler:


My cat looked at my partner, holding our son, opened his mouth and replied:

MOO – OO!”


47 thoughts on “Tears and Tabbies

  1. The John Lewis Christmas adverts are a tearjerker for sure! I cried when my darling cat came back from the vets because he seemed so confused and sad, such a horrible feeling! I also cry whenever I have to leave him for university so I completely understand that!

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  2. Hachi? What were you thinking?! That goes under lock and key, along with Marley and Me. Never, ever to be watched. Not even a trailer!


      1. I will only watch an animal movie if a responsible adult, one that knows me well, vets it (sorry!) for me first. Same reason I will only watch wildlife programmes that are scheduled no later than teatime. These tend to be relatively low on body count…

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  3. Lovely post and this si so true…I imagine that Kali is so sore she cries out in her sleep but logic tell me she’s having a nightmare. Kali talks in her sleep, hisses, and generally carries on like she’s awake. Never a boring moment. hehe


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  4. My hubby and kids call me “the designated crier.” Any time we’re watching tv together, if something remotely sappy (sad or happy) shows up, they all shoot looks at me to see if I’m welling up (and I usually am – LOL!). Thanks for the reminder about Apache Tears – I’m pretty sure I have one around here somewhere, so I’ll have to see if I can find it. Love the kitty pictures – they’re such sweet little creatures.

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