Princess Charlotte and the very small mouse


Perhaps it’s because we had Charlie from such a young age, she missed essential lessons from her cat mother in feline etiquette. Namely, how to kill. Although she is a fierce little cat, defending our garden from trespassers, she has never actually killed anything larger than a moth.

Charlie has a collection of toy mousies, little soft creatures made from fake fur in a variety of girly colours, such as pink and purple, that are hers and hers alone. No other cat can touch her mousies, or they will get a slap.


Lily is an accomplished hunter and has brought numerous offerings to the house on many occasions, for example, two different species of mouse, assorted small birds, large moths and so on. If uninjured, they are caught (not always as swiftly as I would like) and returned to the great outdoors; if hurt, they are shoeboxed and left to take their final journey in peace and darkness. I don’t know why Lily keeps bringing her prey back to the house. Does she think the other cats are useless providers and is trying to show them what to do?


One evening, we were watching television and Charlie came sauntering nonchalantly in, something clutched in her mouth and a look of supreme unconcern on her furry face…

“Charlie, what have you got? Is it.. is it.. a mouse?”

Upon realising she had been busted, she swiftly darted back into the kitchen and re-appeared, seconds later, suspiciously mouse-free, an air of complete innocence and abused trust hanging about her whiskers.

“What? WHAT? I haven’t got anything at all! You never EVER believe me!”


Not persuaded by her teenage ‘the whole world is against me’ attitude, I went into the kitchen and had a look behind the bin, as the nearest, most logical hiding place in a hurry. There, to my amusement, looking back at me, from the safety of a spare rubbish bag where it had been carefully tucked, was a mouse. The smallest mouse I have ever seen. Literally. It was perhaps about the size of a bumble bee and so sweet it would make your teeth ache… Dressed in pale brown fur with tiny pink hands and feet, it made no attempt to evade capture and sat quite happily in my hands, cleaning its delicate, hair-like whiskers; a creature of such unbearable cuteness Walt Disney would have been proud to claim it as one of his creations. It was completely unhurt, not even damp from Charlie’s mouth where she had held it to carry it in.

“Ohhh, you mean that mouse! I actually thought that it was one of my toy mousies, that had somehow got out and was wandering around and I didn’t want anyone else to touch it because it was my mouse and it might have got lost…”


You could practically hear the guilty explanations.

The very, very small mouse was carefully returned to the bottom of the garden and told to make a quick getaway. Charlie was a picture of injured innocence. I found myself apologising to her.

“I’m sorry darling, but you know you couldn’t keep that little mouse, it would miss its mummy and daddy, and it was a real little mousie and you know we can’t have those in the house. Tomorrow, when Mummy goes to the shop, she’ll buy you a nice new mousie. What colour would you like? Shall I get you pink, for a little girl?”



48 thoughts on “Princess Charlotte and the very small mouse

  1. This was so lovely, so lovely… Charlie is amazing, and photographs, and dialogue that you wrote, all is amazing. Thank you dear Samantha, I remember when I was a little girl, one day I saw a cat caught a mouse in the garden, I run and saved the mouse from the cat and I brought it home. When my parents noticed a mouse in my hands, you can guess how they were… they made a little talk as you did to Charlie… 🙂 Thank you again, have a nice day and weekend, Love you all, Love, nia

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    1. LOL ah, bless you Nia! I can just imagine you as a little girl, saving the mouse! It is part of a cat’s nature to catch things, but Charlie has never hurt anything, I really don’t know why although I am quite pleased about it, considering Lily catches enough for everyone!
      I am pleased you enjoyed the read and pictures, thank you 🙂 Have a wonderful day, lots of love to you 🙂 xxx

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  2. Do all of your cats hunt? Only one of my two does. Freya have never hunted anything in her life but Odin on the other hand is a cold blooded killer! Birds are his favourite. Of course I’m always upset when he brings something home but I can’t help but be a little impressed at him catching birds! Hope Charlie enjoys her new mousie.

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    1. Lily is the main hunter, Ting and Tooty didn’t used to bother so much, but I actually think they have learned from Lily. I don’t know what it is with Charlie, she has the hunting instinct but she just doesn’t kill. Maybe she’s a pacifist..!

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      1. LOL that suits me! I’ve retrieved enough chewed up little corpses courtesy of the other cats and I seriously think Lily would take anything on..I’ve mentioned before I’m quite glad we don’t live somewhere where there is wildlife like antelopes..I’m sure she’d drag one of those home!


  3. That is exactly the reason why my two cats are only allowed out in their cat run. We would have no wild life left if Mischa was let loose. Samurai not so much. I would be vey upset if one of them killed a bird. They can look but not touch!

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  4. Oh, I love a cat that cannot, or will not hunt! Probably because that is one thing that non cat-lovers use against them, saying they kill for no reason. But then I love Lily too, for trying to teach the others. My sister had a male cat like that. His home space was always being invaded by whatever stray or unwanted cat she took in. He would assess the skills of all the new arrivals and if it became clear they were rubbish food providers he would bring a live creature back in to the house, drop it on the floor in front of them and then try to show them how it was done. We got a lot of exercise, chasing cats, and rescuing mice!

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      1. Well maybe you could try giving some feline hunting tutorials? A little fancy dress and some other props? You could go up a peg or two in Lily ‘s eyes?

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  5. Such a cute post! My cats hunt indoor bugs…but only if they’re in the mood. They were much more enthusiastic insect hunters when they were kittens. 🙂 One of my cats love these pipe cleaner bee toys we get him. They seem to always wind up in the water bowl if we don’t pick them up at night.

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      1. She was very good, came straight to me so I was able to check her paw and run it under the cold tap- she’s very lucky she’s not allergic…like my mother…lol..the puppy put all his balls in the water bucket then knocked it over trying to get them out again!

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  6. Oh, Charlie! Although I, too, didn’t fancy the corpses and carnage, it was rather amusing when any of the cats I’ve known presented us with their skillfully-hunted gifts, carried so carefully to us and dropped lovingly at our feet. “Who’s a clever kitty, then? Who’s a good Sheba of the Jungle?” we were (obviously) expected to croon whilst lavishing loads of pats and praise.

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