Pyramids and Puppies


There is a wonderful energy harnessed and contained within the shape of a pyramid… much like my mother’s new puppy…

Obviously we associate pyramids with the Egyptians primarily, but they were also present in South American culture – proof perhaps of how closely we were all linked before continental drift took place.

However the shape of the pyramid was arrived at, whether it be alien intelligence, sacred geometry or even just a really good architect, there is no denying that it has an energy, a force contained within its dimensions … much like my mother’s new puppy…

Crystal pyramids may be artificially formed, or naturally shaped, such as Apophyllite. These types of crystal structures are wonderful for holding an energy, empowering it and then focusing it intensely through the apex, the top, of the pyramid; a channel straight back to the heavens from whence the shape may have come…


Most crystals can be shaped into pyramids, and this ancient structure helps to enhance the properties the crystal already contains; for example, this Red Jasper pyramid will gently encourage new energy growth and spiritual insight, so you can find a problem and deal with it before it overwhelms you. It is both cleansing and stabilising, linked to the base chakra and helping with the maintenance of blood and circulatory health.

Interestingly – although I can’t remember where I saw this so can’t credit the information, food that is kept underneath a pyramid stays fresher, longer. (A little practical pyramid made of copper wire, I recall, not a thumping great sandstone thing in your kitchen…)

Like wise, when the scientist left the body of a dead bird under the pyramid, it took longer to decay than I would if you just left it somewhere… but not in your kitchen. Obviously.

Essentially, the shape embodied by a pyramid is totally positive: they can be used to draw off negative energies, clear blockages from chakras and restore positive and beneficial energy, invigorating and youthful… much like my mother’s new puppy…


Meet Rocky. He came with his name when Mum adopted him and she didn’t realise how appropriate his name is, although I personally think he looks more like Snowflake Obsidian… bit of a mouthful that, though, to shout when you are out walking…


Mum’s thinking behind his adoption was company for Erin, companionship and fun, as dogs are really pack animals and Erin can be be prone to periods of pedigree melancholy…


But this little dog! He has one of those faces that make you laugh out loud, a kind, confident little pup. Erin was a little “maiden-aunt” shocked by his presence at first, but soon threw away the weight of her pedigree years and joined in the jaw waving and “nanging”, playing with delight.


The tail waving and circling and grinning eager faces are wonderful to behold; then, playtime over, this little pup collapses into purposeful sleep… as peaceful as pyramids!


79 thoughts on “Pyramids and Puppies

  1. Your mum’s new pup does have a funny face and spotted too. I laughed seeing its expression. 😂 Interesting spot patterns on its body and have never seen anything quite like it. Dalmatians have a pattern. Unique indeed. You must get it laughing as it looks sad posing for your camera.

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  2. That face! And your comparison to snowflake obsidian (one of my personal favorites) is spot on – if you’ll forgive the turn of phrase…… were he mine, Obsidian would definitely be his name – shortened to Sid for ease of calling.

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  3. He is a bundle of fun, I think. Puppies and kittens cannot fail to lift any mood. I know it isn’t helpful or fair to change their name if they are used to it, but I agree he looks very like the snowflake obsidian. So I would have called him EssO……

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      1. He sounds great! I love animals that are so full of excitement they forget who or what they are! Perhaps he will break into a chorus of ‘I Believe I can Fly…’ later?

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  4. Oh I love this so much and I love your mother’s dogs–both are great. “SO” is sooooo handsome! I could really use your mother’s help with Kookaburra and little Laddi… poor Kookaburra is jealous. She may need therapy or weight watchers 🙂 I have been bribing her with treats…but am turning her into an unhappy whale 🙂

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    1. Thank you 🙂 They’ve both just gone to sleep now…
      Hmm. I wonder…is there an activity they could both do together, something like obedience or agility? It sounds like Kookaburra is taking a while to adjust to Laddi so a little quality time just with her and a shared activity for both of them could help. Try a couple of minutes with a toy rather than the treats and check the calorie content too. Hope it’s a little help 🙂 xx

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  5. Rocky is adorable, Samantha. We think the snowflake obsidian suits him better too…from the outside 😀 The last picture is heart touching. Pyramides have so much power already of itself. They’re amazing! We still don’t have a crystal of it. I think that will be next on to our wishlist 🙂 We learn so much from you of the crystals. Thank you for that ❤ Double Pawkisses for a wonderful day 🙂 ❤

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    1. I know, Rocky and Erin ate so sweet together 🙂
      Oh yes…pyramids have such a lovely mystic quality to them..definitely a good addition to any collection 🙂
      I’m so pleased you enjoy the read and thank you for the compliment too, lots of love to you, have a great day 🙂 xxx

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      1. Alex is an auditory learner! When I home-schooled him for six months obviously the only teaching aid I had was my voice (!) Then at college he did one of those tests to establish what you are…not sure about me. I read instructions but I also like a visual demonstration…!

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  6. Yup, he’s a Snowflake for sure! Such an amusing post, and thanks for the info on pyramids. I’ve seen it recommended to place a crystal pyramid in your workplace for positive, creative energy. I’m happy to say I just landed that second job I was looking for, and am wondering what kind of crystal I should use. Any suggestions?

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    1. My go-to crystals for new situations are clear quartz for amplifying and focusing intent. Amethyst is always good for disposing of negative energies…if it’s a creative type job then I would say labradorite, good for grounding the energy but it’s also good for empowering. And I don’t know why…but I keep getting an image of you with some lavender quartz…good for healing, both spiritual and physical with a great positive mental effect..good luck and I hope it goes well for you :)x

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      1. Thanks, Samantha! Hmmm, lavender quartz … must investigate that one! Perhaps it’s because I’ve had the colour purple on my mind lately. After investigating many models of fountain pen, I settled on a Pilot in Plum Leopard (aka violet leopard)! Good news is, the best crystal store around is just up the street from my new workplace. Oh, this could be dangerous! 🙂

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    1. You have a wonderful blog 🙂 I’m thoroughly enjoying reading through. Thank you very much for such a kind offer. I’m no longer blessed with a dog of my own, I have four cats, but dogs were an important part of my childhood…I’d definitely like to do a guest post-thank you very much 🙂


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