Amber and Awesome Cats


Amber isn’t actually a crystal – it’s fossilised tree resin, the sticky stuff that a tree will leak if it’s wounded. It’s popular for use in jewellery, and from ancient times, people seem to have instinctively known that this beautiful golden crystal has some pretty awesome qualities.


It’s a powerful healer and natural analgesic – I don’t know if this is psychosomatic, as I do get pretty panicky at the dentist’s, but when I am there, wearing my amber jewellery or clutching a piece of Amber in my hot, sticky palm definitely reduces the pain and panic…


As “tree blood”, Amber has a strong connection with Mother Earth, and powerful grounding and healing energies. Whilst dissolving negativity, Amber will take this energy and change it into something positive, a force that will help to stimulate the body’s own healing process.

The Ancient Greeks called Amber “Elektron” and through it discovered static electricity … my Nan showed me this by rubbing her string of Amber beads with a silk scarf so they became positively charged, full of energy…

Like you, dear…”

and would attract other little objects, like pieces of torn paper.


Amber is a wonderful, positive crystal that’s all about the energy; warm and golden, it brings warmth and happiness to Life, clearing depression from the mind and negative energies from the spirit, Vitamin D for the soul, if you will…


Cats can be pretty awesome too … although I mean that in the traditional sense, provoking awe and wonder, rather than just being pretty cool… (cue reproachful look from Charlie… )


From the time our first feline friend was attracted to the warmth of a caveman’s fire and proved their use by deterring rodents, Man has regarded Cat with a sense of awe for their grace and elegance and at times almost unearthly powers … the Middle Ages was not a good time in the history of the cat, rather a comedown after the glories of Ancient Egypt.


And yet our fascination with cats remains on the whole, positive. They have inspired any amount of artworks, poetry and literature … and have proved time and time again that they have an awe-inspiring ability to adapt and move with the times, from solitary hunter of years gone by to multi-cat household of the 21st century.


54 thoughts on “Amber and Awesome Cats

      1. You all are special people, for sure! You’ve inspired me to take an online crystal class–crystals 101 ( Have to tell you–the class is great–but I am learning a lot more from you! 🙂

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      2. Really? I am SO pleased for you 🙂 it’s great to start learning through something like that, read as much as you can too but nothing beats being able to hold them and feel their energies. And of course, buy what you are drawn to, lol, no idea how my son is going to choose what to take to university with him…
        I am really pleased for you, and thank you for your lovely comment x

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  1. My children had amber bracelets as babies to help with teething and I’m sure it worked. In fact I’m going to hunt out the larger one to wear myself, your post has reminded me! 😊 It’s a beautiful stone too.

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  2. I like amber. It’s got triboelectric effect when rubbed against a cat. Just saying 🙂
    It might have been my first ever experiment in physics-I really wanted to be a physicist (like a quantum physicist or something equally important) when I was a child. Unfortunately, you do need brains to be one..a physicist, that is, not a child.
    My cats had mice like the one in your photo (but Brian has eaten most of their toys and keeps doing it every time I get another one-it’s the little bells, he loves them).
    I do love the photos. I’m not sure if they are ‘getting better’- they’ve always been good 🙂 Well, I love them anyway 🙂

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    1. Why have all my cats gone out when I need to rub amber on them…I can wait…
      I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was little, my Grandad had an interest in that sort of thing too…I lost interest in quantum physics when I found out about the cat…
      I have to be careful with the toys I get them. There’s only certain mice -not real-that I can leave out for them to play with. I bought some hessian ones but Tooty ate them, Ting swallowed the ribbon on another type, Lily prefers real ones and Charlie gets upset if anyone touches her little fluffy mice. A minefield of mice…
      Pleased you like the photos and thank you for the compliment which I shall pass on to Partyboy..when he comes home. :)x

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      1. Haha, no cats were harmed in Schrodinger’s (thought) experiment…my cats don’t really like toys, Ulysses loves bits of paper (receipts and so on) and Charlie likes Brian…but I always feel guilty not getting them something when I shop for dogs toys 🙂

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      2. yes, Ulysses is a fan…it’s pretty weird, really (we get little cards soaked in catnip-it looks like a notebook, he goes all funny trying to catch them)

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  3. I am SO not getting anything productive done today. Your way of combining your subjects (crystal to cat, cat to person…) is so natural and authentic. I know all writers struggle a bit with their words, but you make it seem effortless. 🙂

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  4. So interesting! I didn’t know amber wasn’t considered a stone or crystal :O You’re so knowledgable about all of these things 🙂 Thanks for sharing your wisdom! So interesting to find that technically you can use amber for medicinal purposes as well!!

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    1. Thank you 🙂 for ease of classification amber is generally put with crystals, like jet really, but both have beneficial properties that we can use. However, although crystals can help and comfort, they are never a substitute for conventional medicine where needed, of course.
      So pleased you enjoyed the read, thank you for your comment :)xx


  5. Hello samanthamurdochblog, thank you for reading my blog at I haven’t updated my blog for sometime, as I am a very busy little cat. I’m pleased you enjoyed reading it. I am now following your blog. Lovely photos of cats and gems. What could be nicer?
    Best wishes
    Milo. xx

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    1. Ah thank you very much 🙂 I had to stop by and have a read, as a very handsome tabby you caught my eye. I have a soft spot for tabbies, my old boy looked very like you and was sixteen when he passed and I now have a tabby princess, one of four. Thank you for the compliments and the follow, love Samantha xx

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