Too Many Cats – Never!


As regular readers know, I love my cats dearly and various feline characters have played starring roles in my life so far…

My earliest memory, a coming into consciousness, if you will, involved a cat. Wew were living in the practice house at the time, a rambling, three storied Victorian building that had a little surgery attached with a few kennels and a stable. The garden wrapped around the house on three sides and in my memory was always filled with sunshine…

My awakening into being involved our cat of the time, Snoopy, a large, black, plush-furred and amiable cat who became my heart companion in early years. I remember to this day the feel of my cat’s fur against my bare arms as I lugged him inelegantly along, upright on his back legs and nearly as tall as me, as we walked around the garden together.

And thus began my life-long love of cats. My life has been touched by other animals too, including most especially dogs, but cats. Always. And what do you get someone who loves cats – why, cat related-objects of every variety, shape, size and form!

I can hardly bear to wear these shoes..they are so comfortable, it’s like walking barefoot… but… too cute!


This scarf is a treasured gift from my old headmistress, from The Cat Gallery… I daren’t spend too much time on their website…


And the jewellery! This ring and necklace were Christmas presents from my son.

I love the symbolism of the golden cat pendant, hanging in the Rowan tree…


Ornaments, always a favourite, but this one, purchased from my son’s crystal lady, Lizian, is actually carved from Malachite – cats and crystals, how lovely!


And of course, my most important cats. Princess Charlotte, Lily, Ting and Tooty… my fur family…

Time spent with cats is never wasted.”

Sigmund Freud

54 thoughts on “Too Many Cats – Never!

  1. So, you like cats, do you? I’d have never guessed…
    All the objects in the photos are lovely-but nothing beats your cats (I mean the proper felines) 🙂

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  2. I also have early memories of always being thrilled to see cats when I was very small. Had to wait until I was 5 for my first one. Totally agree with the sentiment that there’s no such thing as too many cats…that includes actual cats and cats on clothes, jewelry, coffee mugs, cards, etc… !!!

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      1. Oh how cute re: your son! I remember a library picture book about a mom cat having kittens that I was so sad about bringing back to the library when I was little…so my dad took pictures of the pictures for me. :-/

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  3. A tight bond exists between Kali, Shoko and myself. This is lasting….one can tell. It has been so much fun watching them grow and mature in their thinking. My mother disliked cats she said when we were growing up so we never had a cat just dogs. When mom saw how I got along with my cats she decided she liked cats and got 2 Siamese of her own. Thanks for stirring up some long quiet memories.


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    1. I’m pleased your mother became a “cat” person 🙂 my mother only ever really liked dogs so it was my father who always had a cat too, and then I obviously share his love for cats too.
      I think cats really do recognise and appreciate the importance of the family bond. Pleased you enjoyed the read, thank you :)xxx


  4. I love that quote! I too, have a life long romance with cats. My parents had cats before I was even born. I now have my first two cats as a “grown up”, Odin and Freya. I adopted them through a charity in Spain. Where are those cat pumps from? I love them! ❤


    1. LOL – I wish I’d bought literally all those pairs of shoes in all the sizes! Would you believe they were just from a little market stall, I think they were £3.00!
      What a lovely thing to adopting through a charity, are your cats featured on your blog…must go and have a look…:)

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      1. Oh what a great find! They look so comfy too. My cats haven’t made it to my blog yet, but you’ve inspired me to do a post on them before the weekend 🙂 Not many people know how awfully animals, particularly cats and dogs, are treated in Spain. My parents have a Spanish cat, Spanish dog and a Turkish dog! I’ll definitely do a feature on Odin and Freya before the weekend turns up!

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  5. Where did you get those amazing cat shoes? We have just lost our much loved black cat Lenny and are devastated. The house just doesn’t feel like home without him there. It is good to connect with fellow cat lovers! I have just started a poetry blog on WordPress in case you have time to have a look? Sam 🙂

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    1. I am sorry-they do leave a hole of love and loss. I do know how you feel and you have my deepest sympathy too xx
      The shoes..a little market stall, would you believe, and I’ve never seen any like them since LOL!
      I would be delighted to go and have a look at your blog too 🙂


  6. Beautiful 😁 My earliest memories also involve my families cats. My parents had a big ginger tom cat called Geordie, who I used to love. I was so patient with me as a child and I still have a soft spot for ginger cats now.

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