Always Use Protection…


My son returned home one afternoon, proudly bearing the crystal in the featured photo…

“What’s that?” I asked, pointing.

“It’s a Pyrite sun, or flower,” he replied.

“Can I hold it…”

He placed it carefully in my hands and – does anybody remember the Ready Brek adverts … it’s a warm oat cereal that’s supposed to give you an inner warmth all day, symbolised by a glowing orange orange outline around anyone who eats it…

I held this wonderful circle of protection and hope, and felt its warmth surround me, a shield. I am always drawn to stones that have strong protective qualities, and Pyrite is an extremely positive stone.


It’s a wonderful energy shield as it protects the wearer or owner from dark attachments and negative energies, and can also activate your own sense of positivity… getting things done and stimulating new ideas.


Iron Pyrite is a great balancer, too, it can elevate self-worth and confidence and is a good all-rounder… perhaps implicit in this crystal’s symbolic shape. I have a tumblestone of Pyrite that I use in conjunction with Hematite to help with my back problems, so I am aware of its beneficial health properties, but I found this sunburst particularly comforting. Pleasantly warm to hold, tactile and pretty to look at with its radiating oil slick rich rainbow of colours, blue, purple, gold…

Holding it, I felt safe, a visible sign of Mother Earth’s love for us given up in this shield of iron and love.

It put me in mind of St.Patrick’s Breastplate, my favourite verse is:

Christ be with me, Christ within me,
Christ behind me, Christ before me,
Christ beside me, Christ to win me,
Christ to comfort and restore me.
Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
Christ in quiet, Christ in danger,
Christ in hearts of all that love me,
Christ in mouth of friend and stranger.

As I have mentioned I am of no particular religious affiliation, but I was brought up quite “high” church, and I always find comfort and reassurance in these words. Items or crystals that have a strong vibrational element of protection, words that comfort and uphold.

Point being, in all aspects of your life, a little protection always comes in handy … whether it’s emotional, spiritual or physical… as I tell my son!

charlie-sezCharlie says: “It’s always better to be safe than sorry…”


46 thoughts on “Always Use Protection…

  1. As if I touched it too, dear Samantha, beautiful crystal, safe and hope… ah we all need them. And how lovely Charlie, sitting in there 🙂 Thank you, have a nice day and weekend, Blessing and happiness, Love, nia

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    1. My girls do actually seem to like all forms of pyrite and will quite happily rub their faces on it…it’s a lovely crystal 🙂 Cats do make me laugh with their fascination with boxes and!! 🙂 xxx


  2. Interesting article and of course gorgeous cat photo! Just a (dumb) question from someone who knows absolutely zilch about crystals …. how do you “use” them to help with your back problem?

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    1. Sorry, I thought I’d sent this..and yet here it is sitting in the little box…grrr..
      In answer to your question: Hematite is credited with the ability to help spinal problems through its vibrational energy, likewise Pyrite which treats bone disorders. I should add everything is made of energy, energy vibrates and crystals can be used to adjust and restore your energy so it’s running tuning a car engine. With the crystals that you want to use, just hold them and infuse them with the thought of what you want them to do..this is “purposing.” I use mine by doing this and then just carrying them with me, generally stuffed in a pocket..

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      1. Charlie was so little when we got her, it was quite hard to tell..”He..or She…” and we were convinced Charlie was male. It wasn’t till we took her to the vet’s to be checked etc. that we discovered she is Charlotte rather than Charles…lol!

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    1. I know, they can come in so many different varieties they can be difficult to name…if I have something like that I just call it “blue stuff…” or “black stuff…”
      Yes, the cats make me laugh with their hiding places…another favourite is behind the pillows on my bed!

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  3. I do remember the Ready Brek ads, with the children glowing rather alarmingly. They did actually persuade me to try it. Before then we had only ever eaten oats raw, like horses…. The pyrite is very pretty, and very decorative.

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  4. I have a couple combination specimens of pyrite with quartz that I am particularly fond of. I have noticed that I am a big fan of crystals that have quartz on them or that form in quartz. Adds interest to the appearance and umph to the energy.

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  5. Considering what you say here, it’s funny that I’ve always thought that pyrite looks a little fragile with its nooks and crannies. That top crystal is beautiful. (I’m an Episcopal deacon and St. Patrick’s Breastplate is part of the ordination music)

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    1. The top crystal could be delicate-I’ve never dropped it but it’s about the thickness of two Dorito crisps/chips squished together. The middle one is quite robust and about the size of a bread roll, heavy too, so not a pocket rock…good for a focus though. My favourite is the golden bean shape – probably the best formation for everyday purpose…
      I didn’t know that about the prayer, very interesting 🙂 thank you for telling me 🙂 x

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