Chiastolite and Cheerful Cats


This is a wonderful crystal…a real gift… where we live, the city is built on a network of sandstone caves, carved out of the living rock, that have been used for a variety of purposes since mediaeval times, or thereabouts…

To capitalise on this geographical gift, there are organised tours of the caves, with the obligatory haunted cave and secret passage leading to the castle, as well as a wonderful gift shop. The gift shop sells little bags of assorted crystals, which of course is an irresistible draw for myself and my son.

On this particular day, we purchased the little hessian bag and opened it eagerly on the bus home… out spilled the usual treasures of Red Jasper, Zebra Marble and Green Aventurine. Then a lovely, pinkish stone with a dark cross running through it.


My son recognised it as Chiastolite, but not being familiar with its qualities I had to look it up. And what a little gift it is indeed! It’s a very protective stone – I am always drawn to these – traditionally used to ward off ill-wishing and negativity, its power perhaps associated with the symbol of the cross it carries. It will rid you of negative thoughts and emotions, bringing harmony and smooth transitions.

Again, perhaps because of its lovely inbuilt symbol, this stone is credited with the ability to help you understand immortality, the concept of Life, death and re-birth. It can ease the acceptance of reality, letting go of illusions and help the wearer release old habits and memory patterns.

Chiastolite can help in strengthening the intent to find solutions to problems, clear guilt and stabilise emotions. It provides a constant supply of stability and basic cheerfulness, actually, rather like my Siamese cat Ting… bless her!


She is unfailingly happy…

HI!!! Didn’t realise you were upstairs… that’s GREAT! Now we can play…”


She loves to lie on the bedside rug and air knead and make loud “CURR-ahh CURR-ahh” purring sounds…

She adores lying on the corner stair as you go up, waving her paws and jaws, demanding tummy tickles and strokes…


She loves sleeping back-to-back with her sister or cuddling next to you in bed…


Basically, for a little cat who had such a sad start in life, (The Finding Of Kittensshe adores living, and Life and greets it with a resolute happiness.

Just the sight of her slightly crossed blue eyes gleaming from her dark chocolate face is guaranteed to make me smile…



52 thoughts on “Chiastolite and Cheerful Cats

      1. Do you think a cat’s personality shows in their face? I think it does, often, but not always of course. Like people, really! Ting definitely looks like good people!

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      2. Definitely! Obviously I’m biased but Charlie’s intelligence just shines in her eyes, Ting has the happiest set to her features and is irrepressibly joyful 🙂 Tooty is sweet but quite shy whereas Lily knows exactly what and who she is…so yes I agree! How would you describe Riley…he looks very handsome and as though he’s above cattishness…but I wouldn’t put it past him!

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      3. Well Riley mostly looks cute and kittenish, unless he gets cross, or just wants something, and then he turns into Paddington, with a specially hard stare. But the kitten face belies the inner mischief.

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  1. I absolutely adore the picture of Ting and Tooty sleeping side by side.

    At one point in my life, we had a Siamese, a black panther, and a lethal little lily at our house. T’ang, Sly Bones, and Gypsy they were, respectively. It amazes and awes me how two people separated by an ocean, can have such similar “things” in their lives.

    As always, my dear, lovely post!

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    1. Thank you, and as always, I’m pleased you like it and appreciate your comments 🙂 Another little synchronicity…Gypsy was the greyhound we had when I was a little girl…It’s lovely to see the bond between Ting and Tooty, I’ve never had two related cats before 🙂
      Thank you :)xxx


  2. The crystal sounds wonderful.. anything to help rid ‘old patterns’ would be good right now.. another trip to the crystal shop required… I love your tips on these Samantha.. my collection is growing!
    AND – Laughing loudly at your photo’s of Ting – that is one happy and very Lucky cat! Quite how you managed to capture these ‘perfect’ shots is a mystery to me.. I always ‘just miss’ that perfect moment.. Amazing! x

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    1. Chiastolite is a lovely crystal to have…oh dear…I don’t think I’ve come across one I don’ t like..Some have to be used with care, like obsidian, but they all have positive energy and intentions 🙂
      Lol..Ting…she’s lovely! My son is the photographer…what you don’t see is me leaping about behind him waving mousies and string…lol! xx

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