Halite and Hydrated Cats


Halite is a wonderfully different crystal with an interesting history behind it. It is part of the Salt family of crystals, and salt traditionally has a lot of symbolism attached to it, as well as many practical uses.

Salt can be offered to show hospitality – sitting above or below the salt in mediaeval times was an indication of social standing. It can be used as a symbol of purity and has its place in the armoury of protection against dark outside influences.

Salt was used to preserve and dry meat or fish, was a valuable trading commodity and can obviously just be sprinkled to enhance flavour…


As a crystal, Halite draws on all of these family qualities. It will draw out any spiritual impurities and restore inner balance while helping you to assume a more objective perspective. Halite can open your eyes to the existence and guidance of a higher self, and will draw upon its historic background of protection to guard against any negative outside influences or dark energy attachments.

salty-4My son’s Pink Himalayan Rock Salt lamp…

Halite can help in the banishment of negative thoughts, soothing anxiety and encouraging emotional well-being. It can be used in acupuncture and acupressure to ground and magnify the healing properties of other crystals. As salt, it is used in water and sugar solutions to restore the balance of electrolytes in the body. ( Just a quick mention… Halite is NOT a crystal to cleanse under running water as it will do as salt does and just dissolve … leave it in moonlight or in a bowl or a pouch with another cleansing crystal such as Carnelian.)

Mankind has long known about the benefits and uses of all forms of salt; Halite is equally as useful for the spiritual body… soul seasoning, if you will.

Water and Salt are important elements in most forms of life and obviously any animal needs a constant supply of fresh water – this is number one in the list of Animal Freedoms : “FREEDOM FROM HUNGER AND THIRST – by ready access to fresh water and diet to maintain health and vigour.”

cam00595Ting likes to keep a bottle handy

My mother’s dog, Erin, has a 2 gallon bucket of water to drink from – I’ve had many an impromptu wash from this as I have changed it for her… My girls have a water fountain, two bowls of fresh water, humans ready and willing to turn the tap on so they can sit in the sink and have a quick drink… and yet they will still quite happily drink out of a muddy puddle or even the pond…


My cats have all, at some point, spent hours in the bath-not full of water obviously – fascinated by the drips from the tap. I have spent time in the bath or shower being closely observed by the cats and, upon occasion, followed, much to my alarm and the cat’s surprise…

photo-0101Lily in the kitchen sink…

Suffice it to say, Water, like Halite, which also balances and purifies, is a vital element to the life and health of every living creature.

37 thoughts on “Halite and Hydrated Cats

  1. I have Himalayan rock salt lamp too in my home. Takes all negativities in the home, as you expressed. Water is great for all of us dear Samatha, and you cats too, loved everything in this post. Thank you, love, nia

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  2. even as kids, my grandmother tells us to take deep breaths while by the sea as the sea air helps in strengthening the respiratory system.. especially good if suffering from colds.. Ting and Lily are adorable.. i have an outside cat i named Lily and she’s a calico.

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    1. She’s absolutely right, something to do with the iodine and negative ions…I think….I think it’s wonderful your grandmother knew this ages ago and yet science is only now seeing the benefits of Nature 🙂
      I had a little calico cat when I was younger, but I’ve mostly had tabbies and black cats in recent years 🙂

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  3. I have never heard of a salt lamp?! I have to take a look at those…although as a person who likes a bit of roast potato to accompany the salt, maybe I should resist. Might end up licking it…

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    1. NO!! Do NOT lick it! It is instantly face scrunching, dehydrating, lip-pursing, moisture draining…but if you feel you have to…obviously I am speaking from personal experience LOL!! You can get the sort that are wired up and can be plugged in, or smaller ones that hold tea lights. Either are beneficial and pretty to look at too :)x

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  4. Great article. I had a salt lamp but for some reason gave it away and always regretted it! Salt was so valued by the Romans that they paid soldiers’ wages with it … hence the word “salary”.

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  5. Just put this blog post on a friends author page on Facebook….well, a blogging friend who’s looking for a black cat that models well. I thought of you straight away…not as a black cat, of course, but as someone who has a photography interest and a black cat. Might interest you…if she pops over. Lovely lady if you don’t already know her


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      1. Ha, she just told me on Facebook that she was going to get in touch too! Lovely person is Marj and she likes crystals too 😊 So glad you didn’t mind me referring you 😱


  6. When we were last in a chrystal shop, Grandpaw saw a Halite lamp and loved it. Granny wasn’t so pleased, because she doesn’t like the color, but now she knows what influences it has, she loves it too…and even wants to have it…MOL 😀 That picture is purriceless, Lily…MOL 😀 Pawkisses for a froggy day 🙂 ❤

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