Zombies. Technically, they can’t exist. Logically, they couldn’t survive. I know this, and yet I am going to indulge in a spot of “fangirling” – thank you, Priscilla, my internet daughter, for introducing me to that term; and to Gary, of Fiction is Food, for whetting my appetite for the dark, the dystopian and the somewhat macabre…

I am hopelessly addicted to the television programme “The Walking Dead”… in brief, it is a series adapted from the comic books (oops, sorry, I mean the graphic novels) of the same name and it tracks the journeys, both physical and mental, of a group of characters in a post-apocalyptic world populated by the undead; and where the fact that you have survived doesn’t automatically mean you are a good person.

Rick, as played by Andrew Lincoln, falls into the role of leader of a group of survivors, and we follow his development as he learns to cope in this new, dystopian world. He begins by being essentially good, but undergoes a transformation of epic, almost Shakespearean proportions…

img_5465My mother’s dog, Erin, doing zombie-squish face

And like any self-respecting hero from the playwright’s tales, Rick has a flaw. Romeo was impulsive, Lear too proud; Othello was jealous while Macbeth was ambitious… with a wife… Rick is complacent; smug little master of his safe little world… Just when things seem to have settled into an almost-normal semblance of ordinary life, the Universe (or script writers, actually…) sends Rick a trial to overcome and learn from.

Of course, Rick is not on this journey by himself… Carol, as played by the magnificent Melissa McBride, starts her Walking Dead career as an abused, down-trodden wife and experiences a metamorphosis that turns her into an Amazonian warrior with a conscience in later episodes. She is driven by love and loyalty, and a need to protect. She will kill unhesitatingly for the greater good… a latter-day Lady Macbeth..?

Rick’s right hand man and brother in spirit and arms is Daryl, played by Norman Reedus… a brooding, muscular figure who has taken many a heroic beating for Rick and is a dab hand with a crossbow. A useful man to have onside… I’d make him a nice cup of tea and even offer him one of the good biscuits…


Naturally, it’s pure escapism… but such is my emotional engagement with these characters I have caught myself seriously considering my weapon of choice… ready for the zombie apocalypse…

58 thoughts on “Zombies…

      1. Good choice. Mine would have to be paper, because death by a thousand paper cuts will hopefully work on zombies too, and glitter. Everything is improved with a sprinkle of glitter. Even the undead.

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      1. I didn’t like it at first. I found that the characters weren’t very sympathetic and I couldn’t relate to them. However after the 1st season, the characters started to become likable, at least some of them. What’s your opinion of the series?

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      2. I’m at the penultimate episode of the first season at the moment, and they’re just sort of setting the scene…I think you’re right as I ‘m not really engaged with the characters yet, but I will persevere with it as “Z Nation” has nearly finished…Are you up to date with TWD? OMG!!!

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      3. “Z Nation” is a more light hearted look at the zombie apocalypse, I feel. There was a wonderful episode where Doc met three cannibals…it has a lot of “in”jokes and take-offs which I find quite funny.


  1. Ooh, a shout out, on Friday 13th….oddly coincidental don’t you think? I must give you a hearty thank you, even if it has turned you toward the dark side.

    However, and in keeping with your opener….I do argue to the contrary…They walk amongst us already….aimless souls staring into space wandering the towns, bubble workds all of their own…in cars, paying attention absolute to their own spheres of influence….and politicians…always politicians who live in their own worlds of make believe and fairies. The living undead as it were. Processed foods and microwave meals…think of it as the authorised substitute to classical must eat living people zombie apocalypse stereotyping. The under governments permit the sales of these woeful examples of food to keep the zombies acquiescent…notice also, if you spend time amongst them, your thinks become like their thinks…first sign of infection….I will stop now and say wordless horror…and clowns from Zombieland 👀

    Cool post Samantha 😊

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    1. OH THAT’S AWFUL…ZOMBIE CLOWNS!!! And I managed to get through the day without anything happening to me..
      And that is a great comment, really philosophical and totally real. A believable horror that makes it all the more horrific and possible, like “28 Days”…that frightened me simply because the concept of a rage virus was so possible…
      Thank you 🙂

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      1. Ooh, don’t get me started with viruses….biochemistry and microbiology are my subjects lol….and Smithy’s…oooh I wonder if The God Strain is….no…short story only!
        I get very philosophical at times and am tremendously cynical about politicians and media…I mean…right now there is a news program on where four presenters are discussing headlines in the newspapers. How non-sensical is that? What happened to proper news with validity, when did news on TV drop into half baked chat shows? Who are these so called experts they keep wheeling out? AND why do they all speak jibber jabber until you forget what it is they are supposed to be telling you about….”just to be clear”….that phrase really annoys nd now lol….still….in context….zombie news for zombie people who listen and believe it is all true. Bring on the clowns….

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      2. Hmm…might have to have another look at “The God Strain”…it could stand a little..expansion…Biochemistry and Microbiology-good subjects to have and very relevant today..in this GMO over-vaccinated world. Come the Apocalypse you will be in high demand lol!
        I’ve totally given up on politics and their puppets. I don’t want to hear any more about Brexit, hard, soft or positively fluffy… and I lost respect for newsreaders when they all started doing shows like “Strictly”…

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      3. What? More expansion of stories?? I will need to be going a NaNo experience every month at this rate!

        Agreed re news. I think that’s the problem really. Over the last decade in particular all of them (cross party) have become more and more self centred. “We must win” is a mantra that really grates….”Why MUST you win?” I don’t watch Strictly…but if they’ve started doing that then I guess that reflects on their mindsets quite a bit really….as with un-reality TV shows…nothing realistic about them at all really. 🤔

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      4. Sadly I am not a great tv watcher…films yes, now, and live sport…but news sours me in grrr, and I can’t get into series because I find they lock me into committing more time than I have lol

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      5. And then they go for a mid-season break and never reappear…that happened to me with “Lost”. I find films need to grasp my attention from the get-go…or I get bored. Quite enjoyed the “Transformers” series…but tv programmes are manageable bite sized chunks of entertainment I can cope with…lol..

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      6. Oh to be sure….just get into it and they pull the plug! Nightmare if you have invested time to get hooked! I’ve probably seen more films since I started writing than I ever did before! Cross genres too which is very strange for me! Even going to the cinema too now 😇

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  2. My boys had me read World War Z. It was oddly addictive. The guys always assure us (the parents) that should the Zombie apocalypse happen they are coming to our farm. They thought the chance of survival was better LOL.
    I like your and PPuff’s choices of weapons…..glitter and a fly swatter. I could probably help you out with those items. I wonder if they would get stuck on those sticky fly strips?

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    1. Ooh I shall have to look that one up…and yes…I wonder, is it better to be in town or in country…lol! Suppose it would depend on supplies…
      Love your contribution to the weapons arsenal, I think those sticky fly strips would have definite zombie catching potential!

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  3. i remember the time back in 2011, when i first head about this show “the walking dead”. Being a gamer all my life, i had this very strong connection with these undead beings typically knows as “zombies”. but for some absurd reasons, i did not watch any episode of this show until the day, when i couldn’t stand the boredom and finally decided to give this show a try, which is by the way last year ,2016. i didn’t have to watch three or four episodes to grasp its significance rather i was enthralled by the plot and the characters with their unknown fates from the very first episode. up until now , i have completed the 7th season and eagerly waiting for the show to return and continue this epic journey from where they left.

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    1. Not long now! First week of February, isn’t it? But that’s what I mean-it’s not just about surviving in this frightening new world… it’s how the characters adapt and engage with each other…have you played the game?


  4. yes, finally, the show is about to start in 15 days. i am so excited to see how things will go for negan and rick. but i have a feeling that the end of negan is not so distant. he will get what he deserves 🙂 . i have been playing the walking dead:no man’s land on my android phone. which game are you talking about ,dear?

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