Sunstone and Sleeping Cats


Cats seem to have captured the art of sleeping perfectly, much to my envy as I am a horribly restless and inept sleeper. They flow so perfectly, so completely into slumber that they could illustrate a ‘How To…’ manual.


Sleep is obviously an important restorative – Margaret Thatcher is said to have managed on five hours a night – but any little thing can disrupt it. One of my issues is when the clocks go forward or back… I’m a morning person. I enjoy the solitude, drinking tea, (not smoking cigarettes any more) planning for the day ahead and writing up various ideas.

My partner is a night owl and loves nothing more than an in-depth discussion about politics at 11.45p.m. when I am searching for slumber, undeterred by my monosyllabic replies and complete lack of interest in the latest economic policy of our country at that time of night…

img_6151-2On the right is Sunstone, with Citrine (top left) and Goldstone (bottom left)

Sunstone is a wonderfully happy crystal, and a great equaliser… it has a natural joy to it and the clue is in the name. It is light inspiring and energising and can promote links to light and sun and help you recognise the changes that living in the light will bring.

img_2273A spill of sunny sequins (sorry kelleysdiy, couldn’t find the wing shaped ones, but there’s little shells and cogs…)

Sunstone will clear and energise all the chakras and can be particularly useful in the treatment of depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder. Like the Sun, this crystal is nurturing and restorative and can gently help to sever non-productive emotional links that are draining your vitality.


My cats are generally most active around dawn and dusk, ‘crepuscular’… wonderful word… but as cats have joined us in our lives and homes they have adapted their sleeping patterns to coincide with ours… well, mine have.

wp_20161231_003Charlie in her Christmas bed…

In addition to all my usual night time bothers I am generally accompanied by a gentle chorus of feline snores and sleep-contorted bodies. I have often been woken by a paw in the eye, but I wouldn’t have it any other way as we gather in the bedroom to rest and re-charge…

Everyone has positive possibilities and Sunstone reminds us of this – we can all make the best of the gifts we are given.

Leave the darkness behind and step forward into the Light.

wp_20161230_025Best. Sleep. Ever.

55 thoughts on “Sunstone and Sleeping Cats

  1. sunstone, haven’t known before, I searched in my own language and yes, we know it and named like starstone (yıldıztaşı)…So beautiful, and so lovely your cats as always. Thank you dear Samantha, I enjoyed so much. Love, nia

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  2. Love the idea of cats producing a sleeping manual. Can’t help but wonder if it might be quite a short book, maybe just a sentence or two? As in “Sleep. How hard can it be?” Or “Sleep. Just do it. We are off for a nap…”

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      1. Hmmn. Methinks you have a hopeful nature. We could flesh it out a bit with instructions about finding a nice warm spot and what position to adopt (curled, nautilus or stretched) but I still think we are looking at a small pamphlet, not War and Peace…

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      2. Ah, my BIL and I had a conversation about sprouts being like tiny cabbages over Christmas dinner prep. I said they tasted like cabbage if you eat them raw. But what some don’t realise is that they are more like a condensed cabbage, so when cooked they are like twelve cabbages in one…. That’s my theory anyway.

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  3. I’m insomniac and apart from the spells of not sleeping at all for a few nights, I actually don’t mind it. But I love watching my pets sleep…pure bliss 🙂 x

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      1. Well, as a chronic insomniac, I am now convinced nothing works (not even proper drugs). And I’m much happier just doing things (reading, yoga-anything relatively quiet) instead of staying in bed trying desperately to fall asleep. Not that I enjoy feeling tired all day, but well, there are some things that really are beyond my control.
        Having said that: if your bad nights are stress/anxiety/excitement related, there are things that help (anything relaxing, gentle stroll, a bath, reading, tyrosine and, obviously, sleeping with a cat on your chest) 🙂

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  4. Very interesting. Sunstone looks like a happy stone. Charlie looked so comfy in her Christmas bed. Kali snores like an army soldier. She also talks in her sleep. It gets pretty noisy in the bedroom at night. I have watched her wake herself and hiss at no one in particular.


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  5. Some lovely photos of your girls here, especially that last one of Charlie 💖 💤💤 How often do you go for a long walk in the fresh air? It always clears the head and ensures a good sleep over here. Hope you will be able to sleep better soon 😴💖 xxx

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    1. Pleased you like the pictures..Charlie is very photogenic 🙂
      I do a lot of walking, to my mother’s as well at the moment since she had a fall after Christmas. She’s ok, but a little unsure of walking when it’s icy, so I walk Erin too at the moment 🙂

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  6. Those spoiled moggies sure do look comfy cosy! Dolly dog certainly likes to get cosy at bedtime and snores nearly as loud as me.. but not quite!
    I love the idea of “positive possibilities” so it looks like I need to add some Sunstone to my shopping list so that I can “Leave the darkness behind and step forward into the Light.” – What a fab post! x

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    1. Thank you, I’m so pleased you liked it 🙂 I wanted to do something sunny and cheery to banish January blues. Sunstone is another good crystal to have, as it can be used in combination with things like Amethyst to encourage light and positivity.
      LOL…snoring Dolly! Dogs always snore with such relish and abandon!

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      1. Like mother like Dolly Doggy Daughter.. ‘snore with relish and abandon’ – oh yep but much to hubby’s disgust!… haha .. I definitely need a trip to the crystal shop very soon.. x

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      2. I found myself a ‘miracle snore cure’ last year when using an electric shock face lift gadget.. and found that my snoring massively improved…. I really must get it back out and start torturing myself again! It’s stuffed very far away at the back of a cupboard.. yep a bit of ‘shock treatment’ is required.. thanks for the reminder…. NOT! haha x

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      3. Haha – I need to rescue it from the back of that cupboard before hubby decides to divorce me.. I’m ‘back’ with a vengeance! haha but sorry you couldn’t get one.. You’ll have to try the ‘mouth guard’ instead.. it’s ok in small doses but doesn’t half make your teeth ache! No gain without pain!!

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      4. hehehe! I don’t know why I’m laughing and it’s a good job you can’t ‘get together’ to discuss this little problem with my hubby or me and your hubby will both be ‘snoring out in the garden sheds’! x

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  7. I snore too, but just a tiny bit, not like Grandpaw…MOL 😀 and only when I am lying on the couch next to Granny. Granny thinks that’s cute and then she pets me all the time…maybe that’s why I snore…MOL… The Sunstone is very special, we would love to have one, even though it was just for its name. It brings the Sun out indeed 🙂 Pawkisses for a Happy Sleepy Weekend 🙂 ❤

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