Making My Bed… With Cats


1. Approach pile of discarded duvet and pillows carefully and quietly, having first ascertained that there are no cats in the immediate vicinity.

2. Pick up corner of duvet and scream in fright as a cat unexpectedly darts out.

3. Check again for unexpected feline occupants.

4. Remove smallest black cat from pillow.


5. Shriek as tabby paw seizes ankle from under bed.


6. Remove cats.

7. Shake out wonderfully clean and fresh sheet over mattress and tuck in well, making sure the corners are all hospital corners and neatly squared.

8. Sob in frustrated rage as Siamese cat jumps onto bed, having first been outside for a spot of digging…


9. Strip off dirty sheet and hurl it downstairs thus alerting large black cat that it’s time to help change the bed.


10. Remove smallest black cat from pillow.

11. Repeat Number 7…

12. Reel back in fright and surprise as Amazonian Tabby Tiger Princess leaps onto bed, does quick circuit, leaving miniature holes in fresh sheet, and exits.


13. Summon son.

14. Remove smallest black cat from pillow with great trepidation since last time she did a truly terrifying snake demon hiss…


15. With son’s help, shut all cats on other side of bedroom door and make bed.


I always find the addition of four cats to any household task enhances its enjoyment although it can prove a little frustrating at times…






77 thoughts on “Making My Bed… With Cats

  1. How you made my day now, 🙂 still laughing… I know these moments, and understand very well but I can’t imagine with all cats to do this, dear Samantha. Because it is being very serious job in the home to make bed with a cat! I loved your post and your photographs. Thank you dear Samantha, have a nice day, Love, nia

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      1. All my boys have been the same. One of them in particular used to have to get inside the fresh duvet cover and run around to all the corners. He also had to then be bundled into the used bedlinen and carried down three flights of stairs to the kitchen to emerge, shake himself and wander off. Every time!

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  2. Aaaww this is so sweet! Your cats and you are do adorable. Ha ha! I only worry I roll my inanimate furball Garfield in the used linen. But Garfield will survive the wash, not your loveable cats. You are a good “mum” to them😃. Loved this post!!

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  3. I can feel the angst oozing from the post. Highly amusing from my perspective 😜

    Rash idea though….de-cat the room and close the door until all corners are tucked and sorted. Oh and make a small camp bed downstairs first as a distraction…a sacrificial bed if you like 🙃

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    1. Ha ha ha! I could do that..a spare bed for cats…especially now my oldest son has moved out! His old room is currently euphemistically called the study…although it’s more of a book repository at the moment! I tend to do most of my writing on my bed (well, on paper while sitting/lying on it) surrounded by cats, their toys, their beds, books, laptop…really, I think I need a bigger bed. Or just a padded floor…

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      1. I was thinking more a decoy bed you could pretend to make…allow the cats full access while you slip away and sort out the real bed. Tactical catfare as it were …. But padded floor? It will be walls next you know….slippery slope and all that 😱

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      2. Email when there is time…no rush or obligation yet….that comes with manuscripts lol… for Mr Bachman…yes, I’ve read “Thinner”… But, since it’s a pen name of a certain Mr King, I’m biased lol

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      3. Yes and no. To me it is King, however unlike when writing as King, the Bachman variant tends to have darker endings and less sympathy for the end game characters. Most King books have easier endings in the sense that the characters are empathised with. Bachman leaves me almost thinking it’s not quite ended yet. Obviously I’m a fan of both as I like his writing. What did you make of Thinner?

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      4. It was very creepy, for want of a better word…more psychological perhaps. I see what you mean about expecting a little more, but I also got a sense of meaness..delight at Billy Halleck’s problem, as you pointed out. I tell you what…I watched “Drag Me To Hell” the other evening, more by accident than design, and it struck me as very derivative!


      5. Yes, that’s kind of my point. As Bachman he writes in a way that doesn’t care about the end game protagonist. It’s darker. As King there is generally an empathy ending…apart from the Dark Tower where Roland passes out and finds himself right back at the start. Unfinished business, as it were.

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      6. Ha ha, be a while yet, I’ve just started compiling it into my manuscript template. Once I’ve caught up there then I will remember where it’s at to finish the last few chapters….unless you feel brave enough to read Rose of course….that’s what my therapist friend is reading now lol

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      7. Ooh…I don’t know!! I’m very tempted…I think I’ll have to go back and have another look at your post…although I am getting quite bold as far as King is concerned…read “The Shining”! Good film too, I like Jack Nicholson.

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      8. Rose is nothing like the usual stuff on my blog. There might be a snippet if you search for “Ripples in Time”. Not the twins though. That’s not part of it. It’s about the journey of a depressed woman as she deals with things, and an altered state of mind that takes her out if normal thinking…might be easier to explain more in an email lol

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      9. That potential is locked upon the pages waiting to be read….and published…somehow 🤔 Rose is sad and quiet angry at herself in places. The blog snippet was very much a reflection piece. I didn’t put up anymore because it was already a novel at that stage. 😊

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      10. Maybe I should send it to you and ask for a review once it’s out lol. I’m looking at all options in truth. I’ve really explored self publishing, but it’s filled with vanity press rip off merchants here. I’m sure there are some genuine hybrid publishers but sifting wheat from chaffe is hard. The more I research the harder it becomes. Rose has been professionally proofed though so I’m aware of on costs in that direction. Book covers scare me as I’m not arty! Big players like Smashwords are overseas too. I’d personally feel better with something based over here. Rock…Me…Hardplace 🤕

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      11. Hey, you’ve not read Rose yet lol….it’s catarthic in some ways….and I rather like her 💖 Lol
        I’m aiming for printed and ebooks….a POD service might be possible. I tested that by buying a printed charity anthology on Smashwords. I’m of the opinion going through the process once will be a huge learning curve and better place me in future decisions!

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      12. Ah yes, the hunt for an agent must begin by Easter at the latest. In fact I aim to be targeting five before then. While that’s going on I can look into the indie routes as back up. You in the meantime can polish any crystal that might help lol

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      13. I think some probably don’t as it happens. It’s a very daunting prospect because the probability of an unknown getting in that way is pretty small. That said a serious writer should at least try and see what comes back. I also suspect there are some that prefer to say they haven’t bothered because rejection is embarrassing to admit….except it’s not…not for an unknown. Even top selling authors sat in the rejection hole many many times. Even Stephen King before Carrie was accepted!

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      1. Aw cute! Lola’s sister Maisi used to have a fascination with ice cream. Even if she was fast asleep she would wake up and come over to sit as close as possible to us in the hopes she could steal a lick!

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  4. LOL!!! I loved this and it brought back such memories. When our sons were living at home we had two cats. It never failed that when the bed was mad there was always a “bump” smack in the middle. One cat would always have jumped on the bed and tunneled under a couple layers to take a nap.

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