Crackle Quartz and Christmas Cats


My little cat Charlie is an absolute joy at Christmas. I remember her first proper Christmas, that she was old enough to enjoy too…

I decorated the room, put the tree up and laid out the Nativity scene, all while she was sleeping upstairs. When I had finished, I went upstairs to fetch her and bring her downstairs to look at everything while my partner and son watched.


Her little face lit up. I held her in my arms and showed her the tree – she reached out to touch one of the ornaments and looked at me as if to say:

Can I?”

And I said:

Yes, you can touch … “

My partner said:


In actual fact, Charlie is the only cat who doesn’t attempt to remove the ornaments … the others do. Frequently.


I put her on the floor so she could look at the Nativity scene and she sat in front of it, her whole face alight with interest and curiosity… Baby Jesus did get pushed out of His manger a couple of times …

Later, when she understood that Christmas also meant presents, she was like an excited little girl … and still today, at the grown up age of six, she can’t contain her excitement as she rips the paper off another mousie, rushes through discarded wrapping paper and helps everybody else open their presents…


Her child-like enjoyment of the Christmas celebrations fits beautifully with Crackle Quartz.

This crystal promotes joy and fun in life, appealing to the inner child that still speaks to all of us. At the same time it shows us that we, and we alone, are responsible for our feelings. It is up to us, ourselves, to choose a path of joy and happiness rather than relying on others.


Crackle Quartz is available in a variety of heat-treated and colour infused stones – the individual colours link to the various chakras… blue, for example, is good for facilitating communication.

My pink Crackle Quartz (the featured photograph), was a gift from my son. Being pink, it is linked with the heart chakra but will also work with the solar plexus to heal a damaged past and bring in love…

With that, I would like to wish everybody a loving, peaceful and safe Christmas, from all of us here. Blessings and light, love and peace…

See you on the other side xx

img_2139Charlie says… “Merry Christmas to one and all, and a happy New Year!”


72 thoughts on “Crackle Quartz and Christmas Cats

  1. I love this story of Charlie 🙂 So far Little Monkey has had one present – a jar of home made dog cookies from a friend – so she is also enjoying Christmas very much. 😀
    Happy Christmas to you and your family 🙂

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    1. Thank you-it all went very well, although “somebody” had a little bit too much catnip! We bought my mother’s dog, Erin, a squeaky pig, supposedly indestructible…lasted 20 minutes!
      I hope you had a lovely Christmas, thank you for your comment, and enjoy Boxing Day :)x

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      1. It was a wonderful day here. Unfortunately, one of the things we lost when we gained our independence was Boxing Day. I’m off to the office after tea and toast. I’m looking forward to hearing about your day! 😀

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      2. Really?? I didn’t know the U.S. doesn’t have Boxing Day… what a cheat! I am catching up with replies and comments and emails so I will tell you in more detail later… at the moment just considering whether to have another biscuit, or put them out of reach… 🙂 xx

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  2. Sounds like this part went smoother than present wrapping! As I recall cramp and disappearing cellotape were hot on the agenda of mischief…well, not the cramp…that would be not having my assembly station 🍹

    Hope you are having a most wonderful time of the year 😊

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    1. Survived it…the worst thing that happened was a chocolate headache…too many Quality Streets…why do people only ever eat them at Christmas?
      Hope you had a good day, and are enjoying a peaceful Boxing Day…I intend to watch the premiere of season 7 “The Walking Dead”-a suitably festive choice, I feel.

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      1. Same here, I abstain from alcohol on the day itself….posibbly a throwback from misspent youth and Christmas Eves lol. Good to see you made it through in one piece! Boxing Day is running peacefully too, just got back from the cinema….Fantastc Beasts ad where to find them…. And as for Quality Street….I have a tin perched next to me now…and, like many a sweet theses days the tin is far smaller than days of yore!

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      2. Boxing Day is drawing to a peaceful conclusion… just eating my way through a box ‘Family Circle’ biscuits… another thing that only seems to appear at this time of year. Migrational food?

        I’ve heard mixed reviews about the film – what did you think to it? Would it hold my butterfly brain and attention span of a dormouse? I like to be able to pause things… Hope you had a good day 🙂

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      3. Ahh yes, migrational food…here the supermarkets fill up with obscure cheese platters wrapped with small bottles of wine, and staggering piles of chocolate tins, biscuits and ephemera that has no meaning apart from indulgence. Obesity crisis…what obesity crisis type of thing….and that before the crisp mountains offer sanctuary for high blood pressure…and don’t get me on cholesterol lol… I struggle with the latter two…well, I say struggle…if I watch my food then it’s controllable…it’s eating it that presents a difficulty…..oops, sorry….watching my food had an irresistible follow up quip!
        The film, I think, suffers twofold in review…there is the obvious like or don’t like Potter universe….within the like Harry Potter there are possibly those wanting it to be Harry Potter and react against it when they find its different. I went in knowing it’s NOT trying to be Harry Potter…yes it’s part of that universe and set in the 1920’s and there are references forward to Hogwarts and Dumbledore…but this is Grindlewalds time (Johnny Depp cameo setting up the sequel). I thoroughly enjoyed it and if you like the darker side of the Potter books then you will too. It’s real imagination stuff and flows well…if you let it that is…

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      4. Hmm..I might let the first day crowds go and then possibly go and see it. I read the books first, but in this case, the films weren’t too disappointing.
        Yes.. fortunately blood pressure etc isn’t something I have a problem with…pretty sure I never want to see another baking Camembert again though…at least not till next year!

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      5. I think you’ve already missed first day crowds lol…when we went it was pretty much empty. I also read the books first…well, not this Fantastic Beasts one…I think that was just the film script. I’m actually more nervous about The Dark Tower film…that has an immense plot to live up to and casting has left King followers split…New year healthy living idea has started to think about doing more than just words too lol

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  3. Oh, cats and Christmas! I’ve had cats that have done nothing worse than snuggle up and take a nap on the Christmas tree blanket…then there are those who become “deep woods kitty” and launch themselves into the tree. I seem to have one of those right now.

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  4. We loved hearing about your kitty, Charlie. I was never as nice as Charlie cause I often went up the tree and had to be taken off cause I liked it there. I don’t do that anymore….just admire the tree and flick the odd ornament.
    We didn’t realize quartz was all these things. Thank you for the info.

    Mom got a tea ball for Christmas along with the Yorkshire Gold so she a cuppa. She absolutely loves this Yorkshire tea. A very good tip from you my friend,

    Have a great day.


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    1. Charlie is adorable 🙂 and of course I’m not in the slightest bit!
      Quartz is a very useful crystal too…even in watches! ( I thought it wasn’t actually real quartz but it is! )
      I am so pleased your Mom likes Yorkshire tea! Funnily enough, my son also got a teaball and some orange pekoe (??) tea leaves…think I’ll stick to Yorkshire!
      Hope you had a great Christmas and lots of love to you all 🙂 xxx

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  5. Charlie, you are endearing ❤ and so is your story. The ornaments are amazing. We would love to have some Crackle Quartz in our tree, not only of its beauty, but above all of its colors and powers. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmastime. Pawkisses for a wonderful day 🙂 ❤

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    1. Thank you very much! Crackle Quartz is a lovely stone, and it’s always good to work with colours.
      The kitty ornaments were a lucky find actually, I’ve never seen any more like them, and I passed on your compliment to Charlie too. Hope you have a lovely day :)xx

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  6. Sorry I missed this. I have been living by a cliff for a few days and it did not like my Kindle!! Love your story of Charlie, she sounds like a total superstar.

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    1. My little cat Charlie is wonderful 🙂
      (besotted cat mother speaks..) she has to be the most intelligent cat I’ve ever known…although I am biased!
      Um. Why have you been living by a cliff? I forgot to update my Kindle and now it won’t connect wirelessly…

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      1. Sorry – catching up with everything. I think you know now? The house my mum, sister and (sort of) BIL are living in has a cliff for a back garden. Literally, step out of the house, there is a gap the width of about two people, then the start of a cliff. With a helpful little ladder, in case you fancy a climb. Only takes you the first 10 feet though, then you are on your own.

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  7. I’m smiling as I picture Charlie’s paw reaching out and later each Xmas tearing open the presents! What a lovely recollection… I love the pink crack quartz too! As we approach New Year’s Eve, I truly wish you the VERY BEST for 2017. I hope it’s a Magical Year for us both! x

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      1. that reminds me: Ulysses must have found some place in the neighbourhood where slugs breed intensively as he carries unwanted passengers in his fur every time he comes back 😦 Slugs are not all that cute. Especially when they get tangled in Ulysses’s thick fur 😦

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      2. this sensation, I’m glad to say, is yet to be experienced…you wouldn’t dare to walk barefoot in my house (dogs’ and cats’ toys in most unexpected places) 🙂

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