Pornography and Pies


I have seen “Pornography”… No… not the naked body stuff. The finished product. The end result. The final performance of the text that caused me so much stress…

It was performed last week at my son’s college and I was privileged to attend it. My younger son is currently doing a Theatre Arts Foundation course and “Pornography” by Simon Stephens was one of the set texts to be interpreted and performed by my son and his classmates.

Now, this play is from a modern, gritty genre written by a Manchester playwright, reprising the events of the 7/7 bombing and following four separate, yet linked stories and characters. I am very much a traditional theatre goer- I like the glamour, the costumes, the sets and rolling sonorous tones of Shakespeare declaimed to the gods.

And yet, upon reflection, I found myself inexplicably moved by this stark production. Its power lay in its words, the dialogue – one line will haunt me forever:

Images of Hell. They are silent.”


These ten young people infused their lines with passion and power. The production itself was striking by its very starkness; the actors, all attired in plain theatre blacks, moved between lines and scenes slickly and sleekly, pushing the play on to its inevitable sad, tragic conclusion.

If you get the opportunity to go and see a production, I would recommend it. I was enthralled (and very proud of my son) to see these ten young people deliver their lines with power and conviction, faces filled with the promise of the adults they’ll become.

So now I have a guilty secret… I am a fan of pornography.

NO! NOT the naked body stuff! My sort of pornography involves magazines, thick, glossy magazines whose pages cling lovingly to my fingers as I turn them and let my eyes linger lasciviously upon pages of… of… recipes!


Yes. Since I have given up smoking, I have had the money to indulge myself in a luxury magazine. I am an indifferent cook, but I am always fascinated by the wonderful recipes that make a treasure out of a boring food item… mince pies.

Not rhyming slang, but a seasonal festive treat and something which I generally regard with a distinct lack of enthusiasm, but in one edition of my magazine, the recipe called for glitter! Edible glitter, sprinkled on top of a star shaped pastry cut-out, covering the mundane mincemeat.



So… whether it’s a pie… or a play… don’t dismiss something out of hand without a closer look!


35 thoughts on “Pornography and Pies

  1. I read somewhere that titles using words like FREE, NAKED and the like get loads of hits above and beyond other tags. I suspect you read the same article and considered “pornography” would have similar hooks in terms of SEO.

    Let face it I’m here because expectations of naked were high 😳

    Well, that seemed an appropriate on topic quip….or off topic, as the case may be….melted brandy butter atop the pies though. That’s just my personal yummy by the way.

    As for live theatre…well, cannot argue with that one. My first engagement was Henry IV part one at The Barbican. We’re it not for that I think it quite likely I’d never have pursued Shakespeare beyond forced reading for school exams.

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    1. Ha ha ha! Yes, I think I did read that article! To be honest, though, the thought never actually crossed my mind until I was thinking about photos for the post…lol…I could make a really bad pun there, but I like to be a child friendly blog…!!
      I asked my mother if she had brandy butter and I was very disappointed when she said no..oh well, maybe next year.
      Also..were you in or did you watch at the Barbican? Haven’t seen “Henry IV” actually, but Shakespeare remains a favourite, although I think “Richard III” could do with a more sympathetic re-interpretation.

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      1. Now there’s a social challenge…repeat the post with an adult theme and see if the hit and like ratios soar! Imagine if the title had been Free Pornography….you would be getting thousands of emails by now lol

        No brandy butter? Terrible state of affairs that is…just tops off a mince pie that’s been topped with a spoonful and dropped in the microwave for a few seconds.
        Good lord…me in the theatre s a thespian…nay, nay and thrice nay…. I was watching a production !! Enjoyed it too 😊

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  2. 👏👏👏good job on your son’s part in the play production! I was taken aback at the title wondering what had pornography to do with pies!!😂😂 glad you watched it! Keep going at being smoke free my friend!! 🌲🎅⛄🍷

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  3. A good old ‘Manc’ play – what could be better.. than a bit of Pornography! (no really I do mean the ‘play’ kind!!).. Have a wonderful and ‘sparkly’ Xmas Day as you play the ‘glitter fairy’ sprinkling sparkly magic dust over your family… Stick to the sparkles and steer away from the smoke screen! xx

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    1. I did it! My first Christmas smoke-free!
      LOL…not so much glitter as catnip, actually! Very funny to watch until a certain little girl got over-excited and bit me! (Just a nip…no A&E required, especially not with our waiting times…)
      Have a good day today xx

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      1. Youch!! Sounds a bit painful there Samantha…. We all get a bit ‘over excited’ at Xmas.. including our Cat’s and Dogs.. bless ’em! (little devils!!)… Hope you have a brilliant day too… xx

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  4. Enjoyed the flow of this post. Your title was a fantastic eye catcher. What’s this, you are quitting smoking? It’s hard but you can do it. When I say hard, I mean the first, second and third time may not take but don’t beat yourself up. I quit over 5 years ago. So I figure if I can do it you sure can….I can be a wimp so go for it.


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    1. Lol…yes, the title was open to all sorts of bad puns really…!!
      And as for quitting smoking…this has been my first smoke-free Christmas in years! I stopped on 1st far so good! Thank you for the encouraging words too, because I must confess I still miss it! But you quit over 5 years ago? 🙂 🙂 Fantastic! Fingers crossed I make it to that mark too xxx

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  5. Lol, I try to pretend edible glitter doesn’t exist, in case I get it confused with the less stomach-friendly pots in my craft room. Glad the play went so well; you must feel chuffed to bits!

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  6. I’m glad it went well-and that your last post on it has continuation here (the Pornography post has been one of my favourites, couldn’t stop laughing!) x

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  7. Loved this! His nibs and I call the Screwfix catalogue porn. Can cause the odd snippet of hilarity, especially if overheard by the neighbours.


    We’re a classy bunch. Excuse the ‘baby’, it is the Italian coming out in him…and nobody leaves me in a corner lol

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  8. So many times people judge a piece of theatre on its title. I had a mind blowing episode when directing a play called A Family Affair. It was an English translation of a Russian farce and presented at the theatre during the Easter period. Some members of the audience told me they had thought they were coming to a play celebrating the season?! In its place they got a rather raunchy, hilarious piece on materialism and greed. I had no idea why they thought that! Lovely blog, Simon is a superb playwright.

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    1. I know when I went to see my son and his friends perform it it was very moving and totally unexpected..He’d done the monologue from “Curious Incident..” at Derby Arts Festival, but this was my first experience of Simon Stephens as a playwright. I love the continually evolving process of production and re-imagining…I enjoy traditional Shakespeare but I was very impressed by a production of “Macbeth” set in a concentration camp. No sets or elaborate costumes-just clever lighting and mesmerising actors..
      Thank you very much for your comment 🙂


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