Mistletoe and Memories


I must confess I have rather a mixed bag of memories as regards Christmas, and not all of them are fun-filled.

I spent one Christmas being homeless… the situation was resolved after a couple of months but even now, around the month of December I become anxious and unsettled.

One of my earliest Christmas memories was witnessing a kiss between one of my parents and someone who was very definitely not the other parent under our traditional mistletoe hanging bough…and realising that my parents’ marriage was in fact, in trouble…


Mistletoe, however, is quite magical. This unassuming little parasitic plant was first thought by the Druids to have powerful properties and has long been associated with fertility rites. More recently, an extract of this plant has been found to have some possible beneficial effects in the treatment of some cancers.

Another of Mother Earth’s gifts is slowly having its mysteries unravelled, deconstructed and used for human good.


The memory is such an emotional thing, triggered by sights, smells, sounds… I hope you all create plenty of positive and loving memories with your families, loved ones and friends.


Associate positively to banish the negative. This is why I find being close to Mother Earth a help and a comfort… I have learned to take pleasure in my natural surroundings and feel her energy…always positive.

I may have mentioned before that I am of no particular religious affliliation… however, at this time of year there is a sense of mystery and expectation that enthrals me… I will be returning to the traditions of my childhood and attending Midnight Mass, as The Mystery is contemplated, the year turns its corner and the whole world holds its breath and waits …


44 thoughts on “Mistletoe and Memories

  1. Funny, I don’t like to have mistletoe in the house because it evokes too many memories! Christmas is often a mixed bag of emotions, isn’t it? Am off to enjoy hours of a long journey on the Mickey Mouse service that is Southern Rail today. I have little expectation of a pleasant trip…

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  2. I’m sorry you have some sad memories, but glad you have made sense of them and found comfort in Mother Earth. I am a Christian and hold quite strong beliefs, yet as I grow older (a little bit!) I too find comfort in Mother earth and the rhythm of nature in the year. It’s trying to find a comfortable way to bind those beliefs together that I find tricky. Wishing you a happy Christmas x x

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    1. Thing with memories, you just have to move on but learn from them and take those lessons forward, in a positive way, into the future.
      I know it can be difficult to unify beliefs that you hold into a comfortable personal belief system…I think we are all part of the whole, Truth, or Source or whatever Name you wish to call it…it doesn’t matter as long as you are aware..lol..that’s probably no help at all!
      Thank you for your comment, and enjoy the festive season too 🙂 xx

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  3. Sad memories, happy memories… Life goes with them, and nothing to do, we remember and feel… In these days, I remember so many things too, I don’t know, why it happens in these days of the year… maybe we are going to leave another year too from our life… so emotional time of the year. I loved your drawing flowers, mistletoe!… From the scandinavian mythology, The Goddess Frigga was the mother of Baldur (Balder), the best loved of all the Norse gods. And she foresaw his death. Knowing that there was nothing she could do to avert his fate, the hapless goddess extracted a promise from all things that they would play no part in his death. Unfortunately, thinking the mistletoe was too insignificant to bother with, she neglected to secure its pledge.

    And when the malevolent prankster Loki discovered her oversight, he crafted a dart made of the poisonous plant. Devious and evil, he brought it to Baldur’s brother who was blind, suggesting a game of darts and agreeing to guide his hand. And this he did, directing the dart directly at Baldur’s heart.

    The mistletoe’s white berries were formed from Frigga’s tears of mourning. Some versions of the story of Baldur’s death end happily. Baldur is restored to life, and the goddess Frigga is so grateful that she reverses the reputation of the baleful plant, making it a symbol of peace and love and promising a kiss to all who pass under it.

    Your post reminded me this old story… Thank you dear Samantha, have a wonderful New Year, and Merry Christmas, Love, nia

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    1. Wonderful story-I remember the legend too and thank you for re-telling it, it adds to the mystery of mistletoe…
      I think this time of year can be melancholy as we say goodbye to the old year and our experiences therein…but also, always, we must look to the future, new beginnings and new hopes.
      Thank you very much, Nia, for your lovely comment 🙂 Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you too, lots of love to you and your family xxx

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  4. I think there are so many of us with a mixed bag of memories and it is up to us whether we choose to carry them with us or let them go. The opportunity is always there to create new and happy memories with your family and your wonderful cats. We wish you a wonderful festive season and a very happy New Year 😚💕🎄 xxx

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      1. Hahaha, nothing so straight forward I’m afraid! I just had a few bad christmassed (boyfriend just left me, parents split up etc) and it made me allergic to christmas! But now I love it and I go home whenever Ican manage it! Not this year sadly, but we I celebrate with my kids! X

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  5. I am the same – I have very mixed emotions when it comes to Christmas (including ringing AA because I couldn’t cope with my mum’s alcohol abuse and crying most Christmas days because of it). I often get a little lonely because my family is so small but I have learnt to just take each Christmas as it comes and forget the bad experiences before. I hope you have a lovely Christmas this year my love xx

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    1. I don’t really have a large family either, but think of all the lovely people here on WordPress, all the kindness and goodwill-that makes a difference 🙂 Also, I find as you get older you do learn to look at memories in a positive way-even though they themselves may be negative-and build on them so you can progress onwards and upwards. You have found an inner strength that shows in your own blog and I wish you the very best of festive seasons 🙂 xxx

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  6. Nice post Samantha, seems I learn more snippets each time. My dad passed away on Boxing Day a few years back, the story there is not the greatest and neither was my mums a few years before that. However, when clearing his house I found a Christmas tree and decorations from when I was a child. Whilst not all those memories are the best I now put up that tree each year as a remembrance. My eldest asks why the other day and when I told him he said of the four trees we have up that was now his favourite because it held the story of my Christmas’ past.

    Like many above this time of year can, and in my opinion, SHOULD, make us reflect. The older we get the more memories collect, some happy, some sad. While we should never dwell on the sadness too long, we should never forget its contribution to who we are now. Reflections at this time of year keep us in touch with mortality and the transience of life. It should help us appreciate where we are now. Still alive and about to embark on a New Year with all the opportunities that might bring…..(note to self…ignore contributions own to political blah the world over….the people “they” control, on balance are just like us and want to get along…reference frame for that conclusion is the blogosphere).

    Oh, and last nights pub quiz featured all those horror festive songs we discussed on my blog 😱

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    1. Thank you – great comment.
      I’m actually quite emotional, everyone has left some really poignant comments… loved the story about the trees and your son’s sensitive response. I think the reflecting on the year passed is a very human, emotive response to the “shutting down” of the natural world around us too, yet always within that there is the promise of renewal and rebirth.
      I totally agree, memories make up a large part of who, what and how we are…
      I hope your team won the pub quiz!

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      1. One tries…and occasionally ramble something meaningful. The tree one caught me out too. I’ve had it up here each Christmas since 2011 (passed away 2010), and this is the first time his teen cognitive powers have considered adults might also have been young once!
        It’s a good time of year to step outside the Ho Ho Ho shenanigans and take a time out, to reflect and breathe. I do the same at New Year….it’s a metaphorical deep inhalation before stepping into the coming year.
        Pub quiz…err…I never go early enough to join a team. It was an observance because said music round was on when I went in…deja vu and you popped into mind instantly lol

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      2. I was shocked to see George Michael died yesterday…he was only 53…as the singer of an iconic Christmas hit. It’s been a sad year for the music industry.
        Well, made it through another year and a good Christmas actually. I wasn’t too stressed…also it was my first Christmas as a non-smoker in years too. Subtle torture…I made the family watch “The Wizard of Oz” and the Morecombe and Wise Christmas special…again…ha ha ha!

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      3. Yes, that came in late afternoon and was a case of a non stop exeunt of people I grew up listening to. No doubt there will be a roll call put out in the build up to exiting this year next weekend. But 53, is no age these days is it 🤕
        There’s a bunch of wordless horrors….not smoking and classic annual repeats 😱 Roll on next weekend 🙃

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  7. Christmas can be such a mixed bag when it comes to feelings and memories. Expectations to be happy at this time do not always come to pass. May you find joy in the mystery of the season Samantha.
    I am a Christian who totally enjoys the creation that He has blessed us with. I love the mystery that is the creation…..the different seasons, the plants that we are slowly learning have so many uses.
    I learned something new about mistletoe! I have only seen plastic mistletoe.
    This post was so full of hope, Samantha. The hope that we are not stuck in the sad places. Thank you.

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  8. I am Janice. I met you at Gary’s blog hop. I invite you and your readers to come to my blog which is about anything that will make us all better content creators. On my blog, we party tomorrow and you are all welcome to join in the fun.
    Here is the link to my About page so you can read more about my blog and me.
    In response to what you wrote, I sense many people have unpleasant Christmas memories.

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      1. Thanks Samantha! We had a brilliant Xmas Day and hope you did too? WOW – WELL DONE for steering clear of the ‘Smoke Screen’ so now it’s truly OFFICIAL!!! SAMANTHA IS A NON SMOKER… What a fantastic end to 2016 and imagine now what you can achieve in 2017!!

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