Reindeer and Revelry…


I follow a number of wonderful craft blogs … I fiddle about with various “makes” but I haven’t yet tried my hand at card making …

My lovely friend, Gillian of Paperpuff ( or Fluffyfrippychicken as I sometimes like to call her…) has made some beautiful cards in preparation for Christmas – please go and have a look – using a reindeer motif that has stayed in my mind.

In the city where I live, there is a stately home that has a deer park attached. It was established quite early on in the house’s life and has a thriving population of both fallow and roe deer. A fond memory for me is when I first took my oldest son to visit this park and I said to him:


Look! Look! Can you tell Mummy what sort of animals those are?” I smiled expectantly at him …

His face lit up and with an excited intake of breath he shouted:


My vision of him following in his grandfather’s footsteps as a veterinary surgeon died a sudden death…

My younger son, while still at school, was involved in a cookery programme to promote venison, with a celebrity chef. My now-vegetarian son saw the deer from whole creature to finished meal, which he cooked himself and I was lucky enough to eat. It was very nice too. And that, really, is the extent of my acquaintance with deer …


Now. Reindeer. Everybody knows reindeer as they draw Father Christmas’ sleigh and are immortalised in countless decorations and appear on innumerable cards to signal the beginning of the festive season. Perhaps a minor point… reindeer are the smaller, stockier sort of creature, while deer, usually the stag, are the taller, elegant type generally pictured with a full set of antlers and a reddish-brown colour in real life.

I mention this as I had a “discussion” with a sales assistant when I required an example of the first creature and was in fact handed a representative of the second species when perusing the selection of Christmas ornaments … (as it turned out, I bought neither – instead I bought four pearl beaded stars, one for each of my girls…)


Point being, along with the robin, the deer (of whatever background) is traditionally associated with Christmas and the ensuing revelries… I used to enjoy a drink. Quite a lot of drinks really, and I was never one to shy away from… er … excessive consumption. In recent years, it no longer holds much appeal for me, and to be honest, I’d rather have a nice cup of tea.

This year, my younger son will be joining the throng of revellers with my words of warning ringing in his ears…

Don’t mix your drinks! Don’t leave your drink unattended! Be aware of how many units you consume!”

But, to be fair, he and his friends approach the serious business of social drinking with sense and far more awareness than we ever did…

So. Go ahead. Have fun. Have a drink. Or even two. But always be careful. NEVER drink alcohol and drive.

Have fun though … I’ll just sit here with a nice cup of Yorkshire tea … the paracetamol and Alka Seltzer are in the cupboard… just in case!



25 thoughts on “Reindeer and Revelry…

  1. I often find so many things to comment on in your posts that my comments are probably extremely chaotic! I should probably just pick one thing only to comment on and never digress…but ‘should’ is not what I do.
    How do you survive Christmas with no alcohol? I’m not even going to try, the thought of going dry at that particular time of the year makes me want a drink 🙂 I drink whisky (only) and in some weird way I can drink quite a lot without getting tipsy. This ability was extremely handy when I was a student as people would always try to get me drunk, thus providing me with free drinks (a student’s dream).
    Yorkshire tea, however, would probably make me dizzy (I’m a whimp, I drink redbush and I’m not the main kettle operator in my house as the art of tea making is too important to be left to a sacrilegious herb infusion drinker like me…)
    I love the deer photos. You have o admit they do a bit like kangaroos…from a distance…to an untrained deer-spotter 😉 I used to work at Nottingham University and loved the parks and all the wildlife pretty much at my door. The deer there were very tame, probably a source of frustration to some golfers. I loved them (the deer, not the golfers). I haven’t seen many for years now (well, I have definitely seen more reindeer in the last few years). I’m a mongrel with roots in Scandinavia and I have a soft spot for reindeer – you can see their souls when you look into their eyes (and I don’t even believe in souls).
    Note to self: limit the comment to ‘a lovely post Samantha’ next time 🙂

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    1. I have no idea how I’m going to get through the festive season without a cigarette…I’ve come too far to give in now and I don’t want to waste the effort so far…as for alcohol, I just lost the taste for it really…lol..too much in a misspent youth probably!
      Me…I’m not so fond of the deer at Wollaton…last time we went there was a pair of young stags who approached a couple of people very -um- meaningfully, and they have very sharp pointy hooves! Alex bravely went nearer to obtain deer photos, I watched from behind a tree, fully prepared to throw myself into the lake to get away if necessary..fancy you having been in Nottingham!
      And please feel free to comment as diversely as you wish 🙂 we would be basically doing the same if we were talking face to face. I appreciate your comments and there are some aspects of me that you totally “get” :):)x

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      1. You’ll manage without a cigarette Samantha and you’ll be super-proud! If tempted, imagine how proud you’ll be for staying strong! Do you ever watch QI? I think a week or two ago the pannelists had a similar conversation about Nottingham…’fancy you having been in Nottingham’. I liked the deer, though I can understand why people might be a bit weary…the males are huge and grumpy, the females are protective over their babies…well, I still liked them 🙂
        Your comments always make me laugh 🙂

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      2. I used to watch it when Stephen Fry hosted it, but I haven’t seen it recently…
        I quite like the tiny Muntjac deer, the sort of handbag size ones, would make a change from a Chihuahua, I suppose.
        I suppose I know I’ll get through without a cigarette…it’s just I still sometimes miss it – lol – that sounds terrible!!

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      3. I like Sandi Toksvig. I love Stephen Fry and I thought I wouldn’t enjoy QI without him, but so far, I do like it. I have to google Muntjac deer, I’m ashamed to admit…sounds cute 🙂
        I don’t think I’ve ever stopped missing cigarettes-I haven’t smoked for some 20 years now and I still secretly yearn for a morning smoke…But you’ll be fine-and proud of yourself (as you should)! x

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  2. Just found a deer antler while walking my dog Kookaburra. Well, in truth, she was the one who found it but I will treasure it for sure. I love deer. So gentle and otherworldly (to me). We have so many deer here (excuse the rhyming, argh!). There’s even a “deer management” program going on nightly through the end of March. But at least the meat is not wasted. The hunters donate it to various food banks around town.
    While you are enjoying your tea– I will enjoy a HUGE mug of hot chocolate– with a double dose of whipped cream! Cheers and Happy Holidays 🙂

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    1. Hmm, that actually sounds quite nice 🙂 a good alternative to tea !
      Yes, I think deer do have that other-worldly quality to them, a bit like hares …love your dog’s name 🙂 and what a good idea with the deer management programme-people benefit and the deer population remains manageable and healthy.
      Have a wonderful festive season :)xx

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  3. Fluffyfrippychicken here! I think I might use this as my porn star name – never too late to take up a new career, right?! Your advice reminds me of a nurse lecturer I met. She had a son and daughter in their late teens or early 20s and was having an inner battle over whether to advise them to only drink from bottles, to minimise risk of the contents being interfered with, or only drink from glasses to avoid possible Weil’s disease! We suggested she get them to take a straw…..

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    1. Lol..hope you don’t mind! I don’t think I’d be a very good porn star…” You want me to do WHAT!! Go and wash your mouth out…”
      And I think your advice re:straws was just the thing. I intend to buy a large packet for my son at once…

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      1. No, of course I don’t mind. I actually, totally, properly loved it!! Made me laugh so much I had to phone a few people and tell them…And yes, straws are the future of social drinking……

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  4. This Christmas I have become quite obsessed with reindeer and Christmas Pinterest crafts surrounding them! Of course I am horrific with DIY arts and crafts so I never attempt it and merely admire other people’s successes! I actually saw some reindeer the other day – who knew they were sooo soft?!

    I admire your drinking advice – definitely something I constantly preach. I hate it when younger people think they’re invincible after a drink and it ‘will never be them’!

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    1. Have you looked at needlefelting..? The animals you can make are SO CUTE!! A recent discovery thanks to Kirsty Allsopp…I’m very tempted to have a go! (I’m sure I saw a kit for reindeer too..)
      Yes…my son has only just started drinking socially and I always tell him to be careful-it’s not big or clever to overdo it-ever.

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