Chrysocolla and Coughing Cats


In all my years of sharing my life with cats, I have never seen a hairball. Not that I want to, particularly, they sound terrifying and somewhat grotesque to be honest.

I am usually extremely alarmed when my cats cough…the outstretched neck… the bulging eyes… the pained “Heek-heek-heek-HURHH!” Then the gentle clearing of the throat and reproachful look in my direction, as if to say:

Well, really! Whatever did I do to you to deserve that?!”

Suffice it to say, whatever it is that makes my cats sometimes cough, it isn’t a hairball.


(“Miss Murdoch, sometimes cats do just want to cough… like people. It doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything wrong with them…”)

Similarly, my mother is possessed of a truly awful smoker’s cough, from her 30-a-day habit. And although I have recently stopped smoking myself, I am not going to become a nicotine nazi… However, I do feel that perhaps she could be a little less… rude when I show my concern for her or attempt to press a herbal remedy on her:

Don’t be stupid, Samantha, a piece of biscuit went down the wrong way…”

As a student in a city in the rain shadow of the Pennines and notorious for its inches-per-month count, I swore by a proprietary brand of cough medicine to get me through lectures without hacking up a chunk of lung. Any effect it had on me was probably due more to its high alcohol content than any actual healing ability.

Chrysocolla would have been just the thing, really… This blue-green crystal has the wonderful appearance of Mother Earth as viewed from space, and it manifests her presence in its tranquility and strength. It draws off negative energies of all kinds and gives you the strength and peace of mind to accept situations that are constantly changing. It is a pacifier for uncertain relationships and can help with cleansing and aligning all the chakras, opening them to the awareness of the divine.


Chrysocolla is a lovely crystal to give the wearer/owner self-awareness and sensitivity without being too “precious” about it.

It can also be used to help with lung problems, it re-oxygenates the blood and maintains the cellular health of the lungs. Perhaps this is why it reminds me so much of Mother Earth, her blue-green colouring attributed to the oxygen in our atmosphere.

Again, we must look to the health of our planet, and protect and nurture our atmosphere as we would our lungs…

Just in case anybody fancies having a go, this is my tried and tested and actually quite nice cough syrup. (“Don’t be stupid, Samantha, who in their right mind…”) You need boiled water, fresh thyme and honey. Pour the recently boiled water over about 2 – 3 tablespoons of fresh thyme and let it steep, until colour of strong tea without milk, or until about room temperature. When it’s cool, strain out the thyme leaves and add a cup of honey. Stir well and put in a suitable glass jar to use as needed. Maybe about 2 tablespoons in the morning and late at night, when the cough is most bothersome.


As for coughing cats. I still haven’t seen a hairball, as when they cough, it is not usually a ‘productive cough’ as my doctor would say. It’s still my fault though… and I don’t fancy my chances of administering cough medicine to my cats. Perhaps a custom-made collar of Chrysocolla.



64 thoughts on “Chrysocolla and Coughing Cats

    1. It really does help and it’s a lot nicer than bought stuff, which can sometimes even just be glycerin, water and lemon juice. I keep trying with my mother-much to her annoyance! I just need to get through the festive period without cracking and reaching for the cigarettes!

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  1. I think the cough syrup sounds rather delicious. Thyme is a favourite herb for me, throw in some honey and it is a Grecian Delight. Not to be confused with Turkish. Or Angel. Or shepherd’s….. Anyway fur balls are a bit grim, really. You aren’t missing out!

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  2. I had to laugh at the cough medicine working because of its alcohol content! I pointed this out to a friend once; as no wonder she felt better, she was probably drunk by now! 🙂
    Very interesting to learn of the different uses of crystals. 🙂 And my daughter has a long haired cat that does cough up hairballs – not very pleasant!

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    1. Eugh!! I’ll take your word about hairballs then!
      Yes, it’s quite funny how many shop-bought cough medicines have alcohol in them..doesn’t really do anything healing! It can be used in herbal remedies, but only in smaller quantities to act as a preservative…thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

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  3. Your mum sounds like a great character! LOL! But yes I think you’re right of course about the smoking! My own mum has lung problems, not because of smoking but illness… I might give her some of that Chrysocolla! 💚

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    1. Yes, my mother is certainly unique! I definitely feel better for stopping, and the brand I smoked are so expensive, £6.85 for twenty. Not sure how that converts..
      I hope your mum is all right, positive thoughts and best wishes are being sent her way xxx

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  4. I am of the opinion you are a white witch now too….it all fits, arcane crystal knowledge, herbal potions and cats…. No wonder you have turned to my humble ramblings upon matters dark and supernatural.

    Great post Samantha and your mum daughter interactions are very well elucidated. I feel I know part of her personality already. Smoking is a terribly addictive thing…the two edged habit and biochemical must have association. Habits long established are terribly hard to break….there is a mantra placing needs above wants. In smoking minds the need to quit has to rise stronger than the want to smoke. If it doesn’t then any therapy is unlikely to work.

    I’d love to see feedback from your bloggers trying this elixir too. In fact, I will write down the recipe right now and give it a go 😁

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    1. Lol…perhaps…although really I like to remember the old ways and “lost social knowledge”…I feel people are losing touch with the essence of their humanity. And of course, the other side of the coin is dark and supernatural..I have been told I probably would have been burned at the stake in a previous life…
      I must confess I miss smoking. The actual action and physical sensation…but I feel so much better healthwise. Well. Generally apart from a few weeks ago LOL!
      The cough medicine recipe I find pleasantly effective-have you seen “Broncho-Stop”? That contains thymol, an extract of thyme, and it’s being sold for a ridiculous sum…this recipe is cheaper too!

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      1. Agreed, you see that in every day life now…problems not solutions…the old ways had problems it’s true, but people’s minds were capable of finding solutions. Rich in social knowledge of which your a and sewing box was one. Now it’s hmm hole in that…solution = buy a new one.
        Aha…the white witch is a pretence, you are really a Sith Lord in disguise lol
        Actually, it’s a good thing you are not currently living that previous life then…although in my fictional world’s…that could be possible 🤔
        Smoking is a strange thing. Some actually really enjoy a smoke. They tend to be the ones in control of the habit as they can go ages without thinking about it. Blending that with an addictive personality trait and poof the odd one becomes more and more and the higher brain just fails in efforts to say no.
        Not seen the Broncho-Stop…is that for errant horse riders 😜

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      2. LOL!! Wonder if the makers considered that possibility…
        Yes, people used to be able to marshal their thoughts to formulate answers after a progression of logical reasoning…now it’s just Google. I remember doing “A” levels and going through book after book crediting sources and making footnotes…
        Not sure if I have an addictive personality…my mother says I have a butterfly brain and my son very kindly says it’s because I’m blonde…don’t know how that’s relevant…

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      3. Thing about Google is umm, well…it’s not always true and reliable. Fake news on Facebook that hit the news news not long ago missed one vital social factor….to me it was more concerning that people believed it. No checks or validation, just saw it and it became true….now from a social perspective and two recent political decisions based on shouting and not reasoning….the fake news social phenomena was seen working in reality 🤔

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      4. I believe if free press too…except you have to pay for it 🤔 Actually I believe in factual verifiable press, not make it up and call it a story…or worse still hack out bits you want to fit something….or, even worse, try an article in something the writer clearly knows bog all about by word two…ultimatel cynic here 💀

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      5. I resisted commenting deeper on matters blonde….but…of course you could try dying it and seeing if IQ’s rise…it not then clearly colour is irrelevant…unless, you brain know it’s a fake….oooh tie in to the previous comment….wordy horror 🤔

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  5. I like your mum 🙂 I eat raw ginger and chillies when I cough, but, apparently, it’s not considered normal. If I feel brave a have a wee dram of young whisky…It works (probably scaring my body onto submission).
    My cats don’t cough hairballs either- maybe it’s the food (promising shiny coat and all that)? However, I love it when they sneeze (I don’t expose them to the elements for my entertainment, though)-it’s the cutest thing ever 🙂

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      1. Brian’s got a powerful sneeze, too…Lily’s come in series of tiny ‘achoos’…Both Charlie and Ulysses have very girly sneezes…I love them 🙂 and they always look surprised (the cats, not the sneezes)

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      1. She eats a grain-free diet already 🙂 I DO think it’s food related to an extent. One of the vets also thought she might be allergic to dogs at one point. Her cough started around the time we were fostering a dog a few years ago. My in-laws bring their dog over when they go out of town, too. Not sure if there’s any correlation or not.

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  6. Be VERY grateful you’ve not seen that furball.. Maybe your cat is being very ‘discreet’ when she coughs it up… I had a King Charles Spaniel (rescue dog) that periodically coughed up a furball… Not Pleasant! x

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  7. Loved this! I’ve missed reading your posts. Your description of the cat cough was on point! Also, I’m definitely going to try that cough remedy next time I’m sick. I feel like I’ve been sick so much from teaching that over-the-counter medicines have no effect on me! Time to try something new!

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    1. It’s definitely worth trying and you could have a point there, about becoming immune to over-the-counter stuff. One of the hazards of working with could try ginger as well. It’s a natural antibiotic-ideally drink a glass of fresh ginger juice but I think it tastes can get it in capsule form though.
      And, of course, thank you very much for stopping by and your comment :)x

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  8. Chrysocolla , wow it is amazing and so beautiful, I loved the colours. I didn’t know that your father was vet. You say, you haven’t seen hairball in all your life, even you have cats, made me to think, is it because they are free cats, I mean going out and coming in, I mean garden… maybe they are coughing in the garden and also they find some fresh herbs too in the garden. But indoor cats that don’t go out, so we can see them what they are doing… and of course nothing could be same as in the nature world. Thank you dear Samantha, Love, nia

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    1. Yes…I suppose they could be getting rid of hairballs outside as they do have access to the garden through the catflap…think I need a cat camera collar to find out what they do!
      Pleased you like the Chrysocolla, it’s a lovely crystal 🙂 xxx

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