Hunting For Garfield


I have a wonderful friend, Garfield Hug’s blog, and we’ve known each other since I first started on WordPress, back in March this year. Do go and pay her a visit, she’s very funny, informative and a lovely person.

Obviously… she likes Garfield, so this post is really a bit of fun for her. (Although I literally COULD NOT find Garfield…)


I have a friend who’s very dear,
Her blog is fun and full of cheer.

She lives far away in Singapore
And by Garfield she sets great store.

To cheer her up I thought I’d find
Lots of Garfields – have I gone blind?

I hunted high, I hunted low,
Far and wide for Garfield did I go…

“I’ve not seen Garfield here in years!”
I said and then burst into tears.

It had me tearing out my hair –
Couldn’t find Garfield ANYWHERE!

I promised Garfield Hug a Garfield treat,
Perhaps you’ll find a drawing sweet!

So. Here he is in all his glory
Complete with this – a little story.







37 thoughts on “Hunting For Garfield

  1. I know where all the Garfields are. In a bungalow on the south coast. Years ago we borrowed the seaside retreat of a friend of a friend (you know how these things go) for a hen weekend. The WHOLE place was decorated with Garfield merchandise. Bedlinen, cushions,lamp shades, everything. Your lovely friend would be surrounded in Garfield goodies there! Cute drawing, by the way, and a fab ditty.

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    1. I am pleased you like him!! I couldn’t get the colouring quite right, perhaps felt tip pens might have been better, but I banned them from the house since my son drew all over his own face…he’s 17…
      But I am glad you like the post-lol!!:) x

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      1. Of course!! I still think you ought to do cartoons and sell them as an illustrator for children’s books. You have good artistic talent 😊 “love the tearing of hair” description…you are really fun and a joy to know. Happy Friday Sam😚

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  2. Good grief, ok that’s Danger Mouse, not Garfield…but nevertheless, good grief (urge to ad Penfold to that now!) March this year you say? I only beat by three months there. I’m approaching my blogaversary…if that’s a word 🤔

    But a poet now too…memoirs, social history enlightenment and next years NaNo buddy in waiting…do the skills never end???

    Lovely dedication to Garfield and a new blog I simply must go visit…which reminds…in years of yore as a student I had a poster of said cat. Walking down a road all smug smiles and hiding behind the building at the end of the street was a caricature of the word MONDAY holding a baseball bat waiting to mug him…see what word (blog post) association leads to 🤔

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    1. Are you having a blog party..?
      Ha ha..a “blarty”..there you are, a portmanteau word…
      And thank you 🙂 what lovely things to say 🙂
      I had a Garfield money bank when I was about 14, I thought I still had it, but even that appears to have disappeared…should be a wordless horror in there somewhere…

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      1. A blarty is a fine descriptor! There’s actually a couple of meet and greets running this weekend. I might link your blog on one if I get time to visit…busy weekend 🤔 Not lovely things…true things 😊
        Ooh, I shall ponder that and find an appropriate wordless horror prompt 😱

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      2. Comments on Janice’s blog pick up overnight and run over a few days. I’m usually one if the first there because she posts before the US wakes up. Very cool person to know wrt blogging tactics to grow an audience. I for her book in advance for helping her and reviewing it on Amazon 😊

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      3. There’s also a few that I follow but can’t remember who owns one in particular. I was following a short story thing and cannot remember which flipping blog it was on….memory like a sieve at times!

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      4. I have that on my todo list…notebook. I think it’s down as item 756! Esoteric symbols…more evidence…. I shall be referring you yo the paranormal brothers and write a Samantha into the next tale!

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