Rose Quartz and Running Cats


Rose Quartz is my all-time favourite crystal. It was the first, serious, ‘purposed’ crystal I had ever come across, when my son gave me a piece to help with depression and anxiety, and all the other lovely little mental trolls that go with these conditions.

Rosie’, as I affectionately call her, is my featured Gravatar as well as being a symbol of love and peace.


Rose Quartz is an important crystal both to me and in the metaphysical realm : it is linked to the heart chakra and shows the true meaning of love. It purifies and heals; it calms and reassures; all important qualities that my son had in mind when he chose this particular piece for me.

Rose Quartz is calming and healing, bringing peace and stilling that unsure voice of self – doubt in the back of your mind. It is beneficial for relationships as it draws love towards its wearer/owner and restores the balance of trust and harmony.


Rose Quartz sends bad vibes packing while encouraging empathy and sensitivity. It can help with accepting the inevitable changes that life brings and will heal heartache and soothe grief.

This beautiful pink crystal teaches you how to love yourself, to value yourself and promote peace… the hippy of the crystal world… yeah man…

Needless to say, my Rose Quartz collection has grown, from freeforms to spheres to eggs… a family of tumblestones in various shades of pink from palest blush to strawberry milkshake. Rather like my feline fur family…

_mg_1259-2Beautiful translucent rough piece of Rose Quartz… looks like a shark fin… 

It’s a never – ending source of amusement to me just how very different from each other my girls are. Charlie, our “firstborn”, is very much our little princess, number one girl. Lily has absolutely no pretensions to being anything other than what she is, a charming, pretty, fluffy little killer. Ting, our Siamese babe. Beautiful, kind, but not exactly over – burdened in the brains department. Tooty, our furry marshmallow. Cuddly, soft and sweet, who’ll lie happily on her back beside you, paws waving, as she purrs and air kneads.

Yet, they all share the same quality I love in cats, an elegance and grace of movement, an economy of speed that eats up the ground as they leap, effortlessly, across the garden in play or hunting mode.

_mg_7576Rabbity hind legs!

When I come home, I love the fact that my girls all run to meet me, tails up and joy on their fur faces, “Meep”-ing and “Waoh”-ing encouragement to quickly, quickly come inside and open catfood…

Where have you BEEN? You’ve been gone AGES… we thought you’d gone forever…”

Part of the returning home ceremony is stopping to greet them all as they gallop towards me … Charlie reminds me of a little clockwork toy, dainty tabby toes going “tick tock tick tock” rapidly down the path towards me.

_mg_7550Beautiful speedy turn!

I love my little girls dearly and value them for the unqualified love, joy and companionship they bring me. My life has been enriched selflessly and generously by a succession of feline family members, and I hope… and I hope…

_mg_9899Look at this cat! She’s so FAST! Over here, over there…!

I lack all certainty
yet still I hope
that at the edge of death I’ll see
a small cat racing from the dark
to welcome me.

Pam Brown

57 thoughts on “Rose Quartz and Running Cats

  1. I have to tell you something….when I first saw your rose quartz Gravatar, I thought it was a pink shower sponge! In my defence, it was a tiny image….but maybe I need to go visit Specsavers….

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      1. oh, no! I will always see a sponge there now! The more I try to get rid of it, the less it’s willing to go away…(ok, now a confession: I thought you it was a chunk of soap-not some ordinary one, the posh, ‘artisan’, crafty, handmade and so on-but soap nonetheless…sorry, but I’m a stone idiot and wouldn’t know rose quartz if it hit me in the face)

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      2. !!!! I suppose soap is better than a chunk of ham… someone thought that was my gravatar the other day! I have a crystal cat…might change to that…I bought some handmade soap the other day because it reminded me of blueberry ice cream!

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  2. What a wonderful post, as always. I love learning of the different crystals and stones and their various meanings behind them. You’ve inspired me to find a piece for my sister. I think one of the best feelings in the world is looking into your cat’s eyes and feeling the complete love and admiration they have for you (on their terms of course!).

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    1. Ohh thank you very much 🙂 what a lovely thing to say! Rose Quartz would be wonderful for your sister, it’s such a loving crystal and will facilitate the presence of this emotion in her life.

      Lol… I KNOW my cats love me when I have cat food! Thank you for your comment 🙂 x

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  3. Now that’s some action you show us there, cuties. A pleasure to watch you and we can almost see you moving 😀 Granny’s first crystal was a Rose Quartz too. She got it from her therapist for the same reasons as you. It was a huge stone and she passed it on to someone who needed it more than she did some time after, but we can never have enough of Rose Quartz surrounding us, so we have a few too. Your Rosie is beautiful. We also use it to help our beloved kitties to the bridge. If you like to read a story about it, please read the story of Stranger. He’s on the right side of our bloggie. Pawkisses for a Loving Day 🙂 ❤

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    1. Just popped over and read Stranger’s story-what can I say? What wonderful generosity of heart and spirit you all showed 🙂
      I am so pleased you enjoyed the post and thoroughly delighted granny loves Rose Quartz too…I may have mentioned before I think she has excellent taste 🙂
      Thank you for reading and your lovely comment xx

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  4. Rose Quartz was my first crystal in my collection.. I’ve only just started collecting and rose quartz just seemed to ‘draw me in’… Maybe it’s because I needed it at that time earlier this year when I was facing a massive change… Well it’s certainly seen me through so far! Those cats are just adorable… and the little poem at the end genuinely bought a tear to my eye! Beautiful post Samantha! x

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    1. Rose quartz is a great crystal to start with as it is the stone of infinite love and compassion, it’s both supportive and empowering. So pleased you found it beneficial 🙂
      That quote at the end of my post-I love that too and have told my son I’d like it to be part of my funeral service…eventually! xx

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      1. Thanks Samantha .. I’m not sure whether I found the Rose Quartz or it found me..xx That’s a lovely poem for you to have in your funeral service… hopefully not for a long time but there’s nowt like ‘being organised’! haha x

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  5. I love cats’ legs 🙂 and I think every cat has his unique way of running-which I also love 🙂
    I have wanted to post a poem that for some reason makes me think of your blog. But. It never seems appropriate to post it. I love it, the author was a Nobel prize in literature winner, so sorry (but I really love it), it has no relation to your post!
    Here you go :

    Cat in an Empty Apartment
    Wislawa Szymborska, translated from the Polish by Stanisław Baranczak and Clare Cavanagh

    Die—you can’t do that to a cat.
    Since what can a cat do
    in an empty apartment?
    Climb the walls?
    Rub up against the furniture?
    Nothing seems different here
    but nothing is the same.
    Nothing’s been moved
    but there’s more space.
    And at nighttime no lamps are lit.

    Footsteps on the staircase,
    but they’re new ones.
    The hand that puts fish on the saucer
    has changed, too.

    Something doesn’t start
    at its usual time.
    Something doesn’t happen
    as it should.
    Someone was always, always here,
    then suddenly disappeared
    and stubbornly stays disappeared.

    Every closet’s been examined.
    Every shelf has been explored.
    Excavations under the carpet turned up nothing.
    A commandment was even broken:
    papers scattered everywhere.
    What remains to be done.
    Just sleep and wait.

    Just wait till he turns up,
    just let him show his face.
    Will he ever get a lesson
    on what not to do to a cat.
    Sidle toward him
    as if unwilling
    and ever so slow
    on visibly offended paws,
    and no leaps or squeals at least to start.

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    1. I love this poem, although I found it very sad… a lyrical expression of grief somehow and bemusement from the cat at its unexpected abandonment. Boris the stray, by the way, now has a reference number and a place on the waiting list for re-homing with the C.P.L. It’s a start, although I didn’t realise how bad the stray problem here in the East Midlands actually was until I started ringing round the shelters. Very sad.
      Thank you, as always, for your lovely comment :)xx

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      1. I really like it, but it never really seemed right to post it (because of the topic). There’s something beautifully nostalgic in many of your posts, they are unpretentious and honest-and you have cats 🙂 Thus, the connection (the poem made me think of your posts). I hope you understand my reasoning 😉 There’s something about my cats that makes me think they would be really offended if I died…
        There are quite a few private shelters around here, it’s never really ‘good’ but it’s not terribly bad…though for some reason, this year there are many more cats (lost/abandoned) than ever 😦

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      2. All the shelters here are literally full to bursting, apparently the East Midlands has the worst record for cases of animal cruelty and abandonment. Not impressed-there is a woman up the road from us who has “pharmaceutical” issues who keeps acquiring animals and the R.S.P.C.A. keep removing them as she has problems looking after herself. It really is very, very sad.
        I also think my cats would be terribly annoyed if I did something as inconsiderate as dying.. at least I could open several packets of catfood first!
        Yes, I really like the poem-will have to have a look at some more of his stuff 🙂

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      3. Oh, it’s so close to me…sometimes my helplessness is driving me mad. I’m making some toys and beds for dogs and cats to take over to the shelter at the weekend (my sewing machines are precisely for that, I only make stuff for pets). There’s not a lot I can do, but anything is better than nothing. The thing is, I worry more about legal aspects of it all – as it is, it’s almost impossible to prevent someone who is not abusing animals badly from having them. And I watch with horror as someone with mental issues gets yet another puppy…without social responsibility there’s always going to be a problem. Too many kittens being born, too many cats being abandoned. Easy access means they are not considered valuable enough to take proper care of. And yet, people think I’m the crazy one when I say I’m taking a week off to train my dog. In my world everything is connected: I don’t want to contribute to the disposable society if I can help it (again: my sewing machines-made in Switzerland and huge items in my budget-stop me from buying from doubtful sources). I hate not respecting things, animals, people. If I spend three days making something, I know its price. If I spend a week bonding with my dog I understand his value. And, funnily enough, I also appreciate the time Hedgehog gives me and I try to have time and attention for him. (hmm, it has turned into a rant against the consummerist society: the point was: people need to appreciate the privilege of owning a pet) 🙂

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      4. Excellent comment-actually reads like a propostion that should be put to local government, so many right and valid points.
        I mean, I can’t fault the way the R.S.P.C.A. deal with this woman up the road; she acquires, they remove – but it is the ease with which she acquires these animals I find distressing. You’re right, some sort of pet legislation should be introduced-do you remember the days of dog licenses? I know it would be VERY difficult to implement and police this sort of law but it would be a start.
        I was completely shocked to find out just how bad the stray situation in this county is compared to the rest of the country-cruelty cases have gone up by 14 percent in the past two years. Why has society reached the point where life means so little…there was a case on the news, right, a man tortured his own daughter to the point where she is now profoundly disabled while the mother STOOD AND WATCHED. The age of the child-5 weeks. A damning indictment on how little any life is valued. My point being I completely agree with you…
        By the way…found your husband’s namesake at the bus stop, poor little thing was practically lifeless…stuffed it in my shopping bag and rushed off to the vet. Baby hedgehog was very dehydrated and hungry but is now fine, uninjured and eating well, putting weight on in preparation for its re-homing to a sanctuary 🙂 xx

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      5. oh, no, poor hedgehog (I had to start from that!) Thank you Samantha! We’re both active members of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society 🙂
        I wish we needed a licence-but it’s difficult (on many levels: pets are not weapons, it limits the freedom of the individual, so the state intervention would actually invade our freedom to make decisions what to own…) The way we treat animals often reflects our attitute to the world in general. A frustrated dog owner is often a frustrated parent. Someone who can kick a cat can easily kick a homeless person: it’s often more a demonstration of their own dissatisfaction with their lives. Or stupidity and lack of empathy.
        It helps to read/ talk about people doing good things – there are more wonderful people than nasty ones 🙂 x

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      6. I think it all boils down to the same thing-lack of education, whether it be animal or human welfare…Alex is 17, I saw a girl he was at school with who already had two kids (they were definitely hers, I you do) and it just seems to me that people have lost their way a bit and are becoming de-sensitised to brutality as there is so much around us all the time…I wish there was an easy solution. I do think individual councils could pick up the slack a bit regarding animal welfare-it probably would mean another rise in rates, but considering they’ve gone up with no appreciable improvement in services (we have lost four libraries now across the county) at least they could pretend to do something useful. Really selling the East Midlands, aren’t I??

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