Oh How Lovely! One Lovely Blog Award


I would like to thank the truly lovely ladies Shoko, Kali and Jean for nominating me for this award. Please visit their blog, Canadian Cats, for humour, art, entertainment… well what more can I say, they’re just lovely!

Now, I must confess, I’m a big fan of the word ‘lovely’, but sometimes, ‘nice’ just isn’t enough… here are my facts:

  1. I love cats. Oh. That’s not particularly random is it? Ah yes, I currently have thirty seven pieces of Rose Quartz… how’s that?

  2. I love a good cup of tea, a cure-all for most ills, my brand of choice at the moment is Yorkshire Tea.

  3. My favourite colour is white, a wonderful choice when combined with varying shades of cat hair and muddy paw prints.

  4. The John Lewis Christmas adverts generally make me cry…

  5. A lot of adverts generally make me cry… I have been told I am over-emotional!

  6. My favourite vegetable to eat is asparagus (with a lightly poached egg and toast…)

  7. My all time favourite band is The Rolling Stones… amazing music for an era I really wish I’d been a part of.

_mg_8131A lovely view over the lake in the grounds of a local stately home

The rules are:

Thank the person who nominated you

Post 7 random facts about yourself

Nominate 7 blogs…

Let your nominations know how lovely they are!

This is where I have a problem… I’ve been here before… WHO do I nominate… All the blogs I follow are lovely. I love them all for different reasons and they are unique for the ideas they express, the talents they show or the friendship they offer…

Listen, to all of you who have been kind enough to stop, and have a read, a like, a subscribe, thank you. Take away a share of loveliness with you… to say thank you, as always.

_mg_9917My lovely cat… on my lovely clean sheets, with her lovely dirty little paws…

35 thoughts on “Oh How Lovely! One Lovely Blog Award

  1. “Lovely” is a word I use often and which causes great amusement among my friends. Ah, the silent torment for an American who learned English from her British mum endures! What a lovely award for such a lovely person who writes an incredibly lovely blog. 😸

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    1. Ah thank you! Yes it does seem a uniquely British word..but I like it because it has the word “love” in it and I feel sometimes there isn’t enough love in the world…
      Wonderful comment! Thank you very much 🙂 x


  2. Congratulations! I really like these random fact awards as you learn interesting stuff. I mean, I knew about cats and tea, and could perhaps have guessed about the John Lewis adverts reaction from a short list (like multiple choice). But we’d have gone through a lot of bands before I would have thought you might be a Stones fan!

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    1. Thank you! Lol! What sort of music would you have thought? I have quite eclectic music taste…I also like the Doors, Mama Cass..Oasis, Coldplay..and I firmly believe Justin Bieber just needs a bit of a talking to and a nice cup of tea…:)xx

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      1. I think you overestimate the power of tea! So, I would probably have guessed 1990s; I would have discarded boy bands and gone with either indie-ish or iconic British. Oasis for sure would have been on the list, but also perhaps the Stereophonics or Manic Street Preachers. And if that was totally wrong then maybe some little known (or just I wouldn’t have heard of them!) but credible, possibly ethical or eco-aware band!

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  3. There’s a thing, I’ve never ever tried asparagus 🤔

    I came here with great expectations only to find emptiness and despair at not knowing the answer to “Do you like asparagus?”

    Still, on the upside neither am I qualified to say it’s terrible either!

    Rose Quartz, another useful crystal no doubt. I expect a reply might teach me something on why I need that to add to the others littering my writing spaces too 🙃

    Congratulations on the nomination and as per other post reply I made just now, I do hope you are feeling much better now 😊

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    1. Catching up with comments now…
      I love asparagus and would definitely recommend trying it..I hate to think of you being in despair over a vegetable…
      Rose Quartz: empathy and compassion, healing and self-love…translate this thusly: empathy for your characters, compassion for a certain set of brothers, the ability to write quickly without incurring physical harm and the empowering thought:”Yes! I CAN complete before the end of November…”
      Thank you for reading and your comment :)x

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      1. Then I shall have to seek some out and remedy this vegetable dilemma post haste. Well, Thursday as that a shopping day and being one if those stock it any time of year places I will attempt out of season, or is it in season…verily I have no idea….but then never having tried it 🤔

        Out of general interest, how many brothers should there be as far as you are concerned? And 7000 words to do before November ends. I am of the pursuasions this falls into quantity not quality 🤕

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      2. Iceland. The shop…not country…they do a nice frozen pack of asparagus but stay away from the marinated artichokes…
        I was thinking of the Carmichaels..
        Also, is this the first time you’ve done the novel November? I think it’s quite an achievement just to amass that amount of words in themselves..

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Artichokes and aubergines…I know I am not a huge fan of those. Could be the letter “A” I am not feeling synergy with…although apples are the exception. May asparagus will make it 2-2 and equalise got the A-Team 🤔
        Can’t eat bananas either, they react with me and after twenty minutes I’m feeling terrible! I though that was myth and concidence until a year ago when upping the fruit intake. Dropped in bananas and at 4pm every day I was feeling ill. (Consumption being 3.45, after school run). This is where Google can be friend. The unlikely question returned quite a common issue . Which sucks, as old bananas are really good for ripening fruit, and a super ingredient in wine making…with blackberries and red fruits.
        Ha ha…you never answered, how many Carmichael brothers were there…

        Yes, first time I’ve done it. I’m around 7000 short now, so it is possible to achieve. My blog has really suffered though 🤕

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      4. It should have said “I was thinking there were three..”…..I had to go back and check the comment then I was assailed by awful self-doubt and I thought “No, I’m right there are three..Joseph,Allen and Conrad…” have you..have you GOT ANOTHER BROTHER??
        Aubergines are also vile and I don’t like bananas either…do you make wine?
        Good luck….keep going 🙂

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      5. Two in the series on here, Allan and Joseph; in The Bequest, which predates the series, there were three with Conrad. Two make it to the end 🤕
        I used to make loads of wine yes. The story you read today might suggest as much lol

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  4. Dirty paws…Granny loves it…MOL 😀 Concats on your Lovely Blog Award, and it’s even more than lovely 🙂 Thank you for the insights too, here sits another over-emotionally golden oldie who happens to be a Rolling Stone fan too back in the sixties and still loves their music 🙂 Pawkisses for a Happy Caturday 🙂 ❤

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  5. We enjoyed reading these facts. Mom often has asparagus on toast but had never heard of the egg. She’ll be trying it. Also the Yorkshire tea. We have never heard of it and neither has mom. She drinks several teas but her favourite is black tea grown in India. A skookum cup can wake up the most stunned peep. That’s mom in the morning. mol

    Shoko and Kali

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Asparagus is really nice with a poached egg 🙂 let me know what she thinks!
      Earl Grey is another favourite tea of mine, but for waking up, a cup of Yorkshire tea, so strong it practically makes itself is just the job!
      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂 xx


      1. Mom will definitely try asparagus with a poached egg on toast..Mmmm good. Yorkshire tea sounds right up mom’s alley…We must send her off to look for it. Murchies in Victoria may have it. We’ll get mom to check on-line.
        Shoko and Kali

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