Septarian and Serene Cats


Look! Look at this crystal! Doesn’t it just seem a divine combination of delicious things… like an expensive handmade chocolate. The paler brown, like the foam on a good quality hot chocolate, the darker blocks and lines of brown, rich unctuous milk chocolate and finally the golden chunks of calcite, like wonderful crystallised pineapple…

I must mention In The Autumn of My Life and thank her for bringing this crystal to my attention – she did a wonderful post about her Septarian egg. I’m still getting to know my piece, but I was overjoyed to see a little piece – just right for me – when we visited my son’s crystal lady a couple of weeks after reading In The Autumn of My Life’s post.

Septarian itself is a crystal stew of Calcite (yellow), Aragonite (brown) and Bentonite (grey) and this combination brings the qualities of patience, tolerance and nurturing to the fore in anyone who wishes to work with this stone. It has strong links to Mother Earth and acts as a physical reminder that we must take care of and nurture our environment, our home. Septarian is a marvellous crystal to encourage unity within any spiritual group; and brings harmony and serenity as an almost physical object to any home.


Septarian is a distillstion of pure love and the joy of being alive, it is supportive, nurturing, willing to help those who suffer from SAD and encourages the body to kickstart its own process of healing. Serene, comforting, nurturing and harmonious. Think happy feline…

I must also thank Marc at Katzenworld for his brilliantly helpful review of Feliway Friends.

After last week’s unpleasant happenings, a modicum of harmony has been restored to my fur family. I purchased Feliway and use it religiously…


No, it can’t be it’s a synthetic pheromone and they are scentless…”


I didn’t bother answering him. I didn’t want to point out what he had obviously stood in something outside… I just left the room…

We have more litter trays – the usual rule is one per cat and one spare – we have one per cat, one spare and one ‘just in case’. We have instituted a timetable of outdoor hours and the Girls know when they have to be in so Daddy can lock the catflap to keep intruders out. After Christmas I REALLY want a microchip operated catflap… Brilliant inventions.

There is a definite easing of tension in my little cat. She still prefers it if either my partner or myself goes out with her, and I was touched to see Ting, our Siamese accompanying Charlie on her usual walk round the garden. Charlie didn’t grumble or hiss at her, it was more:

Oh, yes, of course, if you happen to be going this way…”

Ting: “YAY! Does this mean we’re friends now and you’re going to be my big sister now?”

“No… Just… no.”

Lily is quite happy now to come in and go to bed where previously she was a little bit of a wanderer. Any bed will do, she makes it hers. The cooker. The sink. The coffee table. And you can’t move her. She has a way of opening an eye – just the one, mind, and evil things are implicit in that slice of emerald green, evil things that can happen to you if you move her…


My garden has returned to its usual state of splendid isolation. My New Leaf lady gave me a plant that she said repelled cats. I brought it home and my partner and I eagerly planned to place strategic clumps around the garden… then Ting ate it… I carry my Septarian with me every day at the moment, to re-establish links of love and compassion.


By some happy coincidence, my Septarian mirrors my little cat’s fur, brown, gold, chocolate, grey… a veritable cornucopia of fur and crystal colouring.

43 thoughts on “Septarian and Serene Cats

  1. Hilarious that the plant was so repellent it got munched! Don’t you just love cats? They rarely behave as we are told they should. Actually I’d be tempted to give the septarian a lick, it looks so yummy…

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  2. We used Feliway when we got Charlie (then Molly Bloom, we thought he was a girl…) and it worked well, I think (it pains me to admit that Ulysses can be a terrible bully sometimes, thus my offer of him dealing with Boris). I hope the girls will soon restore their inner peace and all will be well in the world-forever 🙂

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    1. Lol..we thought our Charlie was male but luckily “Charlie” is a one size fits all name! Feliway definitely helps…apparently there is an essential oil ( rather than pheremone ) version as well. Valerian oil, or something…I shall have to look into it. :)x

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      1. In our house boxes help as well. We have fostered a few cats (desperate times, desperate measures) and to survive the inevitable riots (Ulysses hates any cat that is not Charlie, Charlie hates any cat that Ulysses hates…) we provided the cats with lots of boxes and Ikea shelves (the sort of ‘decorative’ box like ones). I’m not an expert in cats, but that’s my shelter’s advice, too 🙂

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      2. We have those sorts of shelves too, and covered beds and cat carriers…and do you know what, all four of them still end up in bed with me! I wasn’t very well the past few days…I fell asleep on the sofa and when I woke up, all four cats were just..sitting. Looking at me. Quite disconcerting, really!


      3. I hope you are better now…maybe the cats just wanted to ‘cure you’…mine seem to try and sort me out every time something is out of order (with various results) 🙂 Take care (eat well, sleep well, think well and all that) xxx

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  3. Your blog about the septarian had a good influence on Granny’s headdache today, Samantha, it is gone…Pawsome isn’t it? We have to catch up a lot after two Birthday’s in one week, so we only read just one post and come back another time for the missing ones. For now we want to thank you for your Birthday Wishes for Granny. They really made her day! Double Pawkiss for a wonderful day 🙂 ❤

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    1. My son first got me interested and he already knew a lot through reading and learning from his crystal lady…then I started researching and reading myself, seeing a particular crystal and wondering why I was drawn to it. On going process really- I’m learning all the time :)x

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