Summer of ’76


I yearn for the days of summer,
The red, the white and the gold.

When swifts flew high
In the summer sky
And the sun shone hot
And bold.

Solitary child, outdoors
And wild.
Barefoot and dusty,
Bike grew rusty.

I roamed the fields about
Our home.

I prodded toads
And frightened pheasants
And laughed at pigs in fields.

I yearn for the days of summer,
The red, the white and the gold.

When the days were long
And full of song,
And I never felt the cold.


Words Copyright © 2016 Samantha Murdoch

All photographs Copyright © 2016 Alex Marlowe




22 thoughts on “Summer of ’76

      1. Exactly. My postie did his rounds in shorts last week! It’s not right for November. I expect to see long trousers, maybe a scarf and perhaps an accompanying sneeze for good measure…

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      1. Yes … piano for about a hundred years, clarinet in high school, flute and guitar for several years, and I can pick out some tunes on the uke. I’m seriously thinking about taking up the mandolin, too!

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  1. Something about that that is empathically nostalgic. Those halcyon days or yore that get more idyllic with each year that passes. I’m thinking of a memoir anthology along those lines. Two of which ended up on my blog ages ago. Really enjoyed that memory trip Samantha. Thanks for sharing 😊

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      1. I often think, when we look back at those days of idyl, whether or not an adult. Under stops seeing the magic. Those days probably still go on, and because we no longer take the time to look and appreciate they get lost and we sit looking ever backwards instead on the now and forewards….(please note there is a deliberately ignored message here about getting older and wanting that youth back 🤕) My memoirs, or anthology precursors are here if you are interested.

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