Hematite and Hurt Cats


Well. What a week it’s been. And not just in the wider sphere of the world, but within my own little parameters too.

I may have mentioned before that we have a stray cat problem … Over the summer, we acquired another face, co – incidentally around the time of “Brexit” and Mr. Cameron’s resignation. I don’t know if you noticed, but some of the key members of government disappeared… then one day a tabby and white stray cat appeared in our garden.

Jokingly, we called him “Boris”, after Boris Johnson, although I’m quite pleased to say we never had George Osborne turn up… Perhaps remembering Billy, our adopted stray, my partner began to leave Boris the odd dish of food.

Having conducted a series of wars with Stalincat and Ginger Ugly, I was reluctant to welcome this interloper, although I did feel sorry for him. However, as the saying goes, “Familiarity breeds contempt.” Boris began to pick on my girls. Not too much, at first, just a bit of playground hissing and chasing.

Then, one day, Lily didn’t look very well. She’s quite a secretive little cat – not like Ting –


OH NAOOOH! I’ve broken a nail!! HELP me …”

So when Lily entered the kitchen I casually seized her and began to check her over. She’d been bitten. Quite badly. On her head, and she was beginning to sport a nice infection too.

I promptly burst into tears and rang the vet and was lucky enough to get an appointment for the same day. Poor little Lily’s head was clipped and cleaned; she was given a pain killing and antibiotic injection, and we returned home, with more antibiotics.


It never even entered my head that Boris could have been the author of this bite, treacherous and double dealing…

Earlier on this week, my little princess Charlie was looking hunched and unhappy.

What’s the matter, my love…?”

Grr – waaoh – grrr …” she replied threateningly.

She jumped off the sofa and walked painfully, LIMPING away.

Oh my God she’s broken her leg!!”

I promptly burst into tears and rang the vet …

She’d been bitten. On her leg. Quite painfully. The vet clipped it and cleaned it and gave my little girl a painkilling injection and antibiotics, and tactfully asked me if I had a stray cat problem…


So. I am afraid Boris is now out in the political wilderness once again. Like his namesake, he is canny and sharp and has managed to avoid all attempts at capture, but I am deploying isolationist policies to protect my princesses and property; whilst brokering a suitable plan for his future… We have cat-proofed the garden and I’m buying a micro-chip operated cat flap, and the Cats’ Protection League is on speed dial…

Perhaps I should just construct a barrier of Hematite…

img_0512A precarious looking barrier, but these are actually Magnetic Hematite, stuck together to create this structure…

Hematite is a wonderful crystal, satisfying to hold and full of useful purpose and intent. It’s a very “solid” crystal, having a definite strength to it and as such, can be used to give confidence to a fearful person, boost self- esteem and encourage the ability to adapt and cope with any situation in which life may place you.


Hematite can help overcome addictions – another stone I carried while giving up smoking (74 days and still smoke-free!) – and can also help you to accept any mistakes you may have made as a learning experience. It is beneficial for concentration and can help awaken original thought and enhance memory and logic.

It is a very good stone for grounding and protection as it gently dissolves negativity and can restore harmony and equilibrium to mind, body and spirit.


A beautiful example is Specularite… my Planet Sneeze … but Hematite can also be red in colour, and the powdered mineral was in fact used as rouge, many years ago. ‘Haima’, originally from Ancient Greek means blood, so this crystal is particularly good for helping with the treatment of blood disorders.

A versatile crystal, it has a strong impulse to restore balance and unity and dissolve negativity; also preventing dark energies from penetrating the aura and promoting peace and harmony from within the body.

So then. A useful and versatile crystal, a stone of strength, learning and progression. Qualities that are to be encouraged and developed in any situation, for this world that we live in.


‘When You Go Home,
Tell Them Of Us And Say,
For Their Tomorrow,
We gave Our Today’.

Kohima Epitaph

Thank you to all those who serve, and have served, and gave their lives.

img_0533Brecciated or Poppy Jasper… a crystal for balance and protection and a reminder to mankind to help and nurture each other always.

87 thoughts on “Hematite and Hurt Cats

  1. Oh my, the coincidences do keep coming! (Cue: Twilight Zone music) First off, I do hope your kitties are okay. Second, last week I purchased a hematite necklace as well as a large, beautiful hematite worry stone which I carry around in my purse. I’d been having a bad week in which people were being rather awful to me, and MY crystal lady recommended hematite for protection and repelling negativity! The week before that, I acquired a collection of tiger iron (which, as you know, contains hematite) and intend to photograph and post them at a later date. She also had magnificent specimens of magnetic hematite (or magnetite); great chunks that are so powerful you could probably stick up a full-sized calendar on the fridge with just one. Earth magnet strong. (Are “earth magnets” magnetic hematite, I wonder?) Anyway, very interesting read — thank you!

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    1. .. .lol…there’s obviously some deep spiritual link, here, if you pardon the pun…I have hematite bracelets that work beautifully with pyrite. I would be interested to see the worrystone, that sounds lovely. ( Smoky Quartz is very good for protection too, I’ve found.)
      I love Tiger Iron too, I have several tumblestones that are a good go- to crystal for aches and pains so I shall look forward to seeing those…your crystal lady sounds amazing! Thank you for your lovely comment 🙂 x

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  2. Poor Lily and Charlie, we hope they will make a speedy recovery and that the Cat Protection League will be able to trap, neuter and rehome the stray. When you leave out food to feed strays they will continue to come and you are wise to revise these policies ☺

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    1. Charlie and Lily are much better now, thank you for asking 🙂 I bought a Feliway diffuser too which has definitely made a difference. I found out another neighbour has been feeding Boris which is nice but not long-term helpful…I need to involve her too, I think.
      Thank you for your comment and have a lovely evening : ) xxx

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  3. Wow, so much I didn’t have a clue about when it comes to hematite. I get worried about my cat out in the ‘wilderness’ too, it’s so sad when they come back as the walking wounded. I’m curious about the micro-chip operated cat-flap, never come across one of those before! And congrats on your smoke-free accomplishment too!


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    1. Thank you-I don’t even think about smoking (much) now…Yes, hematite is a useful addition to any crystal collection so it’s one to think about! Yes… the door of the catflap has a little scanner that can be programmed to allow your own microchipped pets in whilst keeping others out. I’ve seen one for £89 and am definitely going to invest in one I think… thank you for your comment 🙂

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      1. That’s such a good idea! Our cat has a nemesis (who looks strangely like him, a bit of a doppleganger!) who always tries to pick on him or eat the food we leave out, so we couldn’t even contemplate a cat flap. The scanner to allow only your cat in is a fantastic idea! x

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  4. Poor kitties! Wishing them speedy recoveries. Stories like this make me glad our cats are indoors, though frequently I wish we could let them out. (Living on the 7th floor makes that a bit difficult!) We have tried walking them but they all hate it, so maybe they don’t mind being indoors after all… Anyway, hope your girls stay safe from Bully Boris.

    I’ve always felt drawn to hematite. I don’t have any at the moment, but I used to have a lovely hematite bracelet. It’s probably amongst my stuff back in England… I did not know that it could come in red although given the root of the word (I hope I’m remembering correctly that the hem is the same root as heme in e.g. hemoglobin) it does make sense that it would be red too!

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    1. Thank you-Lily’s fur has grown back on her head now, and they are both a lot better. Charlie is the only cat who will walk nicely on a harness..I started training her when she was tiny though…the others won’t walk at all, they just flop on their sides! And yes-exactly right with the root of hematite, it’s a lovely crystal 🙂 Thank you for your comment x

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      1. We tried training Lola and Maisi on harnesses when they were little. They didn’t like it much… Although we probably didn’t take them out as much as we should’ve. Maisi did seem to start getting used to it and we had a semi-successful walk just a few weeks before she died… We haven’t taken Lola out since then… Sampson wasn’t harness trained as a kitten because he had access to a garden and all our other cats were allowed outdoors too. He didn’t much like going outside for some reason! And Elvis was already “old” (by shelter standards at least) when we got him. We tried taking him out once, and whilst the girls used to flop when we tried to walk them, he tried to bolt in fear! So we gave up on that idea 😛 x

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      2. Lol – bless them! It’s like most things, cats are very individual – Charlie is actually half-Siamese, and very intelligent which helps with her, but some cats are just meant to be housecats 🙂 and looking at your last snowy photo… I can’t say I blame them for wanting to stay inside 🙂 x

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  5. The ending to this made me go all goosebumpy. Super post. Poor kitties. Sadly it seems that Boris’s behaviour might be the reason he is a stray. Cats are usually pretty good at finding someone to look after them though.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 the ‘Kohima Epitaph’ is very special… my great uncle George fought in Burma.

      Yes… Boris has moved onto his next victim, an unsuspecting neighbour who is completely oblivious to aggressive policies of colonisation… girls are getting better though 🙂 xx

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    1. My oldest son was in the Army Cadets and the ‘Kohima Epitaph’ is a beautiful part of their Remembrance service. It is popularly attributed to the poet John Maxwell Edwards, I think.

      I am pleased you enjoyed the post and thank you for your comment 🙂

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  6. I am so sorry to hear of the injuried caused by that stray. It is sad that though you try to give love to the stray, it does not reciprocate. Wishing both your kitties a speedy recovery and good to “stray proof” your garden and home.

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  7. Alas one should have known post Brexit the effects of a Boris within the camp. Hindsight is no good thing though and often beckons such wayward, and infuriating, comments like “I told you so!” A good thing the trio of estranged politico felines did not descend…a Boris, Farage and Gove combo could have wreaked mayhem…although that might have been self eradicating as they stabbed each other in the back…or I this case, scratched and bit.

    A very sad time for your cats though, and for you. Not a pleasant experience….although the smoking cessation is worthy of great praise indeed, no doubt the cash saved promptly went upon veterinarian fees. But nevertheless well done there.

    Hematite, what to say there? Balance and unity is indeed required as NaNo is battering minds in all directions…I have just begun a chapter upon the brothers Carmichael. Joe Stringer has the power of foresight and Conrad, who features not in the blog series, has been told his future has but two days to run. Other matters include references to places you know if too. Crosslinks just will not let go of my plot lines. Hematite is needed 🤔

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    1. *wordless horror*… a Farage cat! But yes my girlies are a lot better and in addition to vet bills, I am now working up a nice little collection for the microchip cat flap, a constant supply of Feliway and the makings of cat enclosure. I will not have my innocent girls terrorised by these political wildcards…

      Hematite is worth adding to your list, it would work well with the Clear Quartz I’m sure you already have!

      You’re only half-way into November… plenty of time to sort out my favourite literary brothers! Crosslinks are difficult… I tend to forget who goes what where… and have come across some very obscure little reminders to myself that obviously meant so much at the time and now mean nothing! However, I have every confidence in you, you have stories to tell that I’m looking forward to… “I’m your number one fan…” !

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      1. There’s a concept to ponder, wordless horror 🤔 Might it be possible to write a story with no inclusive horror bent that leaves the reader, nevertheless, terrified. One for next year maybe lol.

        Go you, say “No” to the errant politico felines. Their human counterparts have already bitten off more than they can chew and continue to leave usin the wilderness. I always feel if you have not got the solution in hand, then for heavens sake don’t create a problem. It’s not very mindful at all.

        Where do you source your crystals? I may be needing some boulder sized ones to combat all this mind fog. Becoming an antagonist is terribly bad for ones MH.

        Halfway, yes, troubling times. I feel it is all over the place at present. Crosslinks are indeed difficult beasts to pull off. Fortunately, this is back down the timeline from the blog ones. It is creating scenes that will require some updates to those if I decide to compile them into a book too. Probably a good idea I tackled this first….but it is, well, I don’t know. I’m not convinced by it yet 🤔

        Although, I have a fan!! This is most generous of you 🙃

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      2. Lol…yes, I wonder how that could be written …a series of mind pictures, described in minute detail but left for the reader to ponder on and interpret …interesting!
        As for crystals, have a look on eBay…can get some good pieces off there at reasonable prices, if you don’t have a local shop you can go to directly…just check the listings for sizes if you decide you need an obelisk of clear quartz or a dolmen of amethyst…
        I hope the writing is going well, just halfway through now. I am sure with your attention to detail you will gain control of your worlds…keep going, good luck! 🙂

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      3. I had a thought. Chapter One; The Clown.
        I could leave the page after entirely blank and I reckon folk like me could mentally conjure all sorts of terror lol
        Never thought about eBay….good call. Odd you said obelisk. There is an obsidian one that Rose is quested to reach in her childhood dreams…must be some synergy there 🤔
        Writing is like going through treacle at the moment. It’s not really flowing. Not used to that and I’m thinking it might be a bad sign!

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        Have a look into the meaning of obsidian, quite mystical and used for foretelling the future…
        When I’m scratching for ideas, I just go for a metaphorical walk in my head…don’t force it, just let the thoughts flow…don’t direct any thought towards plot, etc…just let images form and see where that leads you..:)

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      5. Ha ha….my other blank page starts with mud falling on top of Waylands box…..

        Fits Roses story then, because that tower she reaches while in a coma that she doesn’t know she’s in. Mind you that book is strange for me in that Rose uses quite string language in her head.

        As for the thoughts on plot. I’m not really entering the world like I normally do. I’m scratching for time which is not the right way to immerse. Going to try a longer stint tomorrow

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      6. Damn sight easier than writing a book!!! Maybe post NaNo I could try it as a midweek post them as a bit of fun….call it had enough of hard writing and this is the anti-writing therapy…I know another blogger who does one word stories, that’s quite fun too !

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      7. It’s going! Not that well mind. But then I’ve never written like this before so parts will need fleshing out. As for no word horror…I’ve got a bit of a yen to try it lol

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      8. Ever wondered why people never return from comas…

        Structure here is going well strange…my series cast is mixing heavily with this venture. Not to mention references to my first book…never expected that! Same grave that features in Rose’s book too. The whole chronology will need reworking after this one 😱

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      9. Or they’re a little different…a little odd…
        Can’t wait to see what’s happening..it sounds great and completely unexpected! The grave was such an iconic symbol/device, I wondered whether it might re-occur…good luck, hope it’s going well

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      10. It’s very unexpected. Not sure it’s close to my initial thoughts on it. Agreed, it is a very grave grave! Of course the occupant to said interment might, or might not…be as deceased as one might think 🤔

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  8. I would be upset if that happened to my kitties; luckily you have a vet fairly close and was able to get them in for antibiotic shots. When I moved here the vet told me first thing not to let my cats outside as “they don’t last long where you live”. He went on to explain about the various predatory animals that live in the mountains where I am. Heck he had me scared to walk to the house at night after work. s for the hematite, with my messed up vision I read this part “It is a very good stone for grounding” as for groundhogging and wondered why on earth anyone would seek them out. Dec 6 can’t arrive soon enough. Maybe till then I need a crystal, or two or 20. And HUGE congratulations on being smoke free 74 days my friend! That is a wonderful accomplishment and the fact that you didn’t smoke during the stressful incident with the cats is an excellent sign.

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    1. They are my babies and would be devastated if anything happened to them… cat enclosures are a brilliant way of protecting them, so they still get to go outside… I think you’re very brave living so close to predatory animals… and as for groundhogs lol!! Fingers crossed for December 6th my friend, you know I’ll be thinking of you 🙂 x

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      1. It’s actually a simple procedure. Has a funny name in America Yag I think. Oh and the eye specialists in the city had all my records from the brat doc (I’d requested them) and she told me based on what my chart said, I never needed cataract surgery. I always wondered why he said I did; I’m much younger than the typical cataract patient plus wasn’t having vision issues. The worst thing is he NEVER told e I would lose my ability to read w/o glasses. Where I’m going now they stress that plus make their patients sign a separate consent form saying they understand they’ll lose near vision.
        Her’s what I’m havinghttp://www.rnib.org.uk/eye-health-eye-conditions-z-eye-conditions/cataracts-laser-treatment-following-cataract-surgery

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      2. My phone won’t let me look at links, I’ll check that later. I did think you were young for it-my grandad was 90 when he eventually needed his doing, and he was driving right up to 89…
        It’s very worrying..vision is so important. Are you confident in yourself about this next procedure?


      3. I wanted to get a cat enclosure and before I had a chance to find one (since we are remote most purchases online or when I take Sasha to her specialist) hubby started letting my 2 kitties outside! True we have a fenced in rear but still.

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      4. I’ve never heard of that! Only one of my girls is chipped. My internet keeps going out for some reason. I’m trying to find your post about the thing for Sasha’s Journey. Ready to take a hammer to the modem.

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      5. Don’t take a hammer to your modem… just speak nicely to it lol! Couple of links, the first one is about the microchip cat flaps and the second is Sasha’s Journey nomination on my Real Neat Blog post 🙂



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  9. Great post–as always! I am fairly new to your site (maybe you have already answered my question). I am not sure/ aware of the best method to clear crystals. What do you recommend? My gut instinct tells me to just put them in dirt. What do you think?

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    1. Thank you 🙂 there is no particular ‘set’ way of cleansing crystals. There are various recommended ways, like under running water, or visualising a cleansing white light… but if you feel that they are asking to be returned to Mother Earth for cleansing, then I would go with that. I leave mine in the moonlight… hope this helps 🙂

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    1. They are a lot better thank you, much to my relief. Adminstering tablets is not much fun…
      Yes-exactly so, hematite is said to be helpful in the treatment of blood disorders, definitely worthwhile having some.
      When I was anaemic, I couldn’t take the ferrous sulphate tablets-bleh-so had to do it via diet, leafy greens and Vitamin C…worked though!

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  10. Oh no ….. poor kitties and thank goodness for vets! I hope Boris decides to disappear in disgrace after his nastiness! What’s going on with all these ‘bullies’….
    And… it wouldn’t be right not to mention your FABULOUS achievement on the ‘no smoking’ front! Well done to you – Amazing! x

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    1. Yes, I have a lovely vet whose “bedside” manner with me is as good as her way with my girls 🙂
      Boris is still lurking…it’s about time he was sent to a foreign embassy, I think…And thank you! Never thought I’d last this long, but I have! Just need to make it past Christmas now…:) xx

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      1. You will Samantha… you’re creating a new ‘habit’ which always takes a bit of time.. Keep reminding yourself that you with a mantra like… “I am enjoying being a non smoker”… it doesn’t matter if you believe it or not – the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference but will accept this new thought given a bit of time (sorry if you’re already doing that.. it’s the hypnotherapist in me coming out.. )x

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  11. poor Charlie (bad, bad Boris)…we’re sending our love (and if you need two cat-boys to protect her, I’m sure my rascals will be more than happy-they constantly fight the other cats here) x

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    1. Good to hear from you 🙂 🙂
      I hope all is well with you and yours
      Charlie is a lot better, I haven’t seen Boris since my partner did a screaming demon run down the garden at him…frightened me actually…but thank you for your offer of two knights in shining fur…x

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  12. Poor Boris doesn’t know what a loving home is or a loving human parent, and has become aggresive to survive. My Millie was being jumped on by my neighbours cat, who kept coming to my home from a small kitten, and I fed him etc, but when he turned vicious on my Millie I had to get a plastic water pistol, bright orange by the way, and it kept him at bay, except it broke after a few months.It didn’t hurt him just a squirt of water, but he was upset I was doing that and would cry, but I have to protect Millie

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    1. I know, it’s such a shame because he’s not quite feral yet, just abandoned, poor soul. I am persevering with my capture attempts but he’s a wily, intelligent cat..
      Poor Millie-I hope she was all right…you sound more competent than me with a water pistol!
      Thank you for reading and your comment 🙂


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