Clear Quartz and Caring Cats


Most people in their lives may have come across Clear Quartz. It’s one of the most abundant minerals on the face of Mother Earth and as such is a commonly used crystal in most healing therapies and widely available to purchase. Its abundance does not lessen its importance however… completely the opposite actually. It is known as the ‘Master Healer’ because of its metaphysical properties and will also amplify the effect of any other crystals that you wish to use.


Clear Quartz is a wonderful repository for energy; it can store, release and regulate the universal flow of energy, so it is a useful crystal for healing therapies. Its versatile vibrational quality will work at any level and can be personally adapted to the energy level of the person needing healing. Clear Quartz can reset the energy back to a time before its pattern was disrupted, restoring the flow and helping to cleanse the physical and spiritual bodies and align the all the chakras.


Clear Quartz is a vessel for all the colours of the rainbow so will happily work with all chakras and in all levels of being. It retains information that can be accessed through meditation and can also be used for programming with intentions. By this I mean focus on the crystal, whilst holding it, and picture very clearly what you want. The crystal will receive this intention and store it, acting as a reminder and encouragement… a Post-It note for the Spirit, if you will…

Quartz crystals obviously come in all shapes and sizes, both naturally formed and artificially shaped. If they contain rainbows, then it is a symbol and reminder of happiness and can be used to help lift depression. Natural Quartz points generally have six facets at the tip that can correspond with the six main chakras. Spheres emit energy in all directions, wands focus it, eggs can detect and correct energy imbalances. Whatever the shape, these crystals were all part of Mother Earth and are reminders to us of her love and care.


Cats are sometimes portrayed as uncaring and self-interested, only concerned with humans as a means to an end… all cats, like all crystals are individual with their own unique personalities. I have been lucky enough own caring cats… there have been times when I have felt particularly down, and my little cat will jump up on my knee, look into my face, as if to say:

It’s all right, I’m here now,” settle down and begin to purr her mantra of care and comfort.


Cats do care for us, whether this is an adaptation evolved through association with us, or perhaps, cats have learned the meaning of ‘family’. I don’t know… that video on YouTube of the brave cat saving the little boy from the vicious dog was an amazing example of the way our feline friends care for us… made me cry…

Although my cats are pleased to see me when I come home as they know it’s teatime, I would like to think they are also pleased to see me because they care. When I have had to go into hospital, my partner has looked after my cats devotedly, yet has reported back how they refused to eat, or settle down, wandering in and out of rooms meowing…

Where’s my mother? Yes I know you’re here, but I don’t actually want YOU…”


And even though they have completely ignored me when I return, I know it’s only because they care… Some people scorn the idea of animals having human-style emotions, and claim that we are anthropomorphising them, but I have seen a mother cat grieve for her lost kitten, my mother’s dog Erin greet our return ecstatically, happiness written clearly in every line of her wagging, wriggling body – just a couple of extreme examples… but oh yes, cats care.

Here, a chewed moth for you… never say I don’t bring you anything…”


49 thoughts on “Clear Quartz and Caring Cats

  1. That is such a pretty crystal. I love the first one – all jagged and dramatic! Super post, and of course cats care. For each other too. At one point when my sister and I shared a flat we had five cats. They didn’t all get along particularly well – some had issues as they were rescue cats and one was just plain grumpy and cussed with everyone and everything. They all got fed at the same time, in the same place, and to be honest it was a bit like being circled by sharks as the cat food came out, such was the competition amongst them. All the food was always eaten. But when one sadly died, for a couple of weeks the others each left a little bit of their breakfast or dinner, for the missing member of the gang, presumably expecting they might turn up and be a bit peckish!

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  2. What a wonderful post to read first thing in the morning. I believe the comparison of quartz and cats is very appropriate. It’s my belief that all living things have the capacity to care, and your story illustrates that in such a lovely way. Thanks for the education and the touching story!

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  3. Cats and dogs are so cool. My cat is a real lady and we all bow down accordingly! Haha!

    I have had two dogs whom I have had a strong, telepathic bond with. I have found dogs communicate in pictures, showing what they want. Cats will meow in a certain way until we are trained up enough to see to their needs. My cat is a Bengal tabby and she is very vocal anyway. We have some interesting conversations and she can get quite displeased in her old age…just like us ;-D

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    1. Yes it’s wonderful being a pet parent, with all its emotional roller coaster parts…My mother’s dog Erin, is a talker 🙂 while with my girlies I generally look at them and know what they want. Sometimes I get it in pictures, sometimes just a feeling. Guess I’m well-trained lol!!
      Bengals…fabulous cats 🙂 real lap leopards! One of our neighbours has a silver one…very pretty but quite fierce!

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  4. We love the Clear Quartz too, Samantha. Granny got a big one from Grandpaw a few years ago and when she put it in our livingroom, it cleared up the whole room, like a mist (fog). She had a very clarifying dream that night too. It was amazing. Granny always advices the humans of animals who are sick, to put a Clear Quartz near to them and most of them are astonished of the healing qualities…or miracles it brings 🙂
    Yes, we cats can feel what is going on with our peeps and the world we live in. Sometimes when Granny is feeling down, I comfort her, or show her how she feels, because sometimes she doesn’t know where the feeling is coming from and then I can show her excactly what is underneath. I think I have missed my calling..MOL 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy Day 🙂 ❤

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  5. I’m loving your crystals. I own many myself. I have used them with Reiki, and they are wonderful to hold [one in each hand] during meditation. I especially like the way the one pictured glows and sports a beautiful rainbow. I suspect it also have special energy. Mangy is the name of my cat. He’s a grey and white [noisy] cat who struts in and out all day wanting a new bowl of food every time. I have figured a way to save on his food, and stave off his “own the place” attitude. I lace it with a bit of olive oil. He used to belong to the neighbors, but found my house one where he can get his needs met purr-fectly!

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    1. Ohh, how lovely of you to adopt/rehome Mangy… I’m sure I’ve heard olive oil is actually quite good for cats… 🙂

      Pleased you liked the crystals, the clears have a very special energy to them – my son also uses his for Reiki. Rainbows in crystals personify joy and can help with lifting depression. Thank you for your lovely comment 🙂 x

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  6. That’s a beautiful crystal Samantha and I agree, although I’m a ‘doggy’ person, I do think cats show their feelings for humans… Did you see the clip of the lion in the wild coming back to greet the man who had rescued it previously… Running across and hugging him… If wild cats have such emotion then domestic cats have too… x

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  7. I wish there was a stone that could deal with my anger (directed at humanity in general, and, admittedly, some individuals in particular). Cats are so generous, though! A chewed moth! What a treasure! Lucky you 🙂 x

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    1. Amethyst, always amethyst. Great absorber of two way negativity, I’ll have to have a look see for something specific for anger..might be a post in there, thank you 🙂
      Yes…I was hard put to choose between the moth and a dead leaf that Ting brought me…!

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