24 thoughts on “HAPPY HALLOWEEN

  1. Now you’re going to think I’m potty (well you’d be right) .. that comment was meant to land on Ms Autumn in your life’s site… See the mischief of Halloween has already started and it’s barely dark yet!! x

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      1. hahaha – hilarious – laughing loudly at the thought of your face when you got that random ‘out of context’ message…. At least I can use Halloween as my excuse! x

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      1. It’s even creepier to think about how we rip out the poor thing’s entrails and eat its seeds! Stay tuned to see how the Rutabaga Ripper makes out in a few hours. I’ve never made a turnip lantern before and suspect it’s going to be too hard to carve. So my lab experiment may just end up a grisly pile of mutilated swedes (which undoubtedly is a hanging offense) – and no blog post!

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