Dinosaur Skin


What’s that?” I asked, pointing to a slice of rock displayed on a little stand.

It’s Garnet in Mica…” I was informed.

Oh. Can I hold it please?”

Yes… we’ve been here before, but my eye was caught by this most remarkable looking piece of rock.

The slice was passed over so I could hold it and I was at once taken by its leathery warmth, and feeling of fluidity in my hands.

Garnet in itself is a lovely, positive crystal that is both energising and stabilising. It is highly protective, especially during times of travel and is linked to the Root chakra. It is said to bring confidence and creativity and define your purpose in life for you. Garnet is also used to access ancient memories, the sort that live in your blood and the folds of your brain, and is, therefore, a useful tool in past life regression work. Garnet brings ordered growth and inner strength and works well with both auras and chakras, to cleanse, re-align and restore.


Mica, the layer that these Garnets rest in, has a beautiful iridescent shimmer to it, and has, in actual fact, been used in car paints and wall papers for that particular quality of shimmer. It is formed in layers that can be split thinly and evenly and these sheets have been used as rudimentary windows, or ground up to be used in makeup and pottery and also in Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of digestive problems.

Mica is sometimes known as Cat-Gold or Cat-Silver, and I would like to think this is because the mineral itself is as warm and responsive to the touch as a friendly cat. It is a rich soup of minerals that swirled together at the dawn of Creation, bubbling up every so often to form a crystal such as Garnet that encapsulates the hidden powers of the Earth.

Yet as I held it, I was irresistibly reminded of dinosaur dreams as a little girl, being able to stroke the warm living hide of such a creature and feel the lumps and bumps within its platelets of armour.

So then, Garnet in Mica. A wonderful glimpse of our living past, the Birth of Earth, and the secret power that seeths beneath the surface.


18 thoughts on “Dinosaur Skin

  1. Isn’t it funny how, even though we have never touched a dinosaur, or even a rhino, we kind of know how they would feel? And, at last, a rock I know something about!! I have some sheets of mica for crafting. Hurrah!

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      1. I may well do that 🙂

        P.S. I have just been bought a wonderful piece of red Apophyllite from India but I will have to wait until my birthday before I can get my paws on it…a few weeks yet lol. I shall do a blog post on it *rubs hands together in anticipation of getting tactile with new crystal* 😀

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      2. Red Apophyllite! That sounds amazing! I shall look forward to seeing that 🙂 I’ve seen green and my son has a white cluster, but not red! It’s a lovely crystal for healers/Reiki practioners as well of course! Ooh, knew I had to tell you something! I now have my very own piece of Septarian – I was able to identify it because I remebered your post, and it’s a wonderful crystal – thank you very much 🙂 ! x

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