Labradorite and… oh yes all right then, Labradors


I was initially attracted to this wonderful stone by its colour. I came across it at my son’s lovely crystal lady’s stall, where her partner gave me a large freeform to hold. The iridescence of it is like capturing a rainbow in your hands, the vibe from it is something else altogether. Holding it was a bit like a scene from a sci-fi film… a low powerful throb and a picture in my mind’s eye of the deep, cold depths of the Universe, relieved by the flashes of colour, heavenly blues and golds, the warmth of pinks and purples… it’s quite a stone.


It is also known as the ‘Actor’s Stone’, possibly why my son is drawn to it, but I must confess I find it a little overwhelming. Maybe I’m just shallow… but I find that I am rather more drawn to its gentler cousin, Moonstone. Both are types of Feldspar and its layered formation is what gives these crystals their iridescence.


Labradorite is, then, a very mystical stone that connects with the Light but also offers protection of the highest order, by creating a barrier to deflect negative energy whilst sealing positivity in.


Labradorite manages to be both grounding and uplifting … it can raise consciousness to increase awareness of spiritual purposes and simultaneously harness this energy within you, within the physical body. It can be a comforting stone for as it opens the door to unfamiliar territory, such as the awakening of psychic gifts, it will also banish your own fears and insecurities. It can calm and order a busy mind and infuse you with purpose to carry through changes in lifestyle and circumstances – a comfort blanket for the consciousness, if you will …


This crystal was originally found in Labrador, in Canada, hence its name. Like the dog. Not one of my favourite breeds, although I find something to like in most dogs, I’m pretty impartial.

My mother had a memorable encounter with a Labrador… to be fair, the following incident was more the fault of the owner, than the actual dog. During the course of her dog walking adventures, my mother has met a wide range of dogs and owners. There is one particular example she now tries to avoid … Labradors and older men.

Erin is impeccably behaved, when out with my mother. She is obviously aware that my mother is older and smaller and more fragile than me… we seem to run a lot… but with my mother she does perfect recalls, will only go a limited distance from her and generally acts as though she is in the Champions ring at Crufts.


This owner seems to have absolutely no idea of how to be with a dog, how to make it respond to him or even simply to do as he asks it. It’s not a vicious dog, although it is unsafe. Unsafe by the fact it runs in front of the maintenance tractors, unsafe in the way it approaches other dogs when their owners are clearly uncomfortable. Basically, his dog is a nuisance. Some of the other walkers and owners have pointed this out to him, but he has done little, and I can see it ending badly…

However. On this present morning the Labrador took advantage of its owner’s inattention to run over to my mother and fling itself against her legs. Hard. Now, my mother is an older lady, she’s only small, this dog is quite large and heavy. It BROKE her leg. My mother didn’t know this – she’s very stubborn, and returned home limping and cursing, a worried Erin by her side.


She told me all this when I saw her later that day.

Mum, you should really go to the doctor at least, and have it checked out.”

Don’t be stupid, Samantha, I’ll be fine, I’ll just put a tubigrip on it.”

Here, I would like to say that my mother used to be a nurse… It took three weeks for me to persuade her to have her leg looked at. Her painkiller consumption was worryingly high, and after one morning where she looked particularly small and angry with pain, I said:

No. I can’t bear it. We’re going to the hospital. I’m ringing for a taxi…”

No! I’m not paying taxi fare, it’s horrendously expensive! We’ll get the bus…”

The conclusion to this story is … yes. My mother’s shin bone was fractured. I couldn’t believe it and actually took a picture of the x-ray. On the plus side, it had nearly healed. She was extremely lucky, the doctor pointed out, that she was so fit for her age – there could have been all sorts of horrible complications. She left with an air cast and crutches:


I’m taking this bloody cyborg boot off as soon as we get back. I can’t walk in this, it’s far too heavy!”

But Mum, you heard what the doctor said –”

Don’t be stupid, Samantha, it’s practically healed! I’ll just put a bandage on it, I have to go shopping tomorrow…”

She’s fully recovered now. Erin hates that Labrador though. Mum must have smelled ‘hurt’ after coming into contact with it and Erin is aware that the Labrador was the cause of that hurt. It stays away from them, now. Erin doesn’t growl or bark at it, she’s not that sort of dog. She just… looks. I’ve seen her do it.


Animals are definitely capable of sending and interpreting subtle communications… Now, when my mother takes Erin out for her walks, she always takes her mobile phone, just in case. She has firmly dismissed my efforts to make her carry a piece of Labradorite with her… (“Don’t be stupid, Samantha!”)


68 thoughts on “Labradorite and… oh yes all right then, Labradors

    1. She was quite cross…but fully recovered now 🙂
      I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience with crystals…in themselves they are only made of pure vibrations to be used for the highest good… Sometimes though, as you experienced, they can bring up emotions that are uncomfortable to deal with. What crystal was it..if I can be nosy…if you want to try again, Rose Quartz is a lovely crystal to start with 🙂
      Thank you very much for reading and your comment 🙂 x

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      1. It was a green one, I can’t remember the name. I fell asleep with it on my forehead (don’t laugh, it said it on the leaflet from the crystal shop!) I threw them away in the end. X

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  1. That must have been so painful for your mum. I am not a fan of dogs who crash and barge into others and it is usually a combination of an over-excited and under-exercised dog with little or no training and an owner whose energy level is incompatable with the energy level of the dog. Owners like that can be reported to the dog warden when their dog is repeatedly out of control. Thank you for sharing Samantha and it looks as if Erin’s message has been understood by the labrador ☺🐾🐾

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    1. It was horrendous…her pain threshold must be incredibly high..( unlike mine…) She hasn’t seen him for a while, actually, so I am wondering whether someone has had a word…
      Pleased you like Erin’s photos, we were trying for action shots 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your day and thank you for reading : ) xxx

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      1. Erin looks beautiful in the photos and hopefully someone has had a word. Dog wardens will give a warning notice and spend time educating the owner. When complaints continue the dog can be rehomed with a more responsible owner. Enjoy the rest of your day and thank you for sharing your story :o) xxx

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  2. Oh wow!! I hope that dog’s owner was told his dog BROKE your mother’s leg..? That’s crazy! I hope it’s all healed now. Unsafe – that is a great word to refer to dogs who are friendly but still should not be loose! I will use that from now on. We used to have a labrador. They are nothing but love and friendliness but they are big, heavy dogs definitely capable of hurting someone by accident. In fact that dog broke my finger once by accident! I tried to hold him back when he and his arch enemy jumped at each other. That jump broke my finger – I still have the scar to prove it 🙂

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    1. Yes it’s a shame because it’s not a bad dog, just a bad owner…but they are such big, heavy dogs. Funnily enough, my father had a Lab, who he had to hold back from leaping at an enemy and he broke his finger!
      Thank you very much for reading and commenting :)x

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  3. labradors are really huge and i met a few that are so well-behaved and adorable… by the way, did you notice the reflection on the first photo? looks like a cat.. or is there really a kitty looking at the stone when the photo was taken..

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  4. It sounds like there are no leash laws where you walk, which seems like trouble waiting to happen. I’m glad your mom healed well after neglecting her injury. She must be quite a character.

    I am very fond of the oily sort of coloring on crystals and beads, but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen Labradordite. Interesting qualities.

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    1. It’s a country park-there’s no deer or anything though- so dogs are basically allowed off the leash at the owner’s discretion. I agree with you actually…trouble waiting…there should be an on-site warden.
      Yes…my mother is quite determined and pretty fierce and really should know better, considering she was a nurse!
      Labradorite is an interesting crystal…I like it mainly for its colours too!
      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

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  5. That really is a cool stone 🙂 Again, I’m a stone idiot (and will remain one, I lost my citrine earring two days after the purchase, stones just refuse to be in my company- I’m sure the other one will follow shortly) but it’s really pretty.
    I was wondering if you were describing me instead of your Mum…(I hate the fuss people make around me when something happens). I’m glad it ended relatively well in the end, but it is irritating that some dog owners are totally irresponsible!
    I think dogs sense our mood, they definitely know when we’re in pain (I can fool anyone but not Lily)-the stronger the bond between the dog and the owner, the better the dog is at just knowing when things are wrong, when we dislike someone, when we feel happy and when sad. There’s nothing spooky about it, we probably smell different, we have a different body language and facial expressions- but in a way it does look pretty supernatural 🙂
    I love the bond your Mum and Erin have.
    And, last but not least: yet again-what a lovely post this is 🙂

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    1. Yes, Labradorite is quite a crystal…you will find one that is meant for you 🙂 I buy one and then I feel guilty…am I taking it away from its family and friends…should I buy the one closest to it…
      Lol! Are you another one, your arm is hanging off “Oh stick a plaster on, I’ll be fine..” I suppose it’s my hyper maternity kicking in, but I honestly would worry more about Mum if she didn’t have Erin…Thank you very much for reading and commenting : ) x

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      1. The one meant for me is probably just an ordinary pebble 😉 And I might not be an easy patient (I’m notorious for trying to run away from hospital-the only problem is the corridors are a maze) but we all have to die one day, so I refuse to spend my life on mending my body just for the sake of mending it. It either works or it doesn’t 🙂

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  6. Sorry I missed this – I was out of action for the weekend. It’s amazing what dogs can detect isn’t it? I am totally convinced that Erin knew your mum was hurt. Dogs are great at protecting those they love. Cats can be too, sometimes!

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  7. Also another favorite of Granny’s, Samantha. She also fell in love with its colors. That was quite a story of your mom, we’re glad that it worked out fine in the end, even if there was a lot of pain involved. Erin is a fine dog and she is behaving very well. Extra Pawkiss for that! Pawkisses for a wonderful day 🙂 ❤

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  8. Oh how I love this post Samantha – beautiful crystals and as for your mum – how fabulous she sounds! I just love the character of the older generation and your mum sounds like she just ‘gets on with life’ regardless of what it throws in her way!! She needs to take the ‘air cast’ with her and bash the Labrador dog owner over the head with it next time she sees him!.. Thanks goodness she’s recovered so well..xx

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  9. hahaha – my mum is probably turning in her grave too and Yep – I wouldn’t have DARED to say that in her presence either! Sorry Samantha’s mum!! … I’ve got my running shoes on… xx


      1. Yikes – I hope your mum doesn’t read your posts!! Particularly after I’ve suggested taking the ‘air cast’ and bashing the Labrador owner over the head with it.. she’ll probably brandish it over my head instead.. xx

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      2. Phew – that’s a plan then! I can sleep easier tonight now!! Hmmm -hang on a second.. If your son is taller… hope she doesn’t enlist him to pass it back down for her.. xx

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