In her day to day life she coped. She managed. In the workplace, her co-workers noted her for her dedication to her job and her determination. No-one knew what lay beneath. At night time alone, alone in her bed, she hungered. The memory of his touch burned her skin and branded her soul. Above, she was as calm as the proverbial millpond.

Occasionally, the passion that simmered beneath burst through like bubbling lava. It manifested itself in outbursts of temper, quite unlike her usual moon-calm self, as sudden and unexpected as a desert storm. Her colleagues noticed.

When she woke from sleep heavy eyed and angry, she could bear it no longer. Never one for the doctor, she had no wish to bare her soul to the kindly old man who had known her since birth, and turned instead to a more “New Age” solution.

Her colleague, a wispy woman who spent most weekends at spiritual events, had taken her aside once, confidingly:

“You’re an old soul, my love… has anyone ever suggested hypnosis to you? Perhaps you have some issues from a past life that need resolving…”

She thanked her colleague politely and gently removed the woman’s hand from her arm.

The idea, however, took root. Waking yet again from another dream where her soul was left yearning for she knew not what, she took matters into her own hands. She researched thoroughly the credentials of each hypnotist she found – she was that sort of person, ordered and methodical. She determined that she would find the cause of this underlying distant unhappiness and eliminate it. It had no place in her life.

Her appointment time arrived and she dressed with care. Comfortable loose clothing and an open mind. The pleasant woman hypnotist welcomed her in and directed her to a padded chair. She sat down and surprisingly, for one who considered herself so strong minded she was there. He was waiting. She was lost in his deep, dark gaze and her body knew him and mourned his passing.

But he was there, arms outstretched and as they enfolded her she went home.


The hypnotist panicked. Unable to recall her, she ran for her phone to call emergency services. If she had stayed and watched, she would have seen the woman’s chest cease to rise and fall; the faint smile that curved her lips as she stopped breathing.


44 thoughts on “Home

  1. haha, I think she must have eaten the mushrooms…(sorry, it’s a great story, I just interpret it as you would ‘påskekrim’ – scary stories told/read/watched at Easter in most Nordic countries- no matter how scary they are, you end up laughing…)
    Alex’s photos are beautiful, too 🙂

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      1. Oh yes! It wasn’t the duration as much as the relief of finally having had the experience of feeling that way about someone that had the most impact whilst reading your story. To say “yes, I am capable of feeling that, really knowing that emotion, of yearning for that outcome…if I stood in her shoes”.

        A great story, Samantha 🙂

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  2. Oooo gosh.. You drew me in and now as a ‘hypnotherapist’ I’m going to have ‘terrors’ …just in case!!! Yikes xx (only kidding – I won’t really have terrors.. I’ll just do some ‘self hypnosis instead!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol…I did think “oh dear..” when I realised you were a hypnotherapist yesterday..but it’s like I said to Paperpuff, it’s more an expression of desire. ..and you know I have to ask…have you ever “done” -not sure if that’s quite the right word- any past life regressions? It can be a useful tool in therapy, so I understand. In two (or three ) minds whether I would though…x

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      1. I laughed when I read this tonight after our ‘chat’ yesterday.. How coincidental and definitely very amusing! I’ll be honest Samantha – I haven’t.. I’m tempted but haven’t taken that little ‘leap’. However, I do feel it’s pull quite strongly at the moment so I’ll let you know if I do! I’ve obviously ‘done’ (yep right word) regressions with people lots of times in relation to going back on their timeline to childhood but I’ve never gone ‘beyond’ that… x

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      2. Fascinating…obviously I’ve read accounts of regressions- do you know Arnall Bloxham? He was quite a controversial figure in the ’70’s although there was some evidence to back up the historical nature of his regressions. There was that one lady he took back to 12th century York..lol-do let me know if you take the leap :)x

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      3. Indeed they are.. and it’s not that I don’t believe that this may be true.. quite the opposite!! LOL.. I know – I need to practice what I preach – ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway!’ haha.. x

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      4. Well I suppose I should apologise but hahahahha – I’m not sorry!!! After your curse yesterday and now your post that could ruin my career as a hypnotherapist today… ‘karma’… hehe ….. (oh now… here’s where the GUILT comes in… ok I’m Sorry… hope you get some sleep.. or as my grandma used to say…”Goodnight God Bless, Don’t let the Bed Bugs (or was it spiders) bite!) – oh no I’m a BAD person!! x

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      5. Hahaha I’ve done that a few times on my knee but never on my head!!! It was obviously sending my Hypnotherapy vibes straight to your subconscious… starting to release your fears!!!!! Xxx

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