Calcite and Clever Cats

_mg_8943Honey Calcite tumblestones – useful for enhancing confidence, memory and intellect, linked to the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras, helping to align the two

Calcite is a wonderful, all purpose crystal that comes in a variety of colours – much as cats do – and is a positive reinforcement of beneficial emotions – much as cats are… well at least when they’re in a good mood. Careful placement of calcite throughout the home or work environment ensures a calm flow of energy that circulates, bringing serenity and carrying away stress and negativity.

_mg_8975Aids mental healing, and can dissolve ingrained beliefs and thought patterns. Can stimulate the immune system and absorbs negativity

Calcite improves energy flow and cleanses it at the same time, removing emotions that may have stagnated and linking to the higher consciousness. Calcite is both active and stimulating – be prepared for a burst of physical and spiritual awareness as it encourages spiritual development.

_mg_8961A powerful detoxifier, it can be used to facilitate new beginnings and cleanse and align all chakras

Calcite is found in a rainbow of colours that can work with your chakras, in addition to their metaphysical properties of cleansing and energising both the physical and spiritual bodies and their environments. All the rough pieces pictured have been acid-treated to enhance their colours and give a soft tactile feel to the stone.

_mg_8948Linked to the Base chakra, this crystal increases energy and releases both physical and spiritual blockages

However, although it is an active crystal, it is also stabilising and supportive, encouraging belief in oneself and allowing you to face your fears and formulate solutions to setbacks.

_mg_8938Mangano/Pink Calcite, a stone of forgiveness and love that can release past fears to allow forward progress, linked to the Heart chakra

Calcite calms the mind, allowing clear thought and analysis and establishes a link between emotion and intellect… I have had quite a lot of cats during my life so far, every one of them a joy in their own individual way.

_mg_8983Blue Calcite is gentle and soothing, helps recovery, removes anxiety, lowers blood pressure and enhances communication. It filters and returns positive energy…

However – and this is not just a proud mother speaking – my cat, Charlie, or Princess Charlotte Oddpaw to give her full name and title, is undoubtedly the most intelligent cat I have ever known. Ting, my Siamese, is definitely the sweetest, but she’s not exactly the brightest sandwich in the tool box… I look at Charlie and sometimes I am a little intimidated by the very aware, non-human intelligence she possesses.


She is self-aware, which is apparently a marker for animal intelligence. This is tested by means of placing something on the animal you wish to test, like a sticky dot, or something, then putting it in front of a mirror, pointing the dot out to the animal, and seeing what happens next. Or something like that. I’m no scientist. (If you want to check… use Google and look for the Mirror Test, developed by Gordon Gallup in 1970).

In the spirit of scientific research, I stuck a little sticker on my cat – obviously not very sticky as it can cause fur trauma – and put her in front of my mirrored wardrobe. I pointed to her reflection, at her shoulder where I had stuck the dot, and said in a horrified tone:

Oh no, what has Mummy done to you?”

She looked at her reflection, looked at me, and delicately removed the sticker with her teeth and dropped it on the floor, her thoughts as plain to see as if she’d written them down…

Stupid woman. Did she really think I wouldn’t notice?”


Charlie can open doors. With the power of her mind… No, not really… she has very dexterous little paws that she can use to good effect to obtain what she wants. She can hook her paw underneath the fridge, and press the rubber seal so it opens. She knows quite a lot of words – I lost count after twenty – and can even say some of her own.


For example, she knows to run away quickly if someone approaches her saying:

Does Charlie want a kiss kiss?”


And yet she will sit, regal and queen-like, as I do homage to her beauty…

Who’s the best cat? Who’s the most beautiful?…” blinking golden eyes, slowly and superbly, secure in the knowledge that we, her people, are putty in her dainty little paws…


44 thoughts on “Calcite and Clever Cats

    1. Not at all, I think the most expensive piece was the honey calcite in the first photo, two English pounds…I don’t know the exchange rate.
      Yes, Charlie was in the mood for posing that know what supermodels are like…
      Thank you for reading and commenting :)x

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  1. Hmm, so…if I read this right, I need Amethyst and now calcite too! Intersting post Samantha, especially the Jedi cat who can open doors with the mind 😊

    Love the impression I gif of said cat rolling it’s eyes and wondering if sentience in humans really exists if the best they can do is stick a dot on my head and plonk me in front of a mirror….I know you considered it thinking ‘stupid woman’, but I have to elaborate and chuckle silently in my pending insanity 😱

    Calcite, I need calcite!

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    1. Lol! Yes, you sound like you could perhaps use the whole rainbow of calcite…I find that even if a crystal doesn’t sort of leap up and say “Hi!” ( metaphorically speaking..) they are useful as a focus point to look at and start a train of thought…clear quartz would be a good one to add to your list as well..!!
      Charlie, my cat, is blessed with an extremely expressive face…it needs little interpretation! Lol 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Progress, I now know the name of this Jedi cat! Or maybe you mentioned it and memory has misplaced it…hmmm…. Staring and focusing is something I am rather good at, except my focus might appear not such to an observer. But then, they probably do not see the world the writer sees inside… Shoot this is almost terribly deep. However, if they can help as a focus point then I really should consider exploring it yes 😊

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      2. I went back and checked to make sure I did mention Charlie’s name..I have been known to post blank birthday cards…
        I tried to explain to my mother that I wasn’t just staring “gormlessly” into space, I was actually thinking about a writing project…but I don’t think she believed me 🙂

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      3. Aha, so me suggesting I’d already forgotten you mentioned said cats name put in place the idea you may not have mentioned it…interesting…subliminal messages are us 😊
        Classic re your mother and I totally get that. Writer minded wander all over. An outsider would think day dreaming, absent minded, unfocused so and so…in reality we are creating and journeying on distant world’s filled with strange beasts. I do say, online gamers don’t have to put up with that nonsense! I guess she has that look og one the rolls eyes in despair too 😊

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      4. Lol…well, I thought I’d better check just to be on the safe side. I have left a book in the airing cupboard before, ripped the house to pieces looking for it and been hideously embarrassed when my partner found it a month later..But I find I have sentences and descriptions floating around in my head and I need to find out who or what they belong to…or is that just weird?? Lol…

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      5. Obviously it’s weird, but that writers and authors for you….steer clear they are an odd bunch 🤓

        As for the airing cupboard thing, that’s well funny…and not unique…we lost my sons watch for a year, then found it whilst unpacking Christmas decorations the following December. Somehow it got packed away with them…never have worked out how !!!

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  2. I have a piece of clear calcite you can read through, but refracts the light so that the image is double and appears to be one above the other. Very interesting, but doesn’t make for easy reading. 🙂

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  3. That mangano/pink calcite is really, really pretty. Definitely in my top ten of pretty crystals! Given that I never had a top ten before I knew you, something pretty gobsmacking is happening here! Am going to try out the self awareness test on the cat. Wish me luck….

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    1. Yes…good luck and I hope your cat has the grace not to make you feel about two inches tall for doubting their intelligence…
      I’m pleased you’re enjoying the crystal bits and pieces, my son likes the Mangano, it has a very kind feel to it 🙂

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  4. I always love your insight into the crystals which never fail to inspire me.. BUT – Your cat is clearly one VERY clever cat as he brings out something in us humans that is priceless… Laughter! Thanks Charlie xx

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