Curried Beans and Catfood


I’m not the world’s best shopper. I don’t really care for buying clothes (although I have a weakness for shoes) and I absolutely HATE food shopping. However, when I do have to visit the supermarket, I believe I have the right to expect them to stock a few not unreasonable essentials… I’m not asking for exotic delicacies from far flung corners of the world… I JUST WANT CURRIED BEANS AND CATFOOD.


Now my partner is a man of simple dietary tastes, but he does enjoy a tin of curried beans, either on toast or perhaps a nice jacket potato… Personally I don’t see the point, they look like your average baked beans with a few raisins added; but my partner likes them so I always like to have a few tins in for him. However, I have recently noticed that the familiar blue-purple labelled tin is becoming more and more elusive. Indeed, it has disappeared from the shelves of my native supermarket altogether. I am forced to forage further afield…


Let me return to catfood first. Now. I have an ongoing silent war of catfood with my four girls. They have a mix of wet and dry food from the same company. I’m never entirely happy with wet food, as a lot of the colourings are from caramels – not good for cat teeth, and you can never be 100% sure where the actual meat comes from.. As obligate carnivores, cats NEED meat. I don’t mind that. Not at all, despite my son’s vegetarianism and my almost vegetarianism. It’s the pickiness that bothers me… how can two sachets of the SAME flavour from the SAME box be acceptable one day and then tantamount to poison later on in the SAME day ? I have tried cooking for them, proper, approved recipes and upon proudly presenting my culinary masterpiece the response has been:

“Oh. You cooked. You shouldn’t have. No – REALLY – you shouldn’t have.”

Herein lies the problem… the preferred brand of catfood is slowly becoming extinct. Perhaps it needed curried beans to reproduce and as the curried beans are dying out, inevitably the symbiosis of catfood and curried beans is suffering… I have ranged far and wide in my hunt for these provisions and I was fortunate enough one day to find a little, protected pocket of natural environment… giving ‘more reasons’ to shop around!


42 thoughts on “Curried Beans and Catfood

  1. Curried beans? Have not heard of it till now! Interesting! I must look out for it here. I guess both your grocery items are suffering from rebranding as consumerism is profit driven. Sad! I know the feeling as it is hard to get the same taste. Suggest you try the mini marts opened by Indians and see if they stock it perhaps for curried beans? As for cat food …kitties have to acquire a new palate ha ha or mama Samantha has to fire up the stove😉

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    1. I’ve never even seen a supermarket own brand of the wretched things…I don’t know how long the current supply will last…I’ll have to look up a recipe so he can make his own! As for catfood…until they make something like moth or mouse flavoured catfood I suppose I shall carry on buying a wide range of flavours and hoping ….

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      1. I wonder why there is no mouse flavoured catfood?? You’d think that would be the most logical choice? Instead of beef and tuna? I mean, I’ve never seen a cat actually catch a cow or a tuna fish…

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      2. I will also send you the recipe should I come across it. HA HA Partner can make his own? Sounds like a plan and a man who knows the kitchen? LOL on flavours you described for cat food….seriously…mouse flavored ha ha!

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  2. I just Googled “Curried beans recipe” and found plenty of them. That’s definitely an option. As for the cats, well, like picky children, picky cats will not starve if there is food available. Or the can do their own shopping. 😉

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    1. Ah thank you! I shall check those out later…I’d hardly dared look, to be honest! Hmm, not sure about sending the cats shopping..I mean, I’d appreciate the help, but no guarantee they would remember things like washing up!

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  3. Love the idea of sending the cat shopping! Mine would never get out of the gift wrap section. Amazon do the beans, if your other half gets desperate.

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      1. Also, if it was near Christmas, he’d just be attacking the fairy lights. The food would be of very little interest to him but he’d be GREAT at swiping tins off shelves…

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      2. Good call… I will offer up, partly in sympathy with the theme of this many sachets, ridiculously expensive tubs, foil containers or cans of wet food will be opened before the cat decides to at least lick the jelly or gravy and then walk away?

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    1. I know it’s time to reconsider their food…its gradual disappearance from the shops is a good indication…but what about the beans? Lol…got it! My partner doesn’t really need them 🙂 Thank you for reading and commenting : ) xxx

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  4. It’s so heartwarming when I read about someone else’s cats feeding misfortunes 🙂 Sorry, can’t help it 😉 Also: why is it that in a multiple cats households there are no two cats that like the same food on the same day? Hedgehog is the main cat-food shopper in our house because I get frustrated easily.
    I like your posts, they are my treats 🙂

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    1. Lol…well at least I’m not alone in the search for the perfect combination of flavours for my girls’ delicate palates…! I am blessed with the job of buying catfood and regularly meet other unfortunates as we all stand, gazing imploringly at the shelves as if we could will a new flavour into existence with sheer mind power… I don’t know why two cats don’t or won’t like the same flavour…it’s just another little quirk that most felines have.
      I am pleased you like the posts though 🙂 and thank you, as always, for reading and your lovely comment x

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  5. Now my husband is partial to a tin of Heinz Beans too but I really think that you are being dealt an incredible favour with the extinction of the ‘curried beans’ – What a combination.. The question is have the supermarket also run out of your favourite air freshener too?

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