Girasol Quartz and Gentle Cats


This was another new one for me, but I was at once drawn to its gentle vibration as my son placed it in my hand having borne it home in triumph from his lovely crystal lady Lizian. Despite its deceptively simple appearance, clear and translucent, like a good quality champagne jelly, Girasol Quartz is a stone of hidden depths. Its reflective qualities are due to the aluminium present in its chemical composition, adding an extra dimension to this crystal.


Girasol Quartz can also be known as Moon or Blue Opal, or Opalised Quartz, even though it is not actually an Opal. It is a gentle but powerful crystal, which can enhance and reflect feelings, therefore extremely useful for the guided direction of energy. It also enhances communication skills and is useful for dream work, visualisation and imagination.

It is a good crystal for anyone working in the creative sectors and it will forge new channels of communication between group members, gently resolving difficulties and illustrating solutions. This gentle crystal can also take a step backwards in past lives to heal negative experiences that affect the present day, wiping the memory clean to allow positive progress. It has physical healing properties that help on all levels and may be useful for metabolic disorders and fatigue.


Holding my Girasol Quartz, I had the wonderful sensation of gentle warmth and spring rain… a freshener for the soul if you will, with a vibration as light and soft as cat fur…

I love my four Girls dearly and although they are not particularly ‘bitey’ or ‘scratchy’ cats, they do not have the same innate quality of gentleness that I loved so much in my old cat, Walter. The Girls are strong, independent women of the 21st Century with their paws firmly, but daintily, planted in the modern world, while Walter possessed a gentleness of spirit and manner that seemed to belong to earlier, gentler times.


Walter’s life started, inauspiciously enough, on the 17th March 1993, when my tabby gave birth to a litter of four, two black girls and two tabby boys. The others quickly found homes, but Walter remained with me, through accident or design, I can never be sure…

He grew up to be the perfect gentleman, impeccably housetrained, kind and courteous. Pleasant to my dog, although not above wrestling her to the floor and giving her a good kicky scratch if she presumed too much upon his person. (She was a little dog and enthusiastic cat-lover when she was a puppy, although as she grew up, she learned to value Walter for his companionship and comfort.) He was the perfect cat to teach my sons respect for cats, never objecting to sticky fingers in his fur and only placing the gentlest of restraining paws on hands when the stroking got a little too enthusiastic…


My cat Walter was my partner’s first introduction to feline friendship, as he was really more of a dog person, but Walter’s courtly manners, dignified presence and pleasant behaviour soon converted him. Recently, viewing the shredded back of the sofa, with artistically clawed wallpaper, I heard him sigh disappointedly:

Walter never used to do things like this, why can’t you… just… behave Charlie?”

My Tiger Princess smirked at his disappointment…


During a routine appointment to check his teeth, a lump was found in Walter’s jaw. Upon further investigation, it was found to be inoperable as it was pushing the bones of his lower jaw apart. It broke my heart. It absolutely broke my heart. But, I knew I had to do the kindest thing and let him go; a dignified, calm sleep, little enough repayment for the 16 years of love, comfort and companionship that my wonderful cat had given me. So it was, on a bitterly cold February morning, the 17th to be precise, in 2010, I held my precious cat in my arms and told him I loved him, thanking him for being the best cat in the world as my tears fell in his elegantly striped black and grey fur for the last time. That was it. For the first time in 16 years I was officially catless.

It took nine long days to find a kitten, because at that point in my life, I needed a kitten, that would be my world and keep me occupied, stem the burning tide of grief that threatened to overwhelm me. And I got her – my fierce little princess, as different from Walter as chalk to cheese… I sometimes dream of him still, think I feel his paw patting my face gently, catch a flash of grey and black fur from the corner of my eye. Every time I see a striped tabby with white shirt front my heart turns over… I hope he’ll be waiting for me, first in line with all the other members of my fur family that I have loved and lost throughout my lifetime…


Brrrpp! Mam-ma!” My attention is imperiously summoned back to the present as Madam Princess requires food, comfort, love, treats, play and not necessarily in that order. I pick her up and am rewarded by her sweet purr, a gentle comfort that both echoes and heals the hurt of Walter’s going; bringing us back to the calm, gentle crystal that is Girasol Quartz.


18 thoughts on “Girasol Quartz and Gentle Cats

  1. Walter sounds like a regal cat. I loved this heartfelt post of yours as you shared the special relationship with Walter and your love for him. Losing any pet is never easy and maybe that is why I stick to inanimate ones as they live with me forever…raggedy but around.. 😊

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    1. Thank you 🙂 He was a very special cat, and you’re right, it’s never easy losing a pet, but I love cats and my life would definitely be poorer without them.
      Inanimate ones have certain advantages though..they’re never fussy about their food! :)x

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  2. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute to Walter. He sounds like a true gent and the kindest soul. So nice that you have known and loved him and will always hold him in your heart. We wish you all a blessed Sunday 💜xxx

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  3. That’s a very pretty crystal – it looks like an irregular bubble or sphere. I like the clarity of it. Walter sounds adorable. I love how some male cats manage to be the boss of the whole household, cats, dogs, humans, the lot. We don’t have them around for long enough, but he had a great time, right?

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    1. Oh yes, undoubtedly! He was a wonderful cat and I was blessed for sharing my life with him, even if it was only for a little while
      I am pleased you like the Girasol Quartz and I love your description of it-I missed that image :)x


    1. Thank you 🙂 wonderful compliment! Walter was a great cat and very special of course and now I have the four Princesses, Charlie is number one and as you say, very different but just as loved! Thank you, as always, for reading and commenting x


  4. I almost felt your feelings about your lovely cat, cat lovers live this and the worst part of having cat, but this is life as human life… You expressed so nicely dear Samantha, your words, your feelings in my heart. About this new one, I mean girasol quartz, as if I touched too 🙂 you are amazing. And loved all photographs. Thank you, love, nia

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  5. We need a box of tissues…for Granny…What a beautiful and touching tribute to your purrecious Walter ❤ When Granny saw the girasol she said to me, that she has that one too, but hers is called Opaline (at least that's what the lady of the shop told her). Granny found the stone a few month ago and was very attracted to it. She takes it with her regularly. Pawkisses for a wonderful day 🙂 ❤

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