Wands and Whiskers

_MG_8322.jpgA beautiful example of a spiral Selenite wand (thank you Lizian) these have a pure, high vibration that can be used to direct external influences away from your mind…

Crystal wands and whiskers are both directional and almost magical, not necessarily in the Harry Potter sense, but in the power they bestow upon their user or wearer that enables them to control, sense and manipulate.

It is not entirely accurate to assume the width of a cat’s whiskers are used to judge whether its body will fit through a small gap, as there have been enough comedy clips showing excessively large cats trying to struggle through a cat flap.


Whiskers actually give cats a highly developed sense of touch. Dogs’ whiskers help with their close up vision and are just as important as cats’ whiskers, in that they are rooted in follicles and packed full of nerves. These nerves send messages to the brain and help the dog interpret its surroundings.

IMG_8712.jpgErin has warts to put her whiskers in…

Likewise with cats, their ‘vibrissae’ are located mainly on the top jaw either side of the nose, the cheeks and on the back of the wrists. The whiskers add extra depth to an animals’ awareness of its environment. They inform the cat if danger is near, or an obstacle is blocking its way and assist with the recognition and location of objects in poor light.

IMG_4713 (2).JPG

Whiskers can also signal how a cat is feeling: when relaxed, they stand out either side of its face, if they are angled forwards, then the cat is hunting, excited or playing. Then, of course, there all the positions in between… Ting has been known to sleep with her whiskers mashed up backwards against something… most uncomfortable looking.


This feline semaphore is handy for any cat owner to learn as both warning and indicator, vibrating with messages and energy rather like a crystal wand…


(The two on the left are Amethyst, the three on the right Fluorite) Amethyst wands can be used to awaken the Brow chakra and encourage intuition, remove blockages from the Sacral chakra and aura whilst providing healing and protection. Fluorite wands have a soothing, anti-inflammatory energy. A small wand can absorb a lot of stress and must be regularly cleansed in water or it may break.

Most wands are artificially shaped, although you can get naturally occurring crystal wand formations. Obviously they are perceived as the traditional tools of the shaman and healers of older cultures, but they are still used today.

IMG_8631.jpgAlways use Obsidian carefully. It will bring negative emotions to the fore so you must be ready to deal with these. Once they are resolved, the wand will protect the user and connect them Earthwards. 

As you can imagine, the self-contained structure of a wand will focus and intensify their particular energy. My son’s lovely crystal lady, Lizian, gave me some information regarding the use of wands… basically think of them like an aura ‘clothes brush’. You can programme your wand to be used for cleansing and healing by just consciously thinking about what you are doing and ‘brush’ the badness away from your aura. Similarly, wands can be used to channel healing energy into your body and direct negative away.

WP_20160830_16_06_27_Pro (2).jpgVesuvianite, (on the left) also known as Idocrase: this instills you with the courage to change and find your own true path whilst confronting hidden fears and changing negative thought patterns. Rainbow Jasper (on the left): a wholesome healer whose many colours link it with all the chakras to encourage balance in the physical body and intellectual focus.

Become aware of the healing power of the Universe and allow your wand to focus and direct it for your use. Allow it to become an extension of your Self, as sensitive and receptive as cats’ whiskers.

26 thoughts on “Wands and Whiskers

  1. Hello? Why didn’t I know about wands before? This would certainly have turned my head! I like the vesuvianite one best. I always wondered about the whiskers thing. Tried measuring a couple of times but it’s a tricky task.

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  2. The photos are lovely (as always). I love cats’ whiskers, they really are fascinating 🙂 Ulysses makes really funny faces when he can sense something with his whiskers. Charlie’s are very fine and girly (he’s a boy, but there’s nothing wrong with having delicate whiskers) x

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