A Planet Sneezed and This is What it Left Me…


What’s that?” I asked, pointing at a slice of dull grey rock that looked unattractive, and out of place against the gleaming blue of Angelite chunks, the quietly confident sparkle of Amethyst geodes and the sleek shine of Citrine.

It’s Specular Hematite, or Specularite.”

Oh. Can I hold it please?”

They’re used to me at our crystal shop… I was duly passed this… splat… of rock. I don’t often buy large crystals, opting for more manageable tumblestones or jewellery, as I like to carry a fair amount around with me – well, you never know who you might meet who needs a blast of love from the empathetic Rose Quartz, a spiritual boost from sunny Citrine, or the protective warmth of Black Tourmaline.


I am aware of Hematite, indeed, I have a tumblestone and a bracelet as I appreciate it for its grounding and protective qualities. I have also recently discovered that it is useful in overcoming addictions… like smoking… ‘Hematite’ derives from the Ancient Greek word for ‘blood’, ‘haima’. A powdered form was used as rouge and tiny spherules were found on Mars, hence its red colour. Obviously, ‘hema’ in its name is a good clue that it can be beneficial in the treatment of circulation problems as it stimulates the absorption of iron and creation of red blood cells in the body, although I generally use it in combination with Pyrite as I find it helps my back pain issues.


But this… splat… drew me. So I bought it. Off I sped, clutching my purchase, and once at home, I sat down to get a proper look at it. ‘Splat’ and ‘sneeze’ don’t really do it justice. I held it and it was like looking at a slice of action from the Big Bang. Polished smooth on one side, it is the deepest, darkest velvety blue, so blue it’s practically black, but as you turn it in the light there are flashes of a colour from the farthest corners of the Galaxy. Strewn across its surface are sparkles, actually tiny crystals of mica, but reminiscent of a clear night sky when all the grace and beauty of the Universe is clearly visible. I turned it over, and even on its rough side, there are glimmers of promise between the grey wrinkles of a planet as yet untouched by man’s hand.


Specular Hematite, unsurprisingly given its appearance, can be used to link high vibrational energies from Spirit to everyday life. It can be used to establish your own best qualities and show you how and where you may best deploy them. Yet at the same time, Specular Hematite possesses a gentle grounding energy to anchor you in the present moment as it is connected with the Root chakra.

Granted, it’s not exactly a pocket rock, but its sombre beauty encourages deep inner reflection, When used in meditation, it can help with memory and past life recall.


It is a beautiful physical and visual reminder that we are all connected, all one, all children of the Universe.

19 thoughts on “A Planet Sneezed and This is What it Left Me…

  1. I feel I need to confess that I am not a rock, stone, or gemstone person. I feel ill equipped to join in on conversations about their properties and powers, although I am learning stuff from you! At the moment I just see ‘pretty’ or ‘not so pretty’. This one is pretty!

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      1. That’s true. I have found some new ones to like from you, and my sister (lifetime crystal lover) now thinks I have been abducted and replaced by aliens because I can recognise a few in her stash!

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  2. Well, I like it. But I’m a person of simple tastes. Stones, like people, when polished and made beautiful become less unique and less real (and less interesting for people like me). It’s a beautiful post Samantha 🙂

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      1. I like imperfections- perfect is boring for me (though I consider everything I love perfect and not boring-possibly because deep down, I know it’s perfect just for me, nobody else-it’s not very logical but neither am I) 🙂


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