Emeralds and Eyes

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Emerald is one of those versatile crystals that lends itself well to jewellery as well as being used in crystal therapies. It is the birthstone for May, coinciding with the horoscope signs Taurus and Gemini. It sometimes is linked to the Heart Chakra, like the majority of green stones meaning it can provide both emotional healing and instill compassion.

There are a lot of myths and legends surrounding this beautiful crystal, including one that says the Holy Grail is made from a large Emerald. It was also said to be able to protect the wearer from enchantment and Emeralds were traditionally given to travellers to protect them on their journey.

Cat's Eye Green.jpgThis is Cat’s Eye, a man-made version of Chrysoberyl… still very beautiful and an excellent focal point for meditation…

The word ‘Emerald’ simply means ‘green stone’ and is derived from the Greek ‘smargos’. The oldest known mine is in Egypt, from around 3000 BCE and supposedly a favourite of Cleopatra’s. Emerald also has the reputation of being able to enhance domestic bliss and ensure good relationships – didn’t bring her much luck – although if it changes colour then that is an indication of unfaithfulness.

An interesting crystal then. A traditional interpretation of its metaphysical benefits is that it can help with the recovery after an infectious illness and also detoxify the body. It enhances metal clarity and is therefore, good to use in promoting group co-operation and expression. It is also said to help with diseases of the eye and improve vision, both physically and spiritually as the colour mimics the beneficial and restorative powers of Nature.

Lily (2).jpg

Emerald then, is a useful and practical crystal to have. As well as being attractive to look at, it encourages unity and friendship. Quite a few cats have green eyes, although having said that, out of my four, I only have one cat that has green eyes; Lily, my little huntress with eyes of deepest Emerald… cat’s eyes are a fascinating thing to look at anyway, regardless of colour. They can see up to six times better than people which gave rise to the belief that they can see in the dark. In actual fact, cats have a special layer of cells at the back of their eyes called the ‘tapetum lucidium’ which reflects light back to the retina, thereby making use of every bit of ambient light to enable better vision, a little like camera settings.

Cat's Eye.jpg

This also gives the eerie reflective glow you sometimes get when photographing a cat or seeing them in half light. Ting’s glow purple, which startled me, till I realised it’s because her eyes are blue… All cats have blue eyes when they are born, the adult colour develops around three months of age. Some sort of recessive gene causes adult blue eyed cats to usually be deaf, and you can also get some cats that have one blue eye and one green, or yellow… heterochromia iridum is the technical term.

IMG_5878 (2).JPG

I remember when I was a little girl my sister and I had an alarming encounter… We used to live in a cottage in a little village in the country. I think it was originally two tiny farm workers cottages that were knocked into one larger dwelling. We had beams, open fireplaces, atmosphere… I hated it.

One evening, our parents had gone to a dinner party. At 16, my sister was considered old enough to look after me responsibly while they were out. Naturally, she let me stay up long past my bedtime, we made a large bowl of popcorn (and a mess in the kitchen) and settled down to watch the late night horror film. We had quite a long driveway leading up to the house, so there was plenty of time for us to rush up to bed if our parents returned.

We were watching one of those Hammer House of Horror films, starring those late greats Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. We sat in delightfully horrified silence as Mr.Lee – as Dracula- bared his vicious fangs and hissed…

IMG_4784 (2).JPG

There was a scratching behind us. There was a SCRATCHING behind us! The cat was on the sofa, with us, the sheep was in her bed in the kitchen and the dogs…were watching something…Their ears were pricked and they were following the progress of something across the room.

We looked at each other, my sister and I. She said, reassuringly:

Don’t worry, if it’s anything bad, the dogs will start to growl.”

The dogs started growling. Their hackles raised. I did what any self-respecting 6 year old would do and burst into tears. My sister-as the responsible adult – got off the sofa, me firmly attached to her leg. The dogs, Nikki, the German Shepherd, Damask the Great Dane and Misty the whippet, were all staring behind the sofa. It was pushed up against the wall, but didn’t fit flush to it, so there was a gap of perhaps ten inches into which… something… could creep.

My sister and I bent down to look behind the sofa. A pair of RED eyes swam into view… about three feet away in the gap behind the sofa. They blinked – AND SHOT TOWARDS US VERY QUICKLY!

That was it. My sister flung me aside – I grabbed her jumper and we legged it. Ran for the stairs and upstairs to our parents’ bedroom where there was another telephone, the dogs now barking, the sheep awake and all charging upstairs with us. The cat slept on…

Needless to say…tearful telephone calls to the house where our parents were dining, my sister’s boyfriend and the police. My parents were disbelieving, thinking that perhaps my sister had got into the drinks cabinet, but hearing my distressed shrieking in the background, decided to come home sharpish. Actually, all those summoned arrived pretty much together, and reassured by my parents’ presence, the boyfriend comforting my sniffling sister and a rather large policeman, I directed them towards the back of the sofa.

There was nothing there.

We’ve had our ups and downs, my sister and I, but this is one thing we agree on to this day. Those eyes were there. They were evil. We never found anything that could be responsible for them…

IMG_4722 (3).JPGThis is Boris, a stray that seems to have adopted us – he has the most beautiful eyes…

To return to eyes, then, my original subject along with the serene beauty of the crystal, Emerald:”The eyes are the windows to the soul”…This saying is popularly attributed to Shakespeare, but a true enough reflection when you think of making eye contact and what you perceive of the person, or animal, within.

Emerald for clarity of vision then, as clear as cats’ eyes and as guileless; beautiful and mysterious, holding secrets of the ancients.

IMG_4955 (2).JPG“Who’s Princess?”

61 thoughts on “Emeralds and Eyes

    1. No, the eyes were too big for a mouse or rat-they were about the size of a large-ish cherry tomato. No extension leads or cables either as the sheep would chew anything…yes…the sheep. My father was a vet and used to bring the orphan lambs home for my mother to look after till they were big enough to return to the flock. This one stayed until it was a sheep…

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      1. Lucky ewe!!! Sorry, you know I can’t help it. Stories like this freak me out. Sleeping with the lights on again tonight now! Any idea what it might have been?

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Lol! Should have seen that one coming!
        No, no idea at all. We never found anything that it could have sensibly been..the rabbits were in the hutch as well and not loose. I never liked that house but it didn’t have a bad vibe or anything. There was a bit of a ruined chapel in the garden, but no ghost or story attached at all.
        Funny thing was, we’d actually moved from a haunted house to this place!

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      3. But you can’t leave him outside all the time. He’d catch cold. And block out a significant amount of daylight as he stared wistfully through the window. You might actually need planning permission for an outdoor buffalo…

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Contact Primark quick! They are missing a trick and clearly need your help with marketing. I can let you off the Cabinet Dusting duties for a bit.

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      1. Yeah, you know how they have a big display of all the jewels and stuff at the Tower of London? Well, as you correctly said, all fake for security reasons, the real ones are in a vault. I felt quite cheated, actually, the amount we paid to go and see them, you at least expect them to be real!

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  1. Emerald is my favourite stone (the only one I can actually recognise). It’s on my engagement ring. I love your stories and because of you I went to the shop that sells various stones, totally forgot what I wanted and left with a citrine earrings and a pendant…funnily enough, the lady in the shop didn’t look at me with disgust when I said I was looking for something that would have some beneficial effect on the cats and/or dogs. She showed me about six various stones, though- and told me a lot about each. Information overload. Thus the citrine (which, apparently is my ‘birthstone’) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! Sorry! Citrine is always good though, because it attracts wealth and is a naturally uplifting stone… you can think of it as holding the power of the Sun – warming, comforting and constant…for cats and dogs, clear quartz is great for holding intentions, you can ‘programme’ it to do anything and it is a very powerful crystal… dalmationite also has a strong animal connection, amethyst is another all round great crystal for humans and animals alike. I hope this helps next time you go to the shop 🙂 x

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      1. Thank you, though I shouldn’t go there…I kind of think if I ask about something, the nice lady would think I’m making fun of her. I like the citrine, though. It’s very bright and positive 🙂

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  2. OMC you can make a movie of that scary monster story…looks like they all reacted on the excitement of your inner self 😀 I think I wouldn’t go to sleep for a long time anymore…MOL 😀
    The cat-eyes are outstanding. It’s an amazing chrystal ❤ Pawkisses for a beautiful day 🙂 ❤

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  3. I had a similar spooky encounter in the house my grandfather built (the one with the ha-ha). My grandparents were by then deceased and the house was inhabited by my uncle and his family. One night when I was 12, I was there babysitting my 3 younger cousins (this was long before the days of age rules for babysitters), whom I’d just bundled off to bed. The house – like yours – sat at the end of a very long driveway in a woodland setting, and I felt very isolated. It was prone to very alarming creaks and groans as the roof and beams contracted in the cool night air; you can imagine what my impressionable preteen self made of that! One of the kids had left a helium balloon, with long attached string, in the living room, and it was in a corner, up at the ceiling. I had just settled down to some reading when the balloon started to move. It sailed slowly, methodically, around the perimeter of the room, gliding at a steady pace, with the string hanging straight down. It moved almost completely around the room, then it stopped. Right. In. Front. Of. Me. My heart was pounding, my mind shrieking. I believe I edged myself around that damn string hanging right in front of my face and hotfooted it upstairs to spend the rest of the evening in the kids’ bedroom! When I got home and told my parents, they could barely keep a straight face when they explained to me what my “ghost” was. Care to guess?

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      1. LOL You got it! It was the hot air from vents in the ceiling, gently pushing the balloon when the furnace turned on. (Oh, and many years later, I worked in a haunted church.) I await your stories about the haunted house!

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