I’ve got the whole world in my hands…

IMG_7606 (2)

Words and last image ~ Samantha Murdoch

All photos ~ Alex Marlowe

I couldn’t leave it alone. It caught my eye as I was casually poking about in Lizian’s crystals. I walked away. I came back and looked at it-not touched, just looked…I went home.

The next week I returned: I looked for it at once. It was there. It spoke to me-it’s not often I get these “awarenesses”, but it spoke irresistibly to me of times long passed and forgotten, of lives lived centuries ago, landscapes that had risen, and fallen, and evolved…

IMG_7615 (2)

This is Picasso Stone, a type of Jasper, a sphere about the size of a cricket ball with the weight of centuries within its compass. I am not usually drawn to Jaspers, although they are a beautiful, useful and varied crystal. I tend towards lighter colours, the translucency of Clear Quartz, the lucent calm of Rose Quartz and the soothing balm of Amethyst.

And yet I was drawn to this unassuming sphere, smooth and tactile, a sand-coloured orb banded with concentric rings of biscuit. At one “pole” there is a broken half circle of a darker brown, and it is capped by an almost caramel shaded blotch… The other pole is parchment coloured where fractured lines of grey and brown converge. Off to one side is an island shape of light mahaogany.

IMG_7599 (2)

The whole sphere is wonderfully tactile and smooth, the texture soft and satisfying, the sort of thing you want to rub against your top lip to experience fully… ( No? Just me on that one then…) Obviously I bought the Picasso Stone sphere. Something that called to me that strongly must have something important to say.

IMG_7624 (2)As my son was arranging these, they fell into the shape of a dinosaur footprint… appropriate…

Picasso Stone is a variation of Landscape Jasper, but as with all this family, they can be used to support you during times of stress and restore tranquility. It is a very protective stone and will enhance your ability to enjoy life. It brings hidden creativity to the surface and helps you make considered decisions. In addition to these general benefits, Picasso Stone promotes the thought processes. As a variety of Landscape Jasper, it can also open pathways to past memories. T he markings on these crystals are said to be Mother Earth’s communications to her Children, hidden knowledge and teachings that can transform the way we live.

IMG_7616 (2)

I sped off home with my newly acquired Picasso sphere, and when the moment was right, sat down with it to get to know it a little better. It’s not often I have such a profound response to a stone… African plains, caves, huntsmen, forests, fields… vivid and haunting burnt their images onto my eyes and I was there, I was home. A flash of memory, so intense it must float in everyone’s DNA… racial, inherited, collective. Walking, walking with my family, leaving the cool forest behind and walking into the sunlight, warm, hot, strong, almost like a weight across the shoulders. So intense a memory, so vivid a feeling it brought tears to my eyes. The soft swish of grass brushing against my arms as the family moved on, scents of hot grass and sense of family, so strong and new…

It fascinates me. I can’t leave it alone, cave paintings, bison and horses, Lascaux and Africa, Pangea and continental drift. A sense of connected-ness, continuity, wholeness and family. Mother Earth and her children.

Cave painting (3).jpegA bit of fun… me as a miniature cave drawing being chased by a giant Princess Charlie



The title of this post is derived from the song: ‘He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands’, a traditional American spiritual that has since been covered by artists such as Glen Campbell… thanks Wikipedia for that information

24 thoughts on “I’ve got the whole world in my hands…

  1. When a crystal calls you home it can take you on quite a journey and it seems as if your journey with your Picasso sphere is just beginning. And the art, oh the art it inspires! I love that drawing! A wonderful post Samantha, thank you so much for sharing :o) xxx

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  2. This is another amazing post dear Samantha, fascinated me too. Your inspiration is great. I love every piece of this post, Thank you dear Alex, Thank you dear Samantha, wonderful drawing and touches 🙂 Our cats are the King, Queen of us! Have a nice Friday and enjoyable weekend, Love & Hugs, nia

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Lol! I shall look forward to reading it, my first experience of Jasper was with a piece of Red which did nothing for me at all..now I’m thinking I shall have to go back and try again…
      Thank you for reading and commenting, have a lovely day 🙂

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      1. It’s your blog – you can say whatever you like! I have never had any similar experience, but I think what you describe sounds incredibly interesting, without me feeling I am being persuaded to go hug a tree!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Got the giggles now…just picturing it..”Arthur! It’s the Great War/Second World War…where are you?” And the great King sleeps peacefully on…unaware he’s several centuries too late because Lancelot came back with a Pound Shop alarm clock instead of going to Argos..

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