“We are Siamese if you please…”

IMG_7283 (2).JPG

Ever since I was a little girl and I heard those immortal words from the classic Disney film ‘Lady and the Tramp’, I was besotted with Siamese and overcome with the desire to have one for my very own. When I was a little girl they weren’t exactly a common breed, but when my old cat passed, my parents moved heaven and earth to find me a suitable replacement. A Burmese. Don’t get me wrong because I adored him, and my fondness for Siamese faded into the background.


I have had a succession of cat family members, my most recent being the four ‘Girls’, the ‘Big Girls’ and the ‘Little Girls’. I have already told the story of how we acquired the ‘Little Girls’ in an earlier post and how I finally came to own a Siamese.

image[9].jpeg“Yay! My forever home!”

Granted she has no pedigree to prove her background, but she is the sweetest natured cat I have ever had the pleasure to know and love. Admittedly she is not the brightest of cats, but from the tip of her chocolate kinked tail to her brown leather nose she is every inch an elegant Siamese to look at. And hear.

CAM00115.jpgIn my son’s bed – I’d just changed the sheets!!

Waaaaahh! I’m here! What’s happening!”

It is heart-rending when we have to go out… a puzzled brown face and slightly crossed blue eyes watches our departure and her howls echo after us… even round the corner…

Waaaaoooh! Whyyyyy! Nooooah! Don’t go! Please! Come back…”

The look of sheer pleasure on her little face as she comes running to greet us, purring thunderously and then flopping at our feet so we can rub her tummy. She will roll ecstatically from side to side, grabbing at our hands with her paws and mouth – never to bite or scratch, although there have been a couple of accidents where she’s snagged me… The devastated look on her face afterwards has me comforting her!

IMG_6346 (2).JPG

She is certainly the most talkative cat I’ve ever had, and will keep up a running commentary on whatever she sees me doing:

Hi! What shall we do Oh, you’re going to clean the bathroom, that’s always good for a laugh…”

My partner chose her name… he likes ‘Little Britain’ and doesn’t have to take the cats to the vets…

Ting Tong! Ting Tong Maccadangdang!” muffled snickers from the – of course – crowded waiting room…


She adores having her photo taken. The other girls don’t mind and will quite happily pose for a while, but Ting actively loves the camera…

Oh yes! He’s got the whirry box! Me! Look! I’m here right now! I’ll waive my fees…” as she tramples over Lily to get to my son and rub her face lovingly on the camera.

She is the sweetest, most loving cat. From the lost little kitten, she has grown into a happy, confident cat who never fails to put a smile on my face as she gazes at me with love in her – slightly crossed – sapphire blue eyes.

IMG_7286 (2).JPG

All photos were taken by my son!

30 thoughts on ““We are Siamese if you please…”

      1. Never seen it? I blame the BBC. They used to have a special Disney Time programme every Bank Holiday. We used to LOVE that. Somehow, channels that are all cartoons are just not a good replacement!

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      2. No, I’ve never seen those either. Always knew I was not constitutionally strong enough. Wicked stepmothers, comatose princess, poison apples – no problem. But a deer that loses his mummy? No way…. Not enough virtual tissues in the world for that one.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Uh-oh. Erm…well…only for a little while… She was hiding behind a tree. And he just didn’t see her for a minute. Yes, that’s right. That’s how hi-viz clothing got invented… Oh and then she went to live on a farm… With my goldfish….

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  1. I loved so much, so much 🙂 You know how crazy I am with cats! As always beautiful written and lovely photographed post, Blessing and Happiness to you all. Thank you, dear Samantha, Love, nia

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  2. I love the name, as always with your narrative, I saw the vet’s surgery and people’s faces as I read it 🙂 Well in my mind’s eye, that is. She really is a beautiful girl 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Such a lovely post! You clearly are so into your adorable cat and I’m not surprised, considering all the lovely things you said about her. I’m not a pet kinda person but I totally enjoyed this. Really really nice! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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