Lepidolite and Long Cats

IMG_7191 (2).JPGA beautiful example of rough Lepidolite, thank you Lizian!

Lepidolite is one of my favourite crystals, one of my ‘worker’ group. It has a comforting, rough grained texture to it, and can vary in colour from pinkish purple to lilac. The sparkles in it are actually mica, and as Lepidolite is formed in layers, it can work on several different levels to alleviate problems. I have two pieces, an egg shape and a piece that reminds me of a book… It’s a very good crystal to wear in contact with the skin as it actually contains lithium, a chemical used in the manufacture of certain anti-depressants.

I have depression and in the long, drawn-out hours that stretch before me, Lepidolite is a lightener, a mousse for the soul that lightens, if you will, that can help in some of the bleaker moments. It can be used to clear electromagnetic pollution and is a motivational crystal that will only let itself be used for the highest purpose.

A typical interpretation of this stone is that it will dissolve negativity and restore calm and balance. Lepidolite is associated with the heart, crown and third eye chakras, opening your consciousness to cosmic awareness: embracing the whole can help resolve troubles from past lives and aid progression into the future. As I have already mentioned, Lepidolite can help with reducing stress, lighten depression and get rid of dependencies. This calming, positive stone is restorative and beneficial, helping to re-organise potentially harmful psychological and behavioural patterns.

IMG_7231 (2).JPGDragon scales of Lepidolite, showing its layered formation… thank you Lizian

Lepidolite is also said to be good for insomnia. I have perfect examples of how to sleep surrounding me most nights when I begin my usual battle to force the gates into the Land of Nod…cats. Cats who relax completely and utterly, not even curled into a ball but L-O-N-G cats, stretched and blissful, asleep in the arms of Morpheus…

I love to see a long cat, because it shows me that they are completely relaxed into their environment, trusting there will be no mishap to disturb them. Some of the positions my girls manage to contort themselves into are practically a whole new range of yoga poses.

WP_20160112_22_15_09_Pro.jpgLily doing an example of “Twisted Dragon”…

WP_20160119_18_17_39_Pro (2).jpgErin’s interpretation of Twisted Dragon…

The long poses show off the grace and elegance of the feline body, supple and athletic. Charlie will stand up on her back legs to open doors, reach cupboard handles, or even tap me imperiously on the thigh:

Hey! Where’s my second breakfast?”

Long cats surround me as I sleep, stretched out by my side and by my feet, purring and soothing, sleep reaching and air kneading, showing me by clear example how to banish the long minutes of the night through sleep…

WP_20150512_22_40_11_Pro.jpgAaaand sleep.

All photos were taken by my son!

28 thoughts on “Lepidolite and Long Cats

    1. Thank you! I will tell them that (not sounding like a besotted cat mother at all) and I like to share a little rock knowledge …you never know when it may come in useful.. (hopefully sounding both knowledgeable and mysterious…!)

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  1. Lily looks longer than Erin! Cats are clever, now I believe you have a cat bigger than a German Shepherd! One of the stones (the rough Lepidolite) looks like one of my snakes. He’s anti-depressant (all my pets are) with his little smiley face and surprised flicks of the tongue. I’m insomniac (have been all my life, so maybe I’m not, maybe I just don’t sleep as much as most people) and I firmly believe a cat or a dog works better than any meds 🙂 I really like your posts, Samantha 🙂 And the photos 🙂 But it’s your words that are calming and somehow alive. Unpretentious and true with the wisdom of someone who having seen beyond masks people put on, doesn’t need one herself.

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    1. Lol! Erin has a talent for sort of bundling herself up in the corner of the sofa, and gradually expanding…so you end up with half the dog on your knee and about six inches of sofa..Lily is the same-little cat, soul of a panther! Your snake sounds lovely, they are very calming, no stresses, they just are..animals are enriching and beneficial.
      Thank you..your lovely comment about what I write is really appreciated and a real complement, made me quite emotional! Thank you x

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  2. Well, very nice photos and love that your son is the one who shot them.
    Second, now I understand how I am able to visit the past peacefully and embrace it, I wear the pink/lilac stone often.
    Third, you have depression?

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  3. Thank you, glad you enjoyed it-one of my son’s interests is photography, and his pictures are a lot better than mine!
    We are often drawn to a particular crystal for a reason…and yes, I have depression. Not right at this moment, I’m quite happy when I’m writing…it’s just one of those things. Thank you for reading and commenting
    : )xx


  4. This is amazing post and amazing cats 🙂 I loved all of them and as always I learn more about your crystal collection. Thank you dear Samantha, Blessing and Happiness to you all, Love, nia

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  5. Lepidolite sounds wonderful. I’m going to try to get some for my sister who is going through a rough time at the moment.. My Dolly does the twisted dragon pose when she is at her most comfortable… Lovely images from your son!

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    1. Thank you-I shall tell him!
      Yes, Lepidolite can be helpful, I personally have found so…also, perhaps a piece of Citrine? That’s an uplifting crystal and one of my son’s favourites.
      Animals make me laugh when they lie on their backs, legs in the air, not a care in the world-lol!
      Thank you for reading and commenting : )x

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      1. Thanks so much Samantha – I really appreciate that inspiration and will be on the look out for both of these lovely crystals.. You’re son is really talented and as for animals – haha – they just can’t fail but to brighten up our days! x

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  6. MOL…Granny says she is going to lay her Lepidolite next to me, just to see if I can get the same flexible as your Kitties..MOL 😀 Granny has a Lepidolite also against depressions, it is becoming very light since she had used it, but it worked 🙂 Pawkisses for a Happy WW 🙂 ❤

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    1. I think my cats perhaps have secret jobs as contortionists at a circus..your Granny can cleanse her Lepidolite by holding it under running water… not only is water very cleansing but it holds energy very well so helps all the energetic muck wash away. Then she can re- energise it by putting it in sun or moonlight, or even focusing her attention on the crystal and telling it what she wants it to do… Thank you for reading and commenting, enjoy the rest of your day : ) x

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  7. Your description of ‘long cats’ brought memories flooding back of my cat – now long departed – although she lived 17 years – her long sleepy stretches … I envy your cats ability to stretch out in slumber – I’m more a curl up snuggle down sleeper myself
    Keep sharing – great insights into life via crystals & cats

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