The Cleaning of Bathrooms

CitrineeThis is a beautiful example of Citrine, a marvellous crystal that NEVER needs cleansing…

I hate my bathroom. It doesn’t do anything particularly to merit my hatred, it just…is. It is, as tradition says, the smallest room in the house, so as logic dictates, it is painted white to give the illusion of size, space and light. Big mistake.

White happens to be one of my favourite colours, precisely because I love the illusion of size, space and light. However, add four cats to the mix and life becomes more… interesting. My cats have a weird fascination with the bathroom. I have no idea why. Considering the actions that take place in the bathroom, I like to keep it spotlessly clean. I use pet-friendly wipes to clean the floor, I use eco-friendly washing up liquid to scrub the bath and the sink and sheer elbow grease to polish the stainless steel fittings. Lemon juice is a big help and it also smells nice.

Yet despite my best efforts, circumstances, cats, children and partner all combine in one vast conspiracy to ruin my pristine, sparkling bathroom into a mud pit hair fest.


Charlie as  a kitten… caught in the act!

From an early age, my princess Charlie expressed an interest in running water. My cats actually have a filtered water drinking fountain, but nothing seems to beat the taste of plain old tap water. It’s better still if you’ve already been outside, perhaps for a spot of light digging, so the fur between your toes still has granules of earth clinging to it, that you can mix with water residue in the sink or bath to produce a red medium through which you can express the finer aspects of your feline nature through the action of applying said medium to the wonderful white canvas that has thoughtfully been supplied for you on every surface in your room of self-expression. Yep. Muddy pawprints everywhere.

Our bedroom is just to the right of the bathroom door, and one day, as I was polishing the mirror, I happened to see Charlie in the reflection. She was looking particularly furtive and… yes, downright sneaky. She nudged the bathroom door open – I had been intending to do a quick clean in there as well – and disappeared inside. I had to see what my cat was doing.

I crept stealthily across the room and stuck my head around the door and – I’ve never seen anything like it. My little cat was standing on the edge of the bath, on her back legs, stretched up as high as she could reach. She was WIPING her front paws across the tiles and then examining the underneath with interest, as if to say:

Well, today I have managed to mix the finest shade of vermilion… notice how I use different pressures of my paws to achieve the desired textured effect…”

The look on her face was a charming picture of interest and excitement, but I couldn’t help the anguished shriek as I saw how she managed to express herself already across my previously gleaming bath. Charlie looked at me, shock in her eyes at this rude interruption, ‘Brrp’-ed loudly and ran away.

Citrenee 2“Somebody – open the lid!”

The other cats just sit. They sit in the sink. Or the bath. They like to watch while you clean your teeth, although I have mixed feelings about being observed while I am in the shower. Charlie, however, is a very different sort of cat. I am prepared to overlook her artistic endeavours in my bathroom because she’s my cat and I love her. I really hope my partner sees things the same way when he notices that the back of his favourite chair has been shredded. Art can take many forms…

Citrinee 1Can I help?”

22 thoughts on “The Cleaning of Bathrooms

  1. I can empathise Samantha, from the days when we had cats. Naz (the one with the ‘right hook’) used to love walking along the edge of the bath and punch everything out of the way that hindered his smooth progress. How dull would it be without your cats expressing themselves and their art? :o)

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  2. I really love your stories! And a bathroom without a cat (or dog) would be too hospital-like, clean and cold…Ulysses loves water, too, though I’ve never had a cat as artistic as Charlie 🙂 Your posts make me smile so I always hope for more! ❤

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    1. Thank you : ) that’s a lovely compliment! It amuses me how cats are supposed to not care for water, but three of mine will quite happily play in the rain, the time I catch Charlie “painting” I’m going to photograph it..pleased you enjoyed it, thank you for reading and commenting : ) x

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    1. They have the rest of the house to play poor bathroom!
      As for chemicals, Charlie tends to over-groom and I had to go through the whole process of elimination to find out the cause. Bearing in mind cats walk on the floor and use their paws to clean themselves, I stopped using bleach etc. just to be on the safe side, plus obviously it’s better for the environment. There is probably research out there that advises against chemical cleaning products in a household with animals, and I always think it’s better to be safe than sorry…you could consider a post on it…thank you for reading and commenting : )


  3. Clearly Charlie has an artistic soul. Or, perhaps the Cats and Dogs movies were closer to the truth than we realise? Maybe you interrupted her in the middle of a highly complex coded message? Did you look into the mirror to see if it was backwards writing? Or Paws-code?

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    1. Ah. I never thought of that. But surely my precious princess loves her mummy…I must at this point, mention your reference to hysterically funny I acquired a new art myself-the old “tea through the nose” trick…

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      1. Nice to learn a new skill! Of course she is happy. I would imagine the Paws-code message went along the lines of “Send more kittens. Bathroom is pristine. You can see your whiskers reflected in the loo seat cover.” Something like that.

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      2. That is a possibility..I think I may change the lock on the door to one with a key…that I can wear on a string round my neck…and perhaps charge a small entrance fee to use it…


  4. Brilliant! All of my moggies have had some relationship with the bathroom too. I really should write about all of those critters. I’ve spent nearly 50 years on the planet and have never, ever lived without a cat. My current companion, a spry, little 11-year-old Calico is quite funny when it comes to water. She hates the bowl. The special “quiet motor”, “cat friendly” water fountain wasn’t neither quite nor friendly. The bathroom basin or the kitchen sink are her favorite watering holes.

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    1. I don’t know what it is about bathrooms, but it seems to be a real feline favourite place to hang out! You should share some cat stories-they are infinitely amusing, well, the whole range of emotions really! Thank you for stopping by and commenting : )


  5. Our cat loves to be in the bathroom too 🙂 I loved your story about bathroom, and of course your lovely cats too, they are amazing. Thank you dear Samantha, have a nice weekend, Love, nia

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  6. My cats love the bathroom too…obviously the running water, but we also have a furry audience for tooth brushing, manicures, etc. One of them likes to curl himself up into the sink bowl and take a nap sometimes.

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