Prehnite and Paws

IMG_6930 (2)

When I first held this stone-it’s actually my son’s- I had a really vivid mental image flash into my head…an old-fashioned chemist’s shop, the ones with the large, ornate glass bottles of red and green liquid in the window, the shelves holding glass jars and the heavy, powdery smell of medicines.

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, when I looked into it, Prehnite is actually a stone of healing, the ultimate crystal for any of those in the healing practices. Its clear green colour is reminiscent of sun shining through silver birch leaves, and as you hold it, you can feel the silver cord between you and Creation throb with life.

IMG_6875 (4).JPGThe sun hit this as my son was photographing it and gave it a heavenly glow…

A typical interpretation of this stone is that it lights the way forward into spiritual growth, preparing the path. It is a very serene stone, therefore good for use in meditation as it illuminates your inner knowing and enhances precognition. It is linked to the heart chakra and so opens your heart to both give and receive love, spiritually, mentally and physically. It can aid visualisation and deep meditation, connecting directly to the Universal energy grid-a charger for the soul, if you will…

Prehnite is another stone of unconditional love, like Rose Quartz, think of the love and trust a dog is showing you when it gives you its paw. I love my cats’ paws, they’re all so soft and dainty. Tooty and Lily have black toes that look like blackberries; while Charlie has two pink toes on her left paw, all the rest are brown.

IMG_6804 (2).JPGPerfect Princess Paws

It’s important to check the health of your animals’ paws, especially at this time of year when there are grass seeds everywhere. Vicious little pellets with stiff whiskers that can trap between unwary toes, causing irritation and abscesses. Check your dog’s paws and be careful where you walk. Broken glass pieces as small as needles can penetrate and slice tender paws, and all paw wounds bleed profusely…Apply pressure to the wound, and call the vet. Don’t take chances trying to remove anything yourself, just in case of infection, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

IMG_5254.JPGErin’s surprisingly dainty dog feet

My old cat, Walter, cut one of the ears on his “Mickey Mouse” pad as I call it, so deeply I thought he would lose it. I wrapped it up in a sock-straight to the vet, who said he was lucky and wouldn’t need stitches, but to keep the wound clean and dry. Right. The first thing he attempted to do was remove the dressing…so I hit upon the happy solution of giving him more to remove..light layers of kitchen towel taped gently into place and although the injured paw looked like a cushion compared to the rest of his elegant paws, it kept him occupied and gave his wound a chance to heal.

IMG_6754 (2).JPGLily paws… complete with deadly toe knives 

You can buy shoes to protect dogs’ paws, huskies generally wear them to protect their paws from the snow and ice. I think that’s a wonderful idea and I would love to buy Erin some…She, on the other hand, would have hysterics…I have also seen absolutely adorable shoes for children, that when they walk, leave the imprints of paw marks… I would have loved some of those when I was a little girl!

Paws and Prehnite, then, close to Mother Earth, and sealing and protective. Prehnite is a wonderful crystal for bringing calm to your environment and instilling peace and harmony with Nature… think on that as our cats knead serenely on our knees, and our dogs offer a paw in love, trust and friendship.

IMG_6926 (3)A beautiful example of Prehnite, buzzing with energy…

All photos were taken by my son!

31 thoughts on “Prehnite and Paws

  1. This is so beautiful dear Samantha, a gem with a mystical auro! Fascinated me. I learning with your amazing sharing. How beautiful their colours. And yes, these little paws 🙂 Thank you, I loved so much, you are both great team. Have a nice day, Love, nia

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  2. just yesterday i trimmed Boots’ fur growing on his paws… i regularly check on them for any dirt especially cat litter sand grains stuck in between his toes.. took the chance of cutting his nails too while he’s in that relaxed moment.. i love cat paws.. they are soft and cute.. thanks also for the great info about prehnite.. first time i’ve heard about that stone..

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    1. Yes it was a new one to me, but it has a lovely “vibe” to it…I have to wait until my cats are asleep before I paw check. None of them really like their feet being checked, but I can get away with tickling Ting’s back paws till she spreads her toes out…lol! Thank you for reading and commenting : )x

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  3. I’m a paw-fetishist (I love the photos so much!)-I think only a psychopath would not smile looking at your cats’ and Erin’s pretty little toes 🙂 Might even be my favourite post…

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  4. I hadn’t heard of this stone either, but it is very pretty. Paws are the best. Happily my cat will let me play with his paws as much as I want! But I think I would love a pair of those shoes you mentioned, to make my own paw tracks. Why do kids have all the fun?!

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      1. About how someone you knew knew someone who was related to someone who went to school with the person that fell over on the ice rink… someone skated over their hand and sliced their fingers off… I seem to recall being in tears before the bus even left the school…

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  5. Awww…those paws and toetsies are so adorable, Samantha. So sorry to hear about Walter’s ear. Hope he recovers soon. That stone is just amazing. We have never heard about it, but isn’t it amazing how beautiful Mother Earth is 🙂 Pawkisses for a wonderful day 🙂 ❤

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