‘You’ll be a Man, my son!” – Thank you Mr. R. Kipling for your exceedingly good poem…

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I miss my little boy. Not my son. He’s right here with me now. I mean I miss the little boy he was, the three year old who would sleep beside me in my bed, curled against my back after a bad dream, little feet on the backs of my knees. I miss his soft little boy hands, holding mine trustingly as we cross roads. His innocent joy and wonder at the world around him, the serious conversations he would have with my mother’s dog, the special smile as my cat came to him for strokes. Choosing what he would wear for morning and helping him put it on, showing him how zips, buttons and those monsters of difficulty, socks, work.

I miss the days of “Mummy will make it better” – I could then, there were simpler problems with easier solutions. Explaining division in Maths:

Look, here’s ten sweets… make sure you and Mummy have the same number of sweets each.” The pleasure in your face as you realised you could do this. For ever answering the question ‘Why?’ and not minding as I saw in your eyes the cogs turning, paths and connections forming, thought processes linking as you devised your own ideas and views.

Proud that I can learn from you, not just how to handle 21st century technology, but your philosophies on life and proud that I have a viewing window as I see your adult character develop. I hope I have been a good mother. I hope that I gave you some good ideas and morals that will see you as a confident citizen of the world in the 21st century. You have your own friends and mentors now, good people, honourable people; you have learned emotional intelligence and moral confidence, to be your own man and make your own place in the world.

My son, who is now an almost-man, getting ready to leave my home, but not my mother-love. I am sad, but it is as it should it be and I will see you on your way with a smile and a kiss, knowing that you remain a child of my heart while you walk your own path. 

IMG_6948This is Gino Baboo, my son’s favourite toy since he was three years old… showing signs of wear and tear but ready to go at a moment’s notice…

19 thoughts on “‘You’ll be a Man, my son!” – Thank you Mr. R. Kipling for your exceedingly good poem…

  1. A lovely post about setting the boy you love free in the world where he can be his own man. He is blessed to have a mother like you, you have prepared him as best you can with values and a heart filled with love and kindness that will always be there to guide him. You can be a very proud mum and I wish both of you love and strength as a new chapter in your lives begins. Big hugs xxx

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment : ) This is the week he gets his “A” level results, so fingers-and paws-crossed! Whatever happens, I’ll be proud of him and know that he did his very best. Thank you for reading, big hugs and much love to you all : )xxx

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  2. A heartfelt post of your love for your son as he is going out to the world as an adult. He will do well as you have taught well. Many teaches IQ not EQ. You ensured EQ and with that he is ready. You have done well. Be proud as he he will do well to conquer the world. ☺

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  3. Lovely post, nearly made me cry (not an easy feat)! From what I have gleaned through reading here it sounds like he is a lovely young man. Fingers crossed that he gets the A level results he wants.

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    1. Thank you : ) I’m very proud of him-we still have a few months after results, he’s doing a foundation course here before university as in addition to everything else, he’s also been a year younger than the other students, but I just wanted to capture the wistfulness of the moment as I looked at him and realised just how grown up he is…thank you for reading, crossing fingers and commenting!


  4. You almost took me back, I remembered the days with my son… He is now in another country and he is a father too. Oh dear Samantha, this is so proud of for a mother and I know we always miss them. Good Luck for you both, and my fingers crossed too. Thank you, Love, nia

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  5. What a lovely post 🙂 He’ll always be your little boy deep down…because Mum can always make things better-even when you’re 30 😉 Think about it: you have created a human, not just physically, you have shaped him, taught him to live. He is a unique entity but there will always be a part of you in him and then in his children and their children 🙂 x

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