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I don’t do unkindness. Not now. Not anymore. There was too much of it in my earlier life and I reached a point where I felt ill with it… like eating too many greasy chips. I thought I would hate to make anyone else feel as I did and had a quick prod of the old emotions – as you do – to see what I could do to feel better.

Kindness. I am not speaking about dancing around scattering glitter and flowers, and letting people liberties with you. Just little things. Like the opening of a door for someone; a pleasant smile and a ‘thank you’ can make all the difference to a day and make you feel that it is all worthwhile.

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Un-kindness is unnecessary and very rarely justified. I saw something that made me so sad the other day as I was dusting in my son’s bedroom. I had the window open, and we overlook a park. A little boy, only about three, was walking with his mother who was on her phone and pushing a pushchair. He had some sweets, but dropped them and started to cry. Instead of comforting him, or saying:

Never mind, we’ll get you some more,” the woman cuffed him across the top of his head and shouted:

Now look what you’ve done, you little tw**! Well that’s it, you’re not getting any more!”

What was the point of that? How cruel and unkind a response to an unfortunate accident. The little boy wanted his sweets, he didn’t throw them away in temper, he wasn’t misbehaving. As I watched from the bedroom window, the mother seized the little boy and dragged him away, still sobbing miserably.

What did the child learn from that? That his earliest disappointments in life will come from his mother? Not a lesson I would ever want my sons to learn. That it’s all right to hit out in temper at someone who’s already upset? Or hey, life’s a bitch and inevitably something worse will happen when you’re already hurting?

Really, it wouldn’t have taken much just to comfort the little boy, or even say:

“Well, we can’t go back to the shop now, let’s go home and watch television and you can have some more sweets tomorrow.”

IMG_6447 (2).JPGA pink rose, traditionally associated with kindness, love and gentleness

The ‘un’ kindness of the whole incident struck me as sad and unnecessary. However, I’m not judging the mother, perhaps she had a bad day… but there is always room for kindness, and a grateful smile from her little boy could have been her reward if the whole scenario had played out differently.

So. As I said previously, there’s no need to be unrealistic about the kindness you bring to the world, just think about what you do. You’ll feel better in yourself and you will have a better response from the people you meet. And, here’s a thought, be kind to yourself too. Give yourself a break.

(Thank you to Iman Refaat of Perceptions for inspiring this post and making me think about kindness. She’s a lovely person, check out her blog for inspiration, positivity and encouragement.) 

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All featured crystals are examples of Rose Quartz, my favourite crystal. It is linked to the heart chakra and helps to promote love, compassion and empathy.

37 thoughts on “Kindness

  1. Beautiful post about kindness, Samantha. That poor little boy 😦 I think all peeps have to carry a Rose Quartz in their pocket, maybe that helps to remind them to live from the heart. Pawkisses for a Happy Day 🙂 ❤

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  2. It’s not an easy reading but it’s good you write about it, Samantha. The thing is that both kindness and unkindness are contagious. It takes a conscious effort to avoid being grumpy and unpleasant after having interacted with a grumpy and unpleasant individual. But it’s worth reminding ourselves every day that one little smile, one ‘hello’ said to a stranger can make their day better (and maybe they will be nice to someone else and it’ll snowball into a good day for many people)

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  3. I was reading the story and about to write a thank you note for you when I found you writing my name 🙂
    The story is touching and unfortunately true. I hate to say that I witness it almost every day. Parents are shouting at their kids and they are becoming more nervous and less tolerant than ever.
    Than you Samantha for practicing kindness and being a role model in it. Your daily dose of kind words fills me with positivity.
    Sincere appreciation xxx 🙂

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      1. 🙂 x
        I was hoping to receive your advice about the stones.. I have the turquoise and the light pink/purple. I usually wear the turquoise when I want to express myself better and the other one what I want to connect to the diving powers, is this right?

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      2. First of all, it’s really a matter of what suits you personally, which crystal draws you, which crystal you are wearing when you accomplish something and you feel enhances that particular ability. Nothing beats personal experience! A good guide for some crystal properties is the ‘Crystal Bible’ by Judy Hall…

        Your Turquoise is linked to the Throat chakra and so amplifies the energy for your centre of communication. It’s a very efficient healer for spirit and body and also highly protective – as you know, Pharaohs used Turquoise in amulets for centuries.

        The pink/purple stone sounds like either Amethyst or Rose Quartz – both are good healers and help provide a clear mind. You’re absolutely right in using Amethyst for connecting to divine powers, it corresponds with your Third Eye chakra, encourages spiritual wisdom, opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities. Amethyst is also extremely protective, calming and good at absorbing negativity.

        Most blue stones enhance communication, while any form of Jasper is good for determination and helps to promote organisational abilities and seeing activities through.
        I hope this helps, just see which crystals draw you
        : )x


      3. This is so helpful Samantha.. And it explains a lot. When I am wearing the Amethyst I feel more peaceful and calm and when I am wearing yeh turquoise I feel more energetic and talkative!
        I think I will keep shifting between both according to the day awaiting for me 🙂 xx

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  4. Poor little boy… As I wrote today, it is not easy to understand people in today’s world. Sometimes I think, am I in another world… what changed and why? Kindness is not difficult, In Aristotle’s words, kindness, is defined as helpfulness towards someone in need, not in return for anything, On paper seems so understandable and easy but in life… but in life!

    Wonderful post dear Samantha, and also amazing photographs of crystals. Thank you, have a nice Friday and weekend, Love, nia

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      1. Take from the person that always seems to find drama, lol. Even if people are unkind to you I think we should always take the high road. Life is tough enough to give the petty things in life more energy. I’m also trying not to bother with the things that don’t directly concern me, also. I used to also seem to look for the unkind or wrong with the world. Buddisim and meditation was very good for me and I do need to go back to practicing it again.

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      2. I know, so should I really. I always find time for meditation, it’s just adding thought/mindfulness to it…My son says virtually the same as you actually, about people and so forth- so obviously I’m going to say great comment and wise words, thank you : )

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  5. Poor little boy, if this is how his mother treats him in a public space I would be concerned about how she treats him in the privacy of their home. It does not cost anything to be kind and be a positive example to a young human being. Thank you for sharing Samantha and much love to you xxx

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    1. Makes you wonder..but you are right-it costs nothing at all to be a positive example, and as Alex said,perhaps we can start a snowball effect…thank you for reading and your lovely comment, much love to you and yours also : )xxx

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  6. It never ceases to amaze me how little of a kindness, or an unkindness for that matter, can affect a person. Small words, small actions in either direction can create large results. While it’s easy enough to see in day to day interactions with other people, I believe we often forget that it is true for ourselves. I like AngelWhisper2011’s suggestion to keep a bit of rose quartz in one’s pocket. We must remember to be kind to ourselves. From there, it’s infinitely easier to be kind to others.

    Samantha, thank you for writing on this topic. Your words, as I am finding the more I read, touch on currently sensitive subjects for me and bring me perspective and peace.

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    1. Nice to hear from you and thank you for such a lovely compliment : )
      I like the suggestion of rose quartz for everyone-pocket kindness…and as you say, it applies equally to ourselves.
      Thank you for reading and commenting-to know that it helps is nice to hear
      : )x

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  7. A heartfelt post Samantha. Unkindness is prevalent unfortunately and that poor child may be scarred for life if he passes it on when he grows up and have children of his own.
    The unkindness from Electrical Lord is the same and I think he grew up with the same standards he is throwing on us minions now. Aaah well….happy weekend ahead to you Samantha. May you be surrounded by kindness and love always❤💙💚💛

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    1. I know…but hopefully instances of kindness will help to break the cycle. It is possibly too late this time around for Electrical Lord..leopards and spots spring to mind…However, for you, I also wish kindness and love…and plenty of Garfields! Enjoy your weekend : ) xx

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  8. I agree with you – a little kindness goes a long way. I try to watch out for people who need a bit of help getting on and off buses or trains, or are struggling with their shopping, or crossing roads etc. Rarely has anyone refused help or been rude in reply, but I find it a little sad that sometimes people seem surprised that help is offered. Kindness should be an everyday thing.

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    1. I’ve noticed that..sometimes people are surprised by kindness, which is sad really, and a bit of indictment on today’s society/ view…I’m not sure what to call it. I had a shopping bag full of stuff-catfood mostly- and a lad, about 18, opened the shop door for me. I thanked him and he said “I thought you were going to shout at me and say you could do it yourself..” lol! A bit away from the point, but it illustrates what you said.

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