No, not that sort of lily. A much more deadly sort, although just as beautiful… I was surprised to hear quite recently actually, that black cats are the most difficult cats to re-home, along with black and white cats. I love black cats, their sleek elegance, their pantherish qualities and above all, their individuality. My first cat, the one who saw me into this world, was called Snoopy and was black. A beefy ex-tom, with soft thick fur who bore my childish maulings with good natured equanimity.

Now I have two black cats, alike only in colour as they are so very different in temper, nature and looks.

Yes, looks. I have a nice little daydream sometimes, in which I have about seven black cats that I can tell apart, of course, along with a collection of black and white cats… like a herd of furry mini-cows…

I have a soft spot for tabbies – my old cat was a tabby and a gentleman of the highest order – but Lily. A tiny black tiger, a dusky, dainty demon…

IMG_6783 (2)

Lily came to us a couple of months after I acquired my princess Charlie; my younger son missed my old cat too, and as Charlie was very definitely my baby, he wanted his own kitten, along with the guinea pigs and the budgie. But who am I to say no, and it meant as much to me to see him holding Lily and smiling.

Lily grew and thrived, although neither of my older female cats are very big. Ting and Tooty, the kittens as we still call them, are both taller and broader than the big girls… but regard their big sisters with a wary respect. Lily also acquired first class hunting skills and remains chief procurer of mice and birds. She has rather a dark sense of humour too… perhaps in keeping with her colour…

However, although at first glance Lily is dull black, when she sits in the sun her fur bursts into vibrant life. The sunlight strikes tones of burnished gold and amber into her coat. Shades of burnt marmalade and tiger stripes of rust decorate her little face and legs, as she becomes a feline of light, rather than a panther of darkness…


Her eyes are emerald green, filled with cattish quickness and for someone so delicately fierce, you would expect a roar at the very least. But no, when she opens her mouth – revealing tiny sharp ivory points – the sweetest “Mew!” emerges…

IMG_6746 (2).JPG

Yet for such a little cat carrying the weight of witchy forbears, she can be surprisingly playful. She loves to leap into the laundry basket and whirl round and round, chasing her own tail. She’s never quite grasped the concept of play, unless it’s with claws, consequently the other cats never really believe her pretend pounces and flee in terror…

IMG_6790 (2).JPG

She thinks nothing of walking up to Ting who is a good few inches taller than her, and slapping her: “Too slow!” Ting retires for comfort as Lily carries on her way, hooking Tooty’s leg – just for fun – as she goes by.

IMG_6809 (2).JPG

So, ‘Lily Lily Mouse Killy’, although the sweetest of cats to us, is a force to be reckoned with, charming and cheerful, fluffy and pretty. When she looks at me, her eyes hold hidden secrets… and sometimes… I wonder…

_MG_6403 (2).JPG


58 thoughts on “Lily

  1. Our cat black and white… I haven’t had a black cat in all my life. But I remember, there was a neighbour and it was the time my dad didn’t let me to have a cat and I was going to ask them to take their cat for to love and caress… the owner, beautiful lady let me to do this, and when I came back from the school, I was taking their black cat to my home, to my room… Just after a few minutes, the door knocked and the boy (of the lady) came and asked to his cat back… 🙂
    Beautiful cat dear Samantha, give for me kisses, Blessing and Happiness to you all. Thank you, Love, nia

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  2. I love black cats, I used to have a black girl Fritzi (named after our Filipino friend, because both were extremely bendy).Yours are beautiful 🙂 All of them 🙂 We found a kitten yesterday, black and white, alone, running across a busy road to greet our dogs. Too young to be out. So I haven’t slept much and yours is probably the only post I’m going to read today (the kitten is, obviously, awaiting his future in the safety of our house) x

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      1. I asked for a kitten some time ago but Ulysses said ‘no’.Ulysses (the cat) likes dogs and people but not cats. Hedgehog (the husband) and the kitten had to sleep in the separate bedroom last night…

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      2. Wouldn’t Ulysses like to be an uncle? Although perhaps as the previous king of Ithaca he feels kittens are beneath him…lol! You have a shoe bedroom…I have a crystal/ book bedroom euphemistically called the study since my oldest son moved out!

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      3. It’s my weakness, I’ve been trying very hard for the last two years not to buy any high heels. It’s the only room with a limited pet access-they know the door is closed and they can only be there supervised by me. Brian has managed to chew my expensive shoe (but only one) and two pairs of my proper trainers, though. And it made me love him even more. Because I do need to distance myself from the material things 🙂

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  3. She’s beautiful–and the flame accents are striking! I wonder whether she’s half Siamese–they often produce black kittens when out-bred, and there is a flame-point Siamese.

    How did Effie manage to like this before I did??

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    1. I’m not sure, Lily’s mother was a very dainty little cat, but I know her colouring isn’t from sun discolouration either- the hairs actually are gingery right to the root. It’s a fault in show cats, but I think it just adds to her beauty!
      Effie obviously managed her like first by the power of thought transference…


      1. An apology and assurance that image/identity theft will not be repeated would be more appropriate than thanks. I’m sorry to put this here, but I see no other way to contact you. But I feel violated, Samantha! You appropriated a gravatar image from my account without asking!

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      2. I’m really sorry. Honestly, I didn’t do anything, just clicked on the notifications as they appeared on my app on my phone. I’m really sorry for any offence but that’s how it happened. There was absolutely no theft done on my part- I can only apologise sincerely

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      3. I’m sorry for my reaction, but I never imagined it was possible to somehow appropriate someone’s gravatar–insta-Like! I am truly contrite for presuming you a hacker–I had no other explanation. I’m not a phone app user, and I have no idea how these things work–but evidently not very well, or they wouldn’t happen so easily!
        In any case, I’m sure Effie would love your post on Lily.
        Still friends!


      4. You hurt my feelings. At first I thought you were joking which is why I responded by thanking you both rather than apologising for something I haven’t done. I have NEVER stolen anything in my entire life so you thinking that I had somehow managed to procure Effie’s gravatar for my own use hurt my feelings. I write all my posts by hand using pen and paper. My son types them, adds the photos and posts them. The most I can do with the Android app on my phone is like and comment on other people’s posts, whilst liking and replying to comments on my own posts. Thinking that I had both the technical know-how and the impulse to steal an image and use it to promote my own statistics hurt my feelings.

        I hope you can see how I felt, thanks for your apology

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      5. I do understand how you felt, Sam, and I hope you accept my authentic apology. I would feel the same way, probably with more indignation. I hope you can understand my initial response–which I fully accept was in error. When there seems no other coherent explanation, I go to the nearest possibility. I think most of us do. I had no way to know your technical limits. I hope this can get behind us and stay there!


      6. I downloaded the whole sequence of events to my husband when he came home, especially how horrible I was. He has seen the same Gravatar mystery appearance before, with his own. Effie’s appearance had nothing to do with you or your phone! It’s a thing Gravatar does sometimes–they presume patterns and send a Gravatar off to Like something where it’s Liked something before. I am so sorry for my far worse presumption, Sam, truly! I let my emotions concerning private property get ahead of my reason when I should have sought another explanation in the first place. I have only known you to be entirely courteous and respectful! I hope you will forgive me. I regret terribly that I caused you hurt.


  4. A lovely post Samantha and Lily is so beautiful. Two of the six cats we had were black and both of them had hidden depths, were top hunters and the alpha male and female of the house. Cuddles for Lily (if she accepts them), you and all your other furries xxx

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      1. Agreed. Live mice, released and allowed to get under your floorboards and eat through your electric cables are also not good. And costly…

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      2. That would be correct. No lights in the bathroom, tiles up, hardboard up, carpet in hall space up, rewiring, trunking, spurring off (electrician talk), repainting. Plus one proud cat and one (sadly) fried mouse. Super.

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      3. Ohhh…oh my. My oldest son’s a plasterer so I know just how much work that involved…(partner used to be a builder too) I can’t even joke…the thought fills me with terror…I admire your bravery in seeing that through. I would have left home …

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      4. Lol! I know…takes a while for the benefit of hindsight to kick in but I always have mouse retrieval equipment handy in every room and am ready to spring into action at the drop of a hat…or the shriek of a partner!

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  5. You are right in that black cats are harder to rehome in my lil red dot. Black in Asian culture is alluded to death and darkness. It is worst if the black cat “wore” white socks as it symbolises mourning. I guess it is an Asian or cultural thing especially for Chinese.

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  6. This was spectacularly written. I’m a sucker for animals anyway, so of course I loved all the pictures, but the way you described Lily was truly beautiful and captivating. I’ve missed reading your posts! Glad to be catching up 😊

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  7. MOL..we had to… because of the dark humour..MOL… Lily is absolutely adorable and her fur looks like velvet, so beautiful. I think we cats all have our secrets, but maybe that is because I have the black cow spots 😉 Pawkisses for a Happy Day 🙂 ❤

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