Empathy for a Pepper

It lay on the road, as fat and round as and redly shining as Henry VIII on one of his better days. It was a beautiful example of its kind, the standard red bell pepper, its skin smooth, taut and unblemished, the sunlight striking a gleam off the perfect globes of its bottom. Its stem curved proudly upwards, strong and green, still bearing the mark of where it had been snapped from its mother plant. It was the very pinnacle of pepper perfection.

And yet it lay on the road. My son and I saw it as we were walking to my mother’s house and pondered upon its fate. Perhaps it had been destined to become part of a fluffy yellow omelette, shards of pepper glistening amongst the egg, like rubies cushioned on yellow velvet. Maybe the person who bought it was going to make a healthy salad for their family, dicing its firm flesh into symmetrical cubes to add brightness to the green of lettuce. Possibly it was bought to add mild heat and flavour to a curry, lovingly crafted by a woman for her husband, part of a carefully planned romantic evening for two without the kids.

IMG_4564 (2).JPG

And yet it lay on the road. I don’t know what cruel hand of Fate had plucked it from its carrier bag or why its purchaser had not stopped to retrieve it, only that its proud pepperness had not been diminished by this unseen turn in its destiny. I mentioned to my son that perhaps we should pause and rescue it, but both he and I had been very firmly taught from an early age that you do not pick food up off the floor. So we left it.

Later as we returned home, we noticed that the pepper had been run over by a callous car. Its insides were smashed into a foot long smear, fragments of skin embedded into the tarmac. Roadkill.

I felt awful and somehow guilty that I had not rescued the pepper and saved it from this undignified ending. It deserved better. Perhaps the moral of this is ‘waste not, want not.’ I don’t know. I only wish that I had stopped to pick the pepper up and let it complete its destiny in a more fitting way.


Rose Quartz – stone of the heart for infinite love and compassion

All photographs Copyright © 2016 Alex Marlowe

47 thoughts on “Empathy for a Pepper

  1. Perhaps it was a deliberate act. Maybe the real destiny of the pepper WAS to be a glorious death. Terrified of over-consumption by humans, the pepper escaped the supermarket bag, launched itself into the road and waited for its finest hour, knowing the act would release its seeds to the gentle winds created by the rushing car. The seeds will scatter to far-flung places of safety, fall, germinate, grow into plants themselves and for ever pay homage to the Great Pepper, the one that saved all of Pepperkind.

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      1. Actually, there’s quite a funny postscript to the story…I like to include photos on my post of relevant things, so I went out and bought a beautiful red pepper to use as a prop for Alex to take the pictures. I left it at my mother’s overnight as we were going to her house for tea the next day. We came in, sat down, had tea…”Mum, where’s the pepper I left here yesterday?” A look of blank incomprehension…”You’ve just bloody eaten it!”…

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      1. LOL. I have had the best time here today. Sorry it was at the expense of a pepper. If they do take over the world you can offer me as a sacrifice. I think I’m allergic to them anyway so would be living on borrowed time in any case…

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  2. Poor bell pepper or capsicum. I would rescue it and use it for sweet and sour pork! Better than roadkill ha ha! Loved the humorous way you wrote it. May the bell pepper rest in bell pepper heaven! Amen🙈🙈

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  3. I love the vivid descriptions you use to describe things.
    I love bell peppers. I haven’t tried the purple ones yet though.
    One can never be too sure of what may be on food if it has fell on the ground. It could have been poisoned by someone. Or maybe not.
    These days, one cannot be too sure anymore.
    The world is not as simple as it used to be.
    I love the ideas that pop into your head as to where it might have been used for. 🙂
    And as always, a pretty picture.

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