Fluorite and Fur

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Fluorite is one of my son’s favourite crystals. It is a useful and beneficial stone, as varied in its patterns and capabilities as fur, an animal’s natural clothing. Although it is a crystal I have no particular affinity with, I can admire it for its prettiness, much as I love fur… more of that later…!

A typical interpretation of Fluorite is that it is a highly protective stone on all levels. Psychically, it allows you to pinpoint negative outside influences and isolate yourself from them. It can cleanse and stabilise auras and repel negative energies. It enjoys order and will help you overcome disorganisation to promote progress. Consequently it’s a useful stone to have when working in a group as it unites individuals to a common purpose. Fluorite is an excellent learning aid, so very good if for students, (possibly why my son likes it), increasing concentration, quick thinking and the retaining of new information. It is a crystal good for balance, both emotionally and physically.

Different colours of Fluorite, in addition to the general properties also have their own individual qualities. Blue Fluorite enhances creative thought and good communication.

IMG_5083 (2)

Clear Fluorite is linked to the crown chakra and can energise the aura. It enhances the other aspects of crystals during healing and is useful when visiting the dentist.

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Green Fluorite absorbs negativity, grounds excess energy and can help relieve emotional trauma.

IMG_5059 (2)

Purple Fluorite stimulates the third eye chakra and is beneficial in psychic communication.

IMG_5042 (2)

As I said, as varied and beautiful as fur. I love fur, I think it looks better on the animals it was designed for and would NEVER under any circumstances wear or promote the sale or wearing of fur in any shape or form. To this end, I don’t even wear fake fur, sheep skin, leather or animal print fabrics. (Although I must confess to having animal print duvet colours – Charlie likes them as they remind her of her wild heritage…)

My love affair with fur began when I was a little girl. As a treat, my grandmother would let me stroke her mink coat and silver fox fur collar. As a tiny girl, I was entranced by the silky yield of the chocolate mink beneath my fingers, the banded beauty of the silver fox, elegant grey, tipped with black. As a slightly older child:

Nanny, why don’t the animals want their fur any more?” I recall clearly the fleeting look of panic on her face, then a smile as she resolved her answer:

Well dear, the little animals died of old age and didn’t need it any more, so they let me have it as a lovely coat… Let’s go and find you a biscuit!”

As an adult, I can appreciate her not wanting to upset me, but I must repeat FUR LOOKS BETTER ON THE ANIMAL IT WAS MEANT FOR. My girls all have beautiful fur of different shades. Lily and Tooty have Rainbow and Silver Obsidian fur: catch Lily in the sunlight and she turns into a dark chocolate tabby, banded with stripes of burnt gold.

Tooty’s fur takes on an overlay of silver shimmer, revealing a velvet dark undercoat of soft dusky fur.


I could wax lyrical about Charlie’s fur – she’d love it – but suffice it to say she is the feline form of Tiger’s Eye, ginger, grey, gold, brown, chocolate, biscuit… her fur is the softest and silkiest (we had a trauma with overgrooming due to a stress related stray cat problem – many thanks to the wonderful Marc-André of Katzenworld, who gave me lovely reassuring advice and a link to Castle Vets… a great, useful blog, filled with help on caring for all manner of animals.) and within her textured contours she has an owl, an angel… Her fur is almost like one of those Magic Eye pictures!


Charlie’s Angel…

My mother’s dog, Erin, is a continent of contrasts: the waterproof layer of her black saddle fur, coarse to the touch yet practical and weather-proof, hiding a wooly warm layer. Her back leg fur is soft yet bristly, protecting powerful muscles, but the fur on her head is soft, close-textured, her ear fur as soft as a cat’s.


I love animal clothing on its rightful owners, whether it’s the shiny smart hair of a well brushed horse, or the bristly firm skin of a pig. Best of all to me is cat fur – I wear my adornment of shed cat hairs on my clothes proudly, the hair left on me, I count as a sign of their love.

All photographs Copyright © 2016 Alex Marlowe

30 thoughts on “Fluorite and Fur

  1. I believe that having multiple cats of many colors is best for one’s fashion sense. No matter who sheds his or her love on you, it will go with all outfits! Thank you for another wonderful post.

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  2. This is so lovely 🙂 Your stories are composed of mini emotional triggers: as soon as I start feeling sad, there’s something to make me smile, something to make me remember my own childhood -and, most of all, something to relate to 🙂 And I wear my ‘cat/dog hair outer layer’ proudly, too! (oh, well, I intend to do it proudly from now on)x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you-what a lovely comment, I really appreciate it! When I started this blog, with Alex’s encouragement, I never really thought that people would like it, let alone be so positive in their response. Oh dear, all emotional now…so pleased you enjoyed it and thank you again for your lovely comment x

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  3. A lovely post Samantha with beautiful photographs too. When we had a house full of cats our clothes used to be covered in cat hair too. I would brush most of it off before going to work but always left a few :o)

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    1. Thank you for your kind comment! My son showed me a cartoon of why witches only have black cats…imagine if they had white cats with their black robes-lol! I always feel sad when I find a dropped whisker though.. thank you, as always, for reading and commenting!

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  4. Granny has a fluorite purple angel just like yours. She loves the energy! Your kitties are very special! Charlie’s Angel is so special. Never saw that before. I have a Mickey Mouse on my back, that is kind of special too 😀
    You are so right about the fur, it only looks good on animals…it’s their fur, like our skin is ours. We don’t buy anything that could have animals in it, not even with feathers. To much grief previous to the animals 😥
    Pawkisses for a wonderful day to you all 🙂 ❤

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    1. I love the crystal angels, I think they are special in theemselves too! Just been back to your blog to look at your pictures and I can see your Mickey Mouse! *smiles* So sweet! Thank you for reading and your lovely comment, hope you have a good day too xx

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  5. Fur is definitely better on its original owner! There are actually some great organizations out there that will take donations of old fur coats and give them to animal rescue groups to use as bedding for orphaned baby wildlife. ❤

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