Moss Agate and Motherhood


There’s some inexplicable comfort in knowing your Mum will do something, like ironing or cooking, for you. Just because she’s your Mum.”

These lovely words were left as part of a comment on one of my earlier posts, and they set me to thinking about the nature of motherhood. I, myself, am mother to two boys-nearly men at 16 and 21-and four feline daughters. Not quite sure what the budgie regards me as – housekeeper perhaps? In a way, my job is nearly done as far as my sons are concerned. I have raised them as best I know how to be decent human beings, fit to be inhabitants of this world in the 21st century. They are both capable nearly-men and yet I know they will remain bound to me by the ties of mother-love, not just the dutiful ‘phone call or email, but by the memories of things past…

Teaching them how to tie their shoelaces and getting frustrated because I couldn’t do it…Laughing uncontrollably as my older son fell in a puddle when he was about 2, and it turned out to be deeper than he thought; marvelling at my younger son’s manipulation of the English language to make it express what he wanted, “cutting nose” for “beak” – isn’t that great?! My mother sneered as I carefully sliced my older son’s tomato and cut my younger’s into quarters the way they prefer – yet she made sure I didn’t have too many chips and that the peas didn’t touch the tomato sauce.

Motherhood is a continuous process of give and take. I delight in learning something I didn’t know from my children and I appreciate it when they pass me things from shelves I can’t reach; the same way my older son appreciates my re-stocking of his toiletries, unasked, or my younger, the carefully prepared vegetarian packed lunch he takes to college every day.

Likewise with animals. The love between an animal and its owner is like that between a parent and child. My cats are my little girls and as such I make sure they have everything they need since they depend on me and I am responsible for every aspect of their well-being. This obviously ranges from fresh food and water to trips to the vet for boosters and worming tablets. In return, my cats love me. At least I think they do…

I draw love and comfort from them and reassurance. Yet they are all individuals, requiring different aspects of love from me. When Charlie is scared, it’s me she wants, not Daddy. When she’s tired, it’s my knee she wants to sit on so she can knead my jumper, purring herself a lullaby. They’re all Mummy’s girls really.

Moss 6Charlie having Mummy cuddles

Trying to go out shopping is difficult as I am generally accompanied by two or three cats running along beside me:

Hey wait! We can help! We checked price comparison websites for you!”

So I have to go back, make sure they understand cats really can’t go shopping and as I round the corner of the road I can hear Ting’s siren wails:

Naaaoooohhh! Don’t goooooo! Pleeeaase!”

Moss 7Ting doing a spot of creative gardening…

I ring my partner when I get off the bus to come home and generally two or three of the girls will come running to meet me:

You’re back! I thought you were never coming home!”

One day, all four came running to meet me and a little boy riding past on his scooter said wonderingly:

Look at all those cats!”

Another time, I counted three black cats, a Siamese and a tabby running towards me…an extra stray black cat caught up in the joy of the moment!

Moss 4

Moss 5Just the two black cats, Lily and Tooty…

As I write, I have Moss Agate in my pocket: not unsurprisingly, this stone is strongly connected to Mother Nature, and is said to be useful to midwives, decreasing pain and ensuring a good delivery. A typical interpretation of this stone is that it can refresh the soul and help you see the beauty in everything, reducing sensitivity to the weather and environmental pollutants. It is another stone of abundance and can help people access and channel intuitive energy. Moss Agate can help with self esteem issues and strengthen beneficial personality traits. It’s a happy stone promoting new beginnings and as such is useful for those who work both in agriculture and midwifery, linking back to Mother Nature and her endless cycle of death and rebirth.

Moss 2

I have two pieces, a pale greenish grey one with patches of white. When my son gave me this piece, the Bering Sea entered my mind, the cold grey waves topped with crests of white, another example of Nature’s inexorability. My other piece is greener, with threads of white and dark green running through it like vines. Amazon rainforest, lungs of the Earth. I generally use these pieces as I write as Moss Agate is a creative stone, promoting self-expression and communication, another little conduit to Mother Nature and the Earth.

Moss 1

I draw inspiration from my cats, another reward of being their mother. My younger son, when he was little, once referred to me as “she” without explaining who he meant. The person to whom he was speaking delivered this statement, meant as a rebuke:

She? She’s the cat’s mother!”

To which I proudly replied:

Yes. Yes I am…”

23 thoughts on “Moss Agate and Motherhood

  1. I love your pieces of moss agate, the first one is quite unusual. I have a tumblestone and a pendulum. Both have a lovely energy. I see them as a connection to the forest and the green man in particular, a stone of nature connectivity.

    How lovely your cats run to meet you like that, it must be quite a sight, bless them!

    We have a hound and a feline. The dog is certainly a mummy’s boy and is always making sure I am still there on walks out. He is happiest drapped over my lap or laying by my feet.

    The cat is far more queen like. As a bengal tabby cross she is always looking to jump up, on and into things she shouldn’t. She gets very embarrassed when she fails to reach her target. Just the other day we had a delivery and the empty box stood upright on the side. Madam decided to jump on top and fell all the way to the bottom! We fished her out and she was very unamused…unlike the rest of us…but then five minutes later she tried it again! This time she got herself out, walked off wriggling her behind and sat with her back to us muttering to herself in Bengal…she is very vocal when roused! Then there was the time when she decided to jump up a dressing gown hanging on a door. She got her claw caught and set up a heck of a row until a couple of us rushed in the room to rescue her. She is getting on a bit now and often misses her target but it doesn’t stop her trying! Such a personality and so very regal with it *smiles*

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    1. I completely agree, moss agate is definitely a stone with a real ‘Nature vibe’. Love my tumblestones, I have tried with pendulums, but they don’t really respond to me… I enjoyed your anecdotes about your Bengal cross, she sounds a character! Charlie mutters to herself, funny to watch, but probably I’m better off not knowing what she’s saying!! Thank you for reading, pleased you enjoyed it and thank you for your great comment! 🙂

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  2. What a great post, it had me smiling especially the ending line. 😄 I have only been a mother to dogs and cats so far, but it definitely is special and a title I’m proud to claim. I love seeing your kitties, they’re beautiful! 😊

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Congratulations and a very BIG happy birthday to your son. What a lovely post and oh so true.. I have 2 sons too and can relate very much to what you’ve written. As for the cats though – over the last 24 hours I’ve decidedly ‘gone off them’… my husband and I have been chasing them out of the garden trying to protect a baby blackbird – Bryan has turned into ‘mother hen’ and was up and out in the garden at 4 a.m. chasing off another little tabby cat! haha… yes – the cycle of life. It was bad enough finding a sparrow hawk eating one of the baby blackbirds on our grass but as my younger son pointed out ‘mum – that’s a good thing, it’s probably feeding it’s chicks and there are more blackbirds than sparrow hawks’… it takes our ‘sons’ to remind us about ‘life’ sometimes.. xx

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    1. Ah thank you very much! Yes, he’ll soon be off to pastures new…seems like only yesterday I was still reading him bedtime stories!

      I know what you mean about cats…it always upsets me when they kill either mice or birds…mice reproduce quicker though. We had a sparrow hawk casually ripping up a pigeon in the park at the back of us. Beautiful bird…but I think I would cross the road to avoid it! 😸💕xxx

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    1. Bless them, I would like to think so…my human family are connected to them too, so when we went to the vet the other day, he didn’t half give me a funny look when I said Uncle W and Daddy were waiting for us outside! 😸💕xx

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