Stop Yulin

THIS MUST STOP. Dogs are heart companions and animals of infinite joy and love.

Our dog loving friends in China and in the US have asked us to spread the word. There are several online petitions and this is only one of them.


Please feel free to support this peaceful move to help save and protect dogs in China. You can sign the petition here:

End the Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Our own message on the petition reads like this:

Dogs are about love and peace. They were created by God to spread love and peace. We owe it to them to love them and to allow them to live in peace.

Xenia Tran

In love and light,

Xenia xxx

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Photographs provided by iheartdogs

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21 thoughts on “Stop Yulin

  1. It breaks my heart to know that this festival still exists, thank you for speaking up about it and sharing this post. Sadly, a lot of people are also misinformed thinking all Chinese populations engage in this festival, which is false, and there are many activist groups fighting to end this tragic “tradition”. I am a mommy of 4 bratty Shih Tzus whom I love dearly and it’s so sad to see this happening on the other side of the world.

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  2. Thank you for commenting and you’re absolutely right in saying that not all Chinese populations participate-a really important point. However, it’s the 21st century and there is simply no need for it. Thank you for reading and I love Shih Tzus! 🙂


  3. OMG, in China they’re eating dogs and cats and I don’t understand at all why someone would do such horrible thing?? There just too many people that are torturing animals all over the world, but in China I think it happens the most. 😦

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    1. Right. First I must thank you for reading and taking the time to comment as this is a really emotional subject, and I appreciate your passion for all aspects of animal welfare. However, we must remember, as Belinda said in the comment above, we must not assume that all Chinese populations take part. I am so pleased you feel so strongly about this, as we all do – give your support to the campaign, sign the online petition and help to spread the word by re-blogging my or the original post from whippetswisdom. Thank you, as always for reading and commenting.

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      1. Of course, I don’t have stereotypes in general. But it is totally unacceptable to see such horrible things happening. It should be 100% percent forbidden. We must spread the words and raise attention on this subject!

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  4. Hello again Samantha, I cannot verify this, but there was a report on MSN yesterday which claimed that more than 11 million people worldwide had signed online petitions to stop the practice. With so much consciousness raised we hope the practice will not be able to continue. We can all make a difference when we join for the greater good. Thank you so much for caring and for sharing :o)

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    1. Ohh! I really hope that’s right! Regardless, a LOT of people must have lent their support, so, as you say, the practice will hopefully be discontinued. Thank you for your original post, pleased I could do something to help x


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