I AM WOMAN (See me iron…)

I hate ironing. As the only woman in the house, the ironing of clothes naturally falls to me… “Gender stereotyping!” I hear you shout!

Well, the fact of the matter is, I am slightly obsessive about getting the job done properly and I’m not very good at delegating either. I have tried. Honest.

My older son has now left home and as an ex-army cadet he knows perfectly well how to iron. Yet still, when he come home, he brings a load of clothes that need both washing – and, yes – ironing too… However, it is my mother he chooses to bless with this duty, which she fulfils with loving care and attention.

My partner can iron… but chooses not to, in the same way perhaps that I choose not to put the bins out. Gender stereotyping again? Possibly, but in my defence, I must state that when my sons were little, I did not rush out and buy them guns and action figures in soldier’s costumes. Instead, we had (and still do actually) dinosaurs. Lots and lots of dinosaurs. Small plastic ones, cuddly ones and model ones. I was secretly delighted when our local newspaper was giving away free model dinosaur skeletons – you push the pieces out of a sheet of balsa wood and clip them together, although it’s quite annoying because my Pterodactyl’s head keeps falling off…

IRON 2My – no actually – my son’s Triceratops

My youngest son claims he can’t possibly iron, as he is too little. Hmm. Considering he is sixteen and taller than me, that excuse is so feeble it’s practically on its deathbed. I said to him:

What about when you go to university? What will you do then?” to which he confidently replied:

Oh, I’ll come home every weekend and bring it for you then!” My planned lesson in practical life skills gave a feeble beat of its hopeful wings and expired…

To me, upon reflection, I suppose ironing has been a way to mark the passage of Time. Twenty years ago, I was ironing tight jeans and little tops, then maternity wear and baby outfits. The jeans grew longer in the leg as I grew older, baby t-shirts into proper mens’ shirts with collars… as I progressed to comfortable pull on trousers and easy care shirts.

IRON 3I’d help, Mummy, if I could grow thumbs…”

Oh well, I suppose I’d better go and get another load done… lucky the express steam cloud of my ultra-modern iron will hide my sentimental tears… 

All photos were taken by my son!


27 thoughts on “I AM WOMAN (See me iron…)

  1. I actually like ironing, I find it really calming between the hot iron, steam, and smoothing out all the wrinkles is really satisfying. However, I don’t have to do it all the time so that helps. I also have one of those wooden dinosaur models, those are awesome!

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  2. Actually I love ironing too 🙂 But dear Samantha, I remember, when my son was living in Turkey, before his marriage!!!! As your sons, when he came home, he brought all his clothes, (which needed to wash and iron) It was amazing traffic for me 🙂 Because he was coming only for weekend, and I should have done all of them. (My son was working in another town when he lived in here)…

    Have a nice day and weekend dear Samantha, it was a nice sharing and love your cat/s 🙂 Thank you, Love, nia

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  3. I don’t iron. I put the bins out sometimes, though. My husband irons my dresses when we go out, but he doesn’t like ironing my shirts (he still does it, reluctantly) so I try to wear tops that don’t need ironing. I don’t think any Alex should ever iron, it might impede their growth (or greatness or something). But, reading your lovely post, I thought about something else (well, not entirely ‘else’). There’s some inexplicable comfort in knowing your Mum will do something, like ironing or cooking, for you. Just because she’s your Mum.

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  4. Ha ha ha! My son wholeheartedly agrees with you! Bless your husband for at least approaching the iron with honest intentions…and yes, actually, I love your thought, “just because she’s your Mum.” Might be a blog in that…thank you for reading and your lovely comment : )

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      1. Perhaps! My siblings and I are all big ironers. I have met people who are like, “I never iron anything,” and I am so very, very confused by this. I’m guessing it’s just because we’re all picky about our clothing in the first place, and it goes along with that.

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  5. I taught my son to iron when he was in high school. He gave it a half-hearted go, but finally settled on t-shirts and jeans or shorts for everyday, and “wrinkle-resistant” shirts and slacks for dressier times. And Mom for when it needs ironing no matter what the label says. 😉

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